John Cena Reveals Whether He Will Be The Next Captain America


The WWE world champion and actor, John Cena had playfully said that he is now open to play the role of the MCU character, Captain America. It was a few years ago that Cena’s WWE character had slammed The Rock for ditching the company and entering Hollywood. Now, John Cena himself spends a lot of time acting in movies as compared to the WWE ring.

While John Cena has yet to hit all the heights that Dwayne Johnson is enjoying, he is not doing badly in his career. The actor had made an appearance in some films that were produced by WWE Films, but the 2015 Amy Schumer comedy, Trainwreck was his breakthrough. The actor had then made appearances in Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg comedy called, Daddy’s Home and the sequel and also, Ferdinand. John Cena has starred in the Blockers and will play the human villain in the movie, Bumblebee.

John Cena had recently posted an image on social media of Captain America’s shield. With the actor, Chris Evans all set to leave the MCU after the movie, Avengers 4, a few fans had wondered if John Cena had been dropping a hint that he would like to play the role of the character, Steve Rogers. While it does seem unlikely that Marvel Studios will recast the character, John Cena had been asked during an appearance on the show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show regarding these rumours. John Cena seemed surprised, but he had said that he is up for this challenge.

John Cena does not really see a probability that Marvel Studios will cast him for the role. Before Chris Evans had been cast as Captain America, a few of the fans had suggested that Cena, because of his physical resemblance could play this character.

Whether or not this will ever be in the cards for the actor, John Cena to play the role of Captain America will not be known until Avengers 4 releases.