61 Natalya Neidhart Sexy Pictures Are Windows Into Heaven


American-Canadian professional wrestler and writer Natalie Katherine Neidhart-Wilson was born on 27th May 27, 1982. She is a presently approved to WWE under the ring name Natalya, accomplishing on the Raw brand. Natalya Neidhart is a 2 times Women’s Champion in WWE. The first third-generation female wrestler in the world, Natalya is a component of the Hart wrestling family through her mother.  In 2000 and 2001, she toiled for the Matrats promotion, before debuting for Stampede Wrestling in 2003. In 2004 and 2005, she wrestled abroad in both Japan and England. In the year 2005 June, she evolved the inaugural Stampede Women’s Pacific Champion. In the following year, she earned the SuperGirls Championship.

In the following year January, she approved a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and expended time in Ohio Valley Wrestling, Deep South Wrestling, Florida Championship Wrestling development territories. In the year 2010, November Neidhart earned the WWE Divas Championship. Since July 2013, she has been starred as a major cast member of the reality television series Total Divas. In the year 2017 August, Natalya evolved the SmackDown Women’s Champion after defeating Naomi at SummerSlam. Natalya is the first woman in WWE record to hold both the SmackDown Women’s Championship,  Divas Championship.

On 26th June 2013, Natalya wedded wrestler TJ Wilson. Their wedding was starred on the first season of Total Diva.

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