15 Reggie Bennett Sexy Pictures Are Paradise On Earth


The former American professional wrestler Reggie Bennett was born on 24th January 1961. She is well known for her work in Joshi puroresu organizations such as All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling.

Reggie started wrestling on the Californian independent expedition in 1986, particularly for the Independent Wrestling Federation, where she obtained the promotion’s Women’s Championship three times. After that, she was signed to the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association. Reggie contributed in the LPWA Japan Title tournament during the 23rd February 1992 pay-per-view LPWA Super Ladies Showdown, where she lost by disqualification in the semi-final round.

On 12th April 1997, Reggie was one of the featured orators at a banquet honoring Terry Funk. The heeding night at ECW Barely Legal, Reggie debuted as a member of Raven’s Nest, preventing the World Heavyweight Championship tournament between Funk and Raven.

In the year 1997, 14th November Reggie enlisted Arison, constructing a villainous faction of American wrestlers with newcomer Jessica Soto, who was billed as Reggie’s sister Jessica Bennett.

On 4th March 2001, Reggie wrestled her retirement match against Manami Toyota.

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Reggie Bennett sexy pictures
Reggie Bennett sexy pictures

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Reggie Bennett hot picture
Reggie Bennett hot picture

Reggie Bennett hot look Reggie Bennett hot look pic Reggie Bennett sexy look

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