Captain Marvel Prelude Reveals That [Spoiler] Had Helped Captain America Escape From Prison In Civil War


Marvel had recently launched the Prelude comic for Captain Marvel, and the very first issue has now hit the shelves. The fans will be surprised to know that even before having revealed a lot of things about Captain Marvel, the issue has given solutions to many mysteries of Nick Fury from the modern day. It had been revealed where Nick Fury was for all this while and what the character had been up to.

 After he had stepped away from the spotlight in Age of Ultron, Nick Fury and Maria Hill had begun their work on the cases around the world which had not been on the Avengers’ radar. They had not gotten involved when the Avengers had split, but Fury had known that something was coming (Thanos), and he had tried his best to get the Avengers together.

Nick Fury had gone to Captain America and had even tried to get him to reconcile with Tony Stark and then team up before the big threat landed.

He had then sent Maria Hill for trying to and propose the very same thing to Tony. But nothing had gone according to plan, and the events of Infinity War had come to pass. So, a few fans are wondering how Fury got in touch with Captain America and his team of Secret Avengers.

 He had never really lost touch with all of them, and he also had an eye on them the whole time. Nick Fury had been helping team Captain America for their missions and also provided them with a lot of resources.

Hill and Fury had helped aided the formation of Team Cap which had worked in the shadows. The Prelude had then revealed that the Prison Break that had happened in Civil War where Captain America had broken out his team from The Raft was because of Nick Fury.

Avengers 4 will release on May 3, 2019.


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