An All-New Elvira Film In The Works As Cassandra Peterson Shops Treatment


If you are a huge fan of horror stories from the ’80s, then you are surely familiar with Elvira. Having been played by Cassandra Peterson, this horror host had made a huge name for herself on the TV show, Elvira’s Movie Macabre. Her personality and look made her pop culture’s most memorable characters. Recognizing this, Peterson now wants to bring back this character.

Cassandra Peterson had taken part in a Q&A at Salem Horror Fest, before the 30th-anniversary screening of the 1988 movie, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. This actress did not really reveal the details on this story but says that she has written a full treatment and is she is now in the process of shopping it around. Peterson had also explained that if this project does kick off, it is likely that it will be for a streaming service.


She had mentioned Hulu, Shudder and also Netflix, as possibilities for Elvira’s new platform, and due to the pop culture appeal, it looks like any of these may be a great choice. The host of a classic horror series, Briggs had soon returned for what had been intended to be a last hurrah, and presented many movies to its fans in a 24-hour marathon.

So a lot of new subscribers had tuned in, and this service had crashed, and Shudder ordered many new projects with Briggs.

As of now, we can all celebrate this character by eating her officially licensed breakfast cereal.