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Nicole de Boer is an incredibly talented actress who hails from Canada. She appeared in the show Whispers in the year 2016 and was also a part of the Deep Space Nine cast as they reminisced about the Trek series.

One of the best-known roles for this talented actress was when she was a part of the cult film called Cube. She also starred in the final season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. These films stand proof for her acting skills and have been praised widely all over the world. Nicole de Boer is thus not just another pretty face but is also a powerhouse of talent.

She was born on the 20th of December in the year 1970 which makes her 49 years old as of now. She was born in Toronto in Ontario in Canada and is a Canadian national. She was married to John Kastner in the year 1999 and the couple divorced in the year 2012. They have a child together from the marriage.

She has also starred in the popular series called The Dead Zone and has been a part of the crime drama called Private Eyes. Some of her other films include When Innocence is Lost, Cube, Family Pictures, Christmas Town, My Mother’s Secret, Stranger, etc. She also was a part of some amazing television work such as The Kids in the Hall and Maniac Mansion.

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Nicole de Boer hot pics

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Nicole de Boer sexy pics


Nicole de Boer awesome pics

Nicole de Boer awesome pics (2) Nicole de Boer sexy bikini pics Nicole de Boer hot pics

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