The Creators Of Rick And Morty Might Have Teased Snuffles’ Return To The Show By Season 4


If you try and make a list of this show’s best characters, surely, Snuffles, the family’s dog will reach the top.

While all the fans might have been pretty disappointed by the lack of April Fool’s Day surprise in season three, the creator, Justin Roiland had shared an update of the next season.

Posting on Instagram, Roiland had written,

‘Rick and Morty season four is happening. It’s amazing. It’s coming. No need to be upset that I also make other things.

It is the image which is the point of intrigue shows Roiland’s two dogs, Jerry and Pup Pup, with the former inspiring Snuffles.

Will this be a hint of the dog’s return to the series?

Roiland hardly posts images of his dogs and has also mentioned how that this character is the one he would like to revisit.

With Snuffles having left to another planet of intelligent dogs where ‘pet insurance is mandatory, there is a lot of comic material to riff off via a catch-up.

It is unclear as of now when season four will premiere, but it has been revealed how 70 more episodes of this show have been given the green light.

Rick And Morty seasons one to three is available on Netflix.


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