Here’s The Very First Trailer For ‘Reign Of The Supermen’


The Reign of the Supermen will be serving as the sequel to the movie, Death of Superman and this movie has taken inspiration from the classic “Death of Superman”.

The second half of the “Death of Superman” storyline had been “Reign of the Supermen”, and the animated movie will also take the storyline from its source material. What this means for all the fans is that they will see the four would-be Supermen emerge and try to live up to this mantle.

The would-be Supermen are:

-The Cyborg Superman

-The Dark Superman with the Visor and energy powers


-The metal suit Superman, “Steel.”

Where the animated version is different is in how the world-threatening plot will play out and also the inclusion of the Justice League animated team for the finale. This will include Lex Luthor as well.

In “Reign of the Supermen”, it had been revealed that all the four Superman successors have secrets that they were hiding. Two of these men were innocent, with John Henry Irons having created the Steel suit for the better good, and Superboy had been revealed to be a Cadmus clone. The visored Superman was “The Eradicator,” a Kryptonian weapon that was given form as a Superman copy. Cyborg Superman was the true villain, and he was a former astronaut, Hank Henshaw, who had been mutated into a “technomorph.”

The Cyborg Superman launches revenge against Superman and the whole world and wiped out Green Lantern’s home of Coast City.

Reign of the Supermen will release on digital, Blu-ray and DVD in the year, 2019


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