6 Incredible Superpowers That Prove Phoenix Force Is The Most Powerful Being In Marvel Universe


Although, the Marvel Universe has a lot of powerful characters, but, among all those strongest and the deadliest characters, Phoenix Force is probably one of the strongest being. She features lives that haven’t existed previously. She is unkillable and immortal and is regarded as the universe’s own child. Phoenix Force is strongly linked with psionic energy. She can revive the damaged parts of the universe.

“ I am fire! And life incarnate! Now and forever — I am PHOENIX!” That’s what she is. Since she is incredibly powerful, and she will be seen in a solo movie early next year, we think it is time to look at five superpowers that Phoenix Force has, but, you might not know about.

1. Energy manipulation

Phoenix Force is capable of absorbing and manipulating a great deal of energy. She is capable of controlling the force of superheroes like Cyclops, who has a vision with the energy that is equivalent of stars and a whole galaxy. Not only that, she is capable of stopping the mutations of others using her unbelievable psychic powers.

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2. Psionic powers

Phoenix Force has unbelievable psionic powers, and it gives her fascinating mental powers, telepathy, empathy and mighty Telekinesis. When she merges with others using psionic powers, her powers keep evolving and go up to the level of unimaginable powers.

3. Teleportation

Due to her power of reshaping the parts of the universe, Phoenix Force can easily teleport herself across the galactic space and other universes. In fact, she can zip through the whole timeline of the universe quickly.

4. Resurrection Force

Phoenix Force rules the power of resurrection. She is capable of resurrecting anybody to limitless and unbeatable powers. She has done it many a times in her past as Jean Grey.

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5. Atmokinesis

Since Phoenix Force is among the most powerful cosmic beings in the world, she can develop cosmic storms, geomagnetic storms, cosmic rays, black holes and a lot more. She can modify the entire universe as she fancies.

6. Life Manipulation

The power of manipulating all energies, the universe as well as the lives and the deaths of all the living beings in the universe, means she can resurrect people and can kill them for good.


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