Top 50 Richest Actors In The World – 2022


Last Updated: April 07, 2022

The world of acting has seen some incredible personalities over the years. They have entertained their audiences over the years and have left behind a legacy that makes filling their shoes very hard. They have also created a fortune for themselves and enjoyed the millions of dollars that their talent has rightfully earned.

In the following article, we will be discussing some of the richest actors in the world as of now. Many are veteran actors who have delivered massive hits over the years while the others are just starting out.

However, all the fifty entrants in the following list have the riches to die for.

1. Shahrukh Khan

Net Worth: $600 million

Shahrukh Khan

“King of Bollywood,” “king khan,” “Badshah of Bollywood,” and more have been the terms used to define this legend. Shah Rukh Khan is the actor that made new boundaries with his acting and talent. Being in more than 80 films in his career, he is also the awardee of Padma Shri from Indian Government, Odre des Arts et des Lettres as well as Legion of Honour from the France government.

Not just his acting, this superstar is also famous for the sweet and sexy smile that he gives with a right-side dimple that melts the hearts of every girl in the world. He is hot and tempting in various ways that one can imagine. His net worth is over $600 million worldwide.

2. Tom Cruise

Net Worth: $500 million

Tom Cruise

He is the Tom we loved after Tom and Jerry! What can you say about this man, he is grand, sexy, temping and hot, with those eight packs body and a smile to kill everyone like a cupid’s arrow! He is super talented and super smart with a hot body. Magazines like Maxim, GQ, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and more have named him the sexiest man alive in the world many times. He was also the second richest man of the planet, with over $500 million net worth.

Not just designations, this man also has received over a hundred and one award nominations in his life from which he has won thirty-six of them.

3. George Clooney

Net Worth: $500 million

George Clooney

We all love this temping sexy man. George Timothy Clooney is the most celebrated actors in the world, with a fan domain of over billions. He got to be the recipient of two academy awards, along with three Golden Globe awards. Not just that, he is also on the list of being the richest men of the world, with over $500 million of net worth worldwide.

He is an actor, producer, activist director, and so many more, but the second-best thing after that which he possesses is his stature and poise. His charm is in his tempting- smile and those dreamy eyes.

4. Dr. Phil

Net Worth: $440 million

Dr. Phil

This man is all brain and possesses the ability to making anyone calm and slumber with his skills. With over twenty-five years of experience in sociology, psychology, and human observation, this man started his show with the name Dr. Phil. Dr. Phillip C McGraw is one of the renowned celebrities as well as professional mental health management, which, through his performance, has reached and helped several people.

From the year 2002, after his first episode got aired, he still helps people with habitual behaviour and issues through his show. $440 million man can talk to you and make you talk about anything.

5. Ryan Seacrest

Net Worth: $430 million

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan John Seacrest is the man who can steal your consciousness through your dreams. He is America’s famous radio personality, host as well as a producer. This man has done interviews with as many celebrities and public figures that no one ever has accomplished that range. He has done shows like American Idol, American Top 40, along with On Air with Ryan Seacrest and iHeartMedia’s KIIS-FM.

The $430 million guy is so dreamy with that broad smile that can melt your heart into pieces. He got the charm of being the perfect gentlemen, and with his power of temptation, he tends to make women drool over him.

6. Mel Gibson

Net Worth: $425 million

Mel Gibson

The patriot, Mad Max, Lethal Weapon star Mel Colmcille Gerard Gibson, is that actor from the Hollywood world who has given some of the top-ranking movies of the all-time. $425 million worth actor, Mel is not just skilled with acting and the gift of film-making, he is also a handsome gentleman. His hotness is most popular due to his athletic body posture and the smile he possesses.

Mel got to be the recipient of several awards’ academy award and Golden Globe award. Best known as the action hero of Hollywood, his Fame as Max Rockantansky in Mad Max series is famous than anything else.

7. Adam Sandler

Net Worth: $420 million

Adam Sandler

Hold your excitements because the man of the men is here! Adam Richard Sandler is one of the names in Hollywood that we can imagine when someone says King of Comedy. He is the actor, screenwriter, producer, as well as singer and the best comedian of the century. In the year of 2011, he went on to receive a golden star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which made him be listed as one in a million.

Coming to his package, this guy (net worth $420 million) is all fun and cheerful. He can make your go gaga over his jokes, and you will never know when you have fallen for him. His smile is one of a kind with which he takes out the heart of billions of women in the world.

8. Amitabh Bachchan

Net Worth: $400 million

Amitabh Bachchan

He got to be the greatest actor of the century and is probably known to the world for being “Shahenshah” of the Bollywood industry. This man is all about poise and charm. His extended posture, tempting gestures, and royalty can make anyone shiver with his just one look. No doubt, he is excellent and not only ruled the Bollywood world but also has made Hollywood drool over his excellence.

The $400 million actor is referred to as the star of the Millennium and known as BIG B. there was a time when he was referred to as the most handsome Indian in the world, with numerous people going crazy over his body and tallness, which is still regarded as his greatest asset.

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Net Worth: $400 million

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Everyone takes a back seat when this man arrives at the event! Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the best-known actors and a Hollywood millennium who gets respected and loved all around the globe. He is not just an actor, filmmaker, or businessman; he is also a reputed politician who has served to be the 38th Governor of California state of U.S.A.

He is charming, hot, sensational, and till now, his one look can give you the chills. The $400 million worth actor gives you an adrenaline rush with his impactful voice and stardom. He is also the former Mr. Universe of America.

10. Bill Cosby

Net Worth: $400 million

Bill Cosby

William Henry Cosby Jr is an actor with pride and immense talent. This man is not just America’s best actor, but also, he is a most excellent stand-up comedian, author, and many more. After taking off in his career in a comic role, he became a favourite of every comedy loving person. He can make anyone laugh through his expression and jokes. He is well educated with the certificate of a doctorate from the University of Massachusetts.

$400 million actor is a native African American who has rocked the world with his gigs and acting skills. He was the face of various brands and hosted many of the renowned shows during his lifetime.

11. Brock Pierce

Net Worth: $400 million

Brock Pierce

He is the face of the cryptocurrency industry; Brock Pierce is an American origin entrepreneur who made the idea of the cryptocurrency world-famous through his company. Starting his career being a child actor, he was in Disney movies such as The Mighty Ducks (1992), D2: The Mighty Ducks, and the first kid in 1996. He is smart as well as handsome men of this time.

He is the millionaire who owns the company Bitcoin foundation. This #400 million worth actor is known for giving the world the gift of bitcoin, cryptocurrency as well as blockchain idea and products. A man with a vision is admired by everyone.

12. Jack Nicholson

Net Worth: $400 million

Jack Nicholson

Known from birth as John Joseph Nicholson, this man is from the time of the Golden era of Hollywood. With over sixty years of film industry career, he is a legend on the industry who has contributed his acting skills in many of the great productions. Apart from that, this $400 million worth star is also the most nominated male actor to receive the highest number of academy awards nominations.

There was a time when this old looking man made the young women of the world drool over his charismatic aura. Being the hero of the most excellent, his fan following still stands quite high, and his stigma highly reputed.

13. Sylvester Stallone

Net Worth: $400 million

Sylvester Stallone

Rocky! This is the name that first strikes our mind when we hear the word of the fantastic Sylvester Stallone. One of the greatest actors and human beings of the Hollywood world, Stallone, is famous for his contribution to some of the outstanding movies that have broken the box office records. He is an actor, screenwriter, artist, director, and producer altogether.

$400 million star is not only loved due to his acting skills but also for his magnetic power of looking so handsome even if in this age. He is still masculine, with packs and a voice that can make anyone go numb.

14. Simon Cowell

Net Worth: $385 million

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Sizzlers all over again! Simon Phillip Cowell came to the province after judging the British shows like a pop idol, The X factor, and Britain’s Got talent. He has also been seen judging American Idol, Americas got talent, and more. This man is sexy with a strong build muscular body, biceps, and a sensational smile and he has wrapped numerous women around his charm.

He is the founder of the company Sysco and tends to play many diverse roles. He is charming as well as vibrant and talented. In the year 2010, he was given the National Television award at the British Academy Awards. his net worth is $385 million worldwide.

15. Clint Eastwood

Net Worth: $375 million

Clint Eastwood

When they say old is gold, we prefer to take the name of Clinton Eastwood Jr, the man of all men. He is handsome, tall, and smart with a smirking look on his face that screams, “I’m still hot” to every young actor in the world. Clint is vast when it comes to talking about his acting career.  This $375 million actor stepped up in the international filmmaking through his movie Dollar’s Trilogy, after which he continued to rule the global domain.

This man was once called the chocolate guy of all women’s dreams and still has that same enthusiastic charm in every person who comes across this legend.

16. Jackie Chan

Net Worth: $370 million

Jackie Chan

Chan Kong Sang or professionally known as Jackie Chan, gave the world the art of using martial art in the movies, making it a trend all over the world. He is an actor, martial artist, producer, singer stuntman as well as a director. He’s training in Kung Fu, and Hapkido made him famous in Hollywood when he used the techniques to fight in the movies. Chan has been involved in the film since the time of 1960s and has now been a part of over 150 movies worldwide.

The $370 million superstar is a charming young man with an aura of bubbly nature and a heart of gold. He has trained many of the actors and stuntmen to do what he does.

17. Keanu Reeves

Net Worth: $360 million

Keanu Reeves

He is the sexiest and the hottest man alive! Keanu Charles Reeves, the man who knows his way towards every woman’s heart. He is the real heartthrob of the world with an enormous fan following. The $360 million man is a Canadian origin actor, director as well as a musician and a producer who has done more than 100 movies.

Getting his popularity from the Matrix series, this man is the love of every girl’s life and a sheer heart breaker. That stunning jawline, exotic look, and the one in a billion smile make him the perfect lover boy for everyone.

18. Sean Connery

Net Worth: $350 million

Sean Connery

He might be old, but his hold in the industry is still on fire. Sir Thomas Sean Connery is the best thing that Scottish country has ever given to us. He is a former actor and a producer who has won numerous awards, such as an Academy Award, three of the golden globe awards, and two of the BAFTA awards.

His acting domain is vast, and he is the first actor who played the role of James Bond in the 007 series. Widely famous for his charisma, his sexiness, and looks, he made the James Bond character a new edge in the world. His net worth is $350 million.

19. Tom Hanks

Net Worth: $350 million

Tom Hanks

Sweet, sexy, and smart, these three S describes this incredibly amazing man. Thomas Jeffrey Hanks is one of the brilliant actors of the Hollywood era who have taught the world the real essence of acting with all your emotions. His contribution to the world of cinema is incredibly generous to fit on a single page. With his income and movies, he is also referred to be the fifth highest-paid and top-rated actors to be present in North America.

$350 million man owns the beautiful smile on his face, and that quirky ecstatic eyes of his still give you a promise of a million dreams. He was a national heartthrob and still carries that same personality.

20. Robert De Niro

Net Worth: $300 million

Robert De Niro

He might be old now, but this man was once and still is the heartthrob of the world. Robert Anthony De Niro Jr is one of America’s finest actors who made the world go nuts over his acting skills and that hot body he had. With a net worth of $300 million, Robert is the recipient of various accolades along with two academy awards, a golden globe award, along with the presidential medal of freedom and many more.

His talent is not just circulated in acting, there was a time when he regarded as one of the sexiest men alive. His charisma was beyond imagination, and he loved flaunting his tight abs and biceps with full grace.

21. Will Smith

Net Worth: $300 million

Will Smith

Willard Carroll Smith Jr is among the greatest and the finest American origin actor as well as a rapper who got called by Newsweek in the year 2007 as the “The most powerful actor in Hollywood.” This man is humongous when it comes to both acting and physical attractiveness. His smashing body and biceps made girls go gaga over him through movies like Ali (2001), Hancock, and more.

$300 million actor possesses five Golden Globe awards and two academy awards along with four Grammy award wins. His smile is as infectious as his acting, which can capture the heart of the viewers.

22. Brad Pitt

Net Worth: $300 million

Brad Pitt

If we all love watching the action from Hollywood, then it is for this man! William Bradley Pitt is the heartthrob of Hollywood and the only actor who has been named as the sexiest man of America five times in a row by the G.Q. magazine. He is hot, tall, and his smile is sensational. He is the superstar who has contributed to many of the blockbuster movies.

The $300 million worth man has also received two of the Golden Globe awards, an academy award as well as Primetime Emmy award. He also owns a production company under the name of Plan B Entertainment.

23. Edward Norton

Net Worth: $300 million

Edward Norton

Cutest like a bag of sugar! Edward Harrison Norton is an actor with many faces. He is a reputed actor and filmmaker from the American origin who has given us several fantastic movies to remember till the end of the time. The $300 million actor is cute enough to fit in the list of most attractive men alive with his frantic smile and looks.

He got to be the recipient of many awards and nominations, including Golden Globe award and three of the Academy Awards nominations. His acting in the Incredible Hulk in the year 2008 gave him the tag of being a perfectionist.

24. Harrison Ford

Net Worth: $300 million

Harrison Ford

He might look old, but this man once had the charm to steal your heart away. He has looks, that charisma, and features that to date; many girls go crazy for his one appearance. This American actor is the one who gave us the beauty of the Star Wars Trilogy by playing the role of Han Solo.

With his talent and skills, this man also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, making him the most noted actor in the industry. This $300 million actor has received numerous awards, including two academy awards and four of the Golden Globe awards during his acting career.

25. Mark Wahlberg

Net Worth: $300 million

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg is an American origin actor along with a producer, rapper, songwriter, businessman, as well as a singer and a model. He is best with all the talent under one hat. He gave us some greatest hits of all time through his vocals like Music for the people in the year 1991, and you got to believe in 1992.

Apart from all the talents, he is a Hollywood eye candy with his smashing smile and seductive looks. This man holds the capability of melting you down with his ingenious smirk and smile. His net worth is $300 million.

26. Michael Douglas

Net Worth: $300 million

Michael Douglas

This older man still got all of his charms to make you crazy. Michael Kirk Douglas, born in the year 1944, is a vintage American actor as well as a producer with over 100 films under his name. He has been the recipient of numerous awards and nominations, which also includes two of the academy awards, five of the Golden Globe awards as well as a prime-time Emmy award, and the A.F.I. Life achievement award.

His movies are included in the golden list of some of the best films of the industry, which gives us the jewel of the Nile, Fatal Attraction, and many more to name them all. His net worth is $300 million.

27. Penn and Teller

Net Worth: $300 million

Penn and Teller

They are one of America’s greatest and finest magicians, illusionists, painter, director, actor, as well as a writer. Wearing the hat with many names under it, Penn and Teller are among the best duos alive. The team has performed from the time of the 1970s, giving us remarkable shows every time they walked on the stage.

They have average looks, but their skills have the power to get you smitten over them. When they say, eyes are not the key to success; it’s them who proves the saying right. They are best of friends who decided to start up their show and make the world remember as the guys who conquered every heart with laughter and magnificent performances. Their net worth is $300 million.

28. Robert Downey, Jr.

Net Worth: $300 million

Robert Downey, Jr.

The magnificent Iron Man from marvel productions, Robert John Downey Jr is the man who rules the heart, mind, and soul of every marvel and non-marvel fan from a decade. He is the true lady’s man; with his charm and the sly smile, he can make you drool over him. And the body that the man possesses can be seen in the shirtless pictures he had all over the internet.

Even named as the top 100 most influential people by the TIMES magazine, this $300 million worth actor is the highest-paid actor of Hollywood to date. He made his living from the ruins, and the respect that he has in the industry and all over the world is remarkable.

29. Leonardo DiCaprio

Net Worth: $260 million

Leonardo DiCaprio

The stunning historic man of Hollywood, Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio, is the man of the men. Best known for taking up some of the best roles in the industry, he is known for doing unconventional roles in biopics and period films. He is the one who made our heart go on with his acting and charm from Titanic. An excellent friend to Kate Winslet, this man is the giver of movies like The Great Gatsby, The Revenant in 2015, and more.

He has received an Academy Award, a BAFTA as well as a Golden Globe award. He is the most celebrated artist of the world who gave us the beauty of The Wolf of Wall Street in the year 2013. His net worth is $260 million.

30. Salman Khan

Net Worth: $260 million

Salman Khan

He is the “Bhai” of the Bollywood industry. Being a superstar and a millennium, this 54-year-old man knows no boundary when it comes to art and talent. He is not only just an actor; he is a producer singer, TV star, as well as a fabulous artist. His charm, dashing personality and looks have been more famous like his movies. Hot, sexy, seductive, and sexy, he is the package with everything.

The $260 million actor is still unmarried and the perfect bachelor of the Indian film industry. He has been awarded two of the national film awards as well as two of the Filmfare awards for his performance.

31. Bruce Willis

Net Worth: $250 million

Bruce Willis

Die Hard! He gave us the all-time favourite action movie, the Die-Hard franchise. Walter Bruce Willis got born on 19th March in the year 1955 and is one of the renowned American origin actors, singers as well as a producer. The $250 million actor gave us some of the best-known action movies of the industry, such as pulp fiction (1994), sin city (2005), the expendables 2 (2012), and many more such.

His iconic bald hairstyle made everyone consider him tempting and seductive with that smile and resonant voice. As being a singer, his album, the return of Bruno in the year 1987, crossed and broke hundreds of records worldwide.

32. John Travolta

Net Worth: $250 million

John Travolta

The heartthrob of the 70s and 80s golden era of Hollywood, John Joseph Travolta is an American origin actor, a dancer as well as a singer. He is the legend whose name is written on the golden petals of the acting industry. He is the H.E.M.A.N. with big production movies and sexy smile. Films like a broken arrow (1996), face off (1997), be cool (2005), wild hogs (2007) gave us an open image of what Travolta can become.

The $250 million man got to be the recipient of awards such as two of the golden globes, an academy award nomination for best actor category and I.I.F.A. award for his most outstanding contribution in world cinema.

33. Kevin Costner

Net Worth: $250 million

Kevin Costner

Kevin Michael Costner was born on 18th January in the year 1955 and is known for his designation as an American origin actor, musician as well as a filmmaker. This incredible man has been the recipient of the awards, such as two of the academy awards, two of the golden globe awards, six Golden Raspberry awards along with an Emmy Award, and two of the screen actor guild awards during his lifetime.

This $250 million man is hot and super talented with over 100 blockbuster movies in the global cinematic world. He gave us the Untouchables in 1987, a perfect world in 1993, and he was the ideal Robin Hood that industry can ever ask for.

34. Morgan Freeman

Net Worth: $250 million

Morgan Freeman

The legend, the star, the Millennium of the acting world, Morgan Porterfield Freeman, gave the industry of Hollywood more than one can ever imagine. He is the face behind many super blockbuster movies like Driving Miss Daisy (1989), Invictus (2009), Glory (1989), deep impact (1998), wanted (2008), and many more. He is the godfather of Hollywood who made a different name in the world through his impactful presence of mind, acting, and voice.

Morgan Freeman is considered as the finest of all actors present in the world, and his respect is higher in every person’s heart and soul. He has a very infectious smile that can warm your heart instantly. His net worth is $250 million.

35. Scott Speedman

Net Worth: $245 million

Scott Speedman

Robert Scott Speedman is the actor that burnt millions of hearts with his British accent and acting skills. He is a British origin Canadian actor as well as a filmmaker who has given us brilliant movies to keep drooling over. His films such as Dark Blue, XXX: State of the Union, The vow, and more broke the records of box office worldwide.

$245 million worth man is not only sexy but also very seductive with his looks and known for being a lady’s man. His eyes plus his body with those eight abs and biceps made him super fancy and hot to keep watching him all day.

36. Leon Thomas III

Net Worth: $245 million

Leon Thomas III

His eyes can cast a spell with their remarkable beauty. Leon G. Thomas III was born on 1st August in the year 1993 and is widely popular for his designation of being an American origin actor, songwriter, singer, producer as well as an instrumentalist. He is currently working under the brand label of Columbia records as well as Rostrum Records.

This $245 million worth actor is sensational and extremely adorable! With a body like a fighter and a face like a wizard, he tends to woo every woman with his massive voice impact and looks—his films like Detroit, Rising Stars, and more made more than any other rapping movie.

37. Akshay Kumar

Net Worth: $240 million

Akshay Kumar

Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia, or more professionally known as Akshay Kumar, is the “action hero” of the Bollywood industry. He’s not just an actor; he is also a producer, martial artist as well as a TV personality. He has been acting for over 29 years in the industry and has been in over 100 movies in his entire career. He has bagged many awards like the National Award for best actor, two Filmfare awards, and many more.

$240 million macho hero is super-hot; he got a body with which he does his stunts. He is an absolute fitness freak who loves being the eye candy of the world. His personality and charm are loved as well as respected by every individual.

38. Michael Shanks

Net Worth: $215 million

Michael Shanks

Michael Garrett Shanks was born on 15th December in the year 1970. He is widely popular for two things, one being a Canadian origin best actor and second for his body. He is not just an actor, though, as he plays the role of an incredible producer, writer, as well as a director. He gave the character of DR Daniel Jackson in the long-running military fiction show Stargate S.G. 1.

$215 million man is just W.O.W.! Eight packs, high-end biceps, perfectly shaped jawline, and the smile with the capability of ruining your life; he has it all with him.

39. Johnny Depp

Net Worth: $200 million

Johnny Depp

Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Charlie, The Chocolate factory, Whats eating Gilbert Grape, and more such incredible movies came from this gentleman. John Christopher Depp II gave us all of these and more. He is the actor, musician, producer, singer and more who have been the people’s actors from the start of his career.

$200 million superstar holds ten of the golden globe awards, three animations for academy awards, and many more to keep a count. His acting is brilliant and one of the finest without a doubt. He is also very popular with ladies for his charm and aura that he carries around.

40. Samuel L. Jackson

Net Worth: $200 million

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel Leroy Jackson got born on 21st December in 1948. He is regarded as the top-class American origin actor, as well as a producer. He is considered to be the highest-paid actor of all time, which only includes his prominent roles. This humongous man gave us some good movies like pulp fiction (1994), Jackie Brown (1997), Snakes on a Plane (2006), and many more.

The $200 million actor also got to be the recipient of various accolades and nominations, including Golden globes awards and a nomination for academy awards for the best supporting role category. He got most famous for being part of Marvel’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

41. Karan Johar

Net Worth: $200 million

Karan Johar

Being the son of the Millennium Hirro Johar and Yash Johar, this magnificent man is known to the world for giving a new meaning to the world of romantic movies. The greatest and most talented directors, producers, and screenwriters of all time Karan Johar wears a cap with many names. He is also a designer, TV star, host as well as an actor.

In the year 2020, he got awarded with Padma Shri award from the Indian government, which is the fourth highest civilian award. The $200 million guy has a production company, Dharma production, which has given birth to many remarkable films. He is a multi-talented personality who is loved by all.

42. Jet Li

Net Worth: $200 million

Premiere of "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" - Arrivals

Li Lianjie, or more popularly known as Jet Li, was born on 26th April in the year 1963. He is a man who is known for being a Chinese origin actor, martial artist, producer as well as many more. He is the retired Wushu champion who, with his talent in martial arts he made movies that are regarded as the best in the world.

His movies, such as Shaolin temple in 1982, the kiss of the Dragon in 2001, and many more are incredible films. The $200 million actor got various accolades for his acting skills and roles, including four times nominations for MTV movie awards for multiple categories.

43. Denzel Washington

Net Worth: $190 million

Denzel Washington

If someone can pull up the role of a thriller actor, then it is this guy. Denzel Hayes Washington Jr, being born in the year 1954, rules the industry with his acting skills and is also the finest of the directors and producers we have in the world. He has been the recipient of the wards, such as two golden globes, two academy awards, as well as one Tony awards for his performance.

Apart from being skilled, he is hot and sexy in various ways that one can imagine. He graced us with his looks in the movies like Glory (1989), Training Day (2001), and that not only made him presented as an actor but a sexy young man. His net worth is $190 million.

44. Aamir Khan

Net Worth: $190 million

Aamir Khan

Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan or known as “the perfectionist” of Bollywood world, he is known for being an ultra-talented actor, tv star, filmmaker, as well as a director. He got to be the recipient of many awards and nominations which includes nine of the Filmfare awards, four of the National Film Award as well as many more. In the year 2003, he got awarded Padma Shri, and in 2010 he received Padma Bhushan. His net worth is $190 million.

After having 30 years in the acting world, he’s got a great following in China. He also got called as the biggest movie star by the Newsweek magazine. Not just that, he has also been in the list of top 500 most influential Muslims in the world.

45. Ashton Kutcher

Net Worth: $170 million

Ashton Kutcher

Christopher Ashton Kutcher is a brilliant actor for whom all the girls go gaga. Born on 7th February in the year 1978, he is famous for being an American origin actor, entrepreneur as well as a producer. He is the romantic hero of Hollywood who gave us some of the best rom-com movies of the industry like just married, my boss’s daughter, and more.

He got his name into the list of super-hot and sexy living guy after getting famous from that 70s show in the year 1998. He is a good man with tremendous respect for his name and fandom all over the world. His net worth is $170 million.

46. Jeetendra

Net Worth: $160 million


Born as Ravi Kapoor and being famous as Jeetendra, on 7th April in the year 1942, he is widely renowned for being an actor, producer, also a chairman of the Balaji Telefilms as well as Balaji Motion Pictures. He is one of the best veteran actors of Bollywood who have been in over 150 movies during his lifetime.

In the year 2003, he received a Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award, and in 2006 he received Screen Lifetime Achievement award. He is one of the most significant as well as successful actors of the Millennium. In the year 2012, he also received Lions Gold Awards in the category of Evergreen Romantic hero of the century. His net worth is $160 million.

47. Al Pacino

Net Worth: $145 million

Al Pacino

Alfredo James Pacino is a reputed American origin actor as well as a filmmaker. Born on 25th April in the year 1940, he is one great actor that the world of cinema will always remember. During his career of more than over five decades, he has been the recipient of numerous awards as well as nominations which include, an academy award, two Tony awards, two of the Prime-Time Emmy awards, and many more such.

This #145 million man is also one of the few to have achieved the Triple Crown of Acting also been honoured with A.F.L. Life achievement award, National Medal of arts as well as for Cecil B DeMille award.

48. Saif Ali Khan

Net Worth: $140 million

Saif Ali Khan

“The Chote Nawab” of the Bollywood industry, Saif Ali Khan, is the nobility and royalty present in the acting world. He is the son of Sharmila Tagore, the great grand-daughter of late Rabindra Nath Tagore, and the cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. Unlike his family legacy, he decided to make his career in the acting world, and we are glad that he took that decision.

The $140 million hero gave the world movies in various categories such as romance, action, thriller, and biographies. Hum Saath Saath Hain (1999), Dill Chahta Hai (2001), Kal ho na ho (2003) are some of the movies that got him his place as the best actor.

49. Rowan Atkinson

Net Worth: $130 million

Rowan Atkinson

Mr. Bean! The man who made the world laugh without even uttering a word, Rowan Atkinson, is living legend. Born as Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, he is a reputed and humongous British origin actor who made a distinctive mark in the acting world with his exceptional talent. This man gave us never say never again (1983), love actually (2003), the lion king (1994), and many more.

The $130 million actor is a brilliant man who knows how to play around with expression and charm. With his skills, he has humoured the world and influenced many upcoming heroes of the acting industry. In the year 2013, he went on to be honoured by the C.B.E. for the British honours.

50. Sacha Baron Cohen

Net Worth: $110 million

Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Noam Baron Cohen is more popularly known as the Admiral General Aladeen from the blockbuster movie Dictator. He is an English origin actor, writer, producer as well as the finest comedian who have marked the world with his skills through his characters such as Ali G, Bruno Gehard, and more. His charm is not less than his skills. This man possesses the power of super sexiness and a poised posture that can make anyone attracted to him.

This $110 million hero is hot, admirable, and funny, like the perfect man of everyone’s dream. The observer made a remark on him saying, “his career has been built on winding people up while keeping a deadpan face.”


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