5 Crazy Phase 4 Villains In The MCU That May Actually Work


While Marvel has now accomplished something really amazing with the MCU, this franchise is surely without its faults. One common criticism from all the fans is the lack of interesting villains and the villains in this list are just ridiculous. Marvel has surely managed to find a little success by diving into the comic’s history and also using characters that no one had really thought could be put to the big screen, so these may look at for Phase 4 which starts off with Spider-Man: Far From Home. Here we have for you t5 Phase 4 crazy, crazy villains that may actually work:



This is Daredevil villain, and Wilbur Day is an engineer turned professional criminal. A few of Stilt-Man’s misadventures through the Marvel comics include finding himself trapped in the microverse, being hit by a shrink ray and also, using a Z-ray weapon to transport Goliath and other few superheroes to an alien planet.

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Arcade may actually be a great, excellent chance for Marvel to get into the field of horror. In the comic books, Arcade is known to be an assassin who becomes wealthy after he kills his own father. Arcade then builds an underground lair, and he calls it Murderworld. Arcade acts and dresses pretty comedically, with his amusement park having a cheerful and bright style. In spite of being paid a large sum as a hitman, Arcade allows his victims a pretty fair chance to escape.


The villain may be the hardest on the list to actually pull off, but if Marvel has managed to, it can go down as one of the greatest accomplishments in film history. MODOK is a giant head and rides around in a levitating chair. Known as Mental Organism Designed Only For Killing, it was a normal human that had been mutated by AIM. He then gains super intelligence and can predict his enemies moves.


Fin Fang Foom is a giant green dragon who can fly at supersonic speeds. He can also spew fire from his mouth. Although this villain might seem like a simple monster, his backstory is very complex. First having made an appearance when he had been awakened from his slumber by a Chinese man named Chan Liuchow, Foom had become a Marvel regular.

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Dr Jonathan Ohnn had been a scientist who tried to create portals, and he had partially succeeded. However, things did not according to his plan, and he had found his body covered with black portals that he could use for teleporting almost anything he wanted.

While part of the appeal of the Spider-Man villain his glorious quips that will come from any encounter. He can make the transition to silver screen and also become a much more menacing threat.