33 Times When Robert Downey Jr. Proved Why He Is The King Of Instagram


The only thing that one needs to do is to mention Robert Downey Jr’s name, and in all likelihood, you would be faced with a flood of varying emotions. In case you are a fan who has been following Robert Downey Jr.’s trajectory for a long time then you would surely recall the number of news headlines that used to scream about his association with undesirable things such as drugs and all (back in the late 1990s and early 2000s). If not that, you might be reminded of films such as Weird Science or Chaplin.

However, in case you follow the contemporary Robert Downey Jr., the hero that is personified as the Iron-Man, then you couldn’t have missed the incredible presence that the star has on social media especially Instagram where he has been totally rocking with his superb photographs. His social media following is a testimony to how he has been ruling for the last many years in various roles such as Sherlock Holmes. His latest portrayal of Tony Stark aka Iron-Man, an eccentric, playboy, philanthropic, billionaire has charmed scores of fans. In fact, he commands more Instagram followers than the whole populations of many of the countries of this world. The truth is that Robert Downey Jr. is very much like Tony Stark, even in his real life. If you don’t believe us, then these Instagram images will undoubtedly prove it!

Lunch fun!


Join The Team!

Getting a tattoo!


Making tattoos!

On St. Paddy’s Day!

Traditional With A Twist!


Amazing Team!




Keeping an Eye on Toxic Mickey!

The Poser!




Haha! Make-Up Time!

Number 2 pencils!

Hang in There!


With High School Students!

With Stan Lee!



Fun With The Co-Stars!

Happy Halloween!

Who Wore it Best!

Spider-Man Homecoming!


Introducing New Peter Parker!

Shanghai nights!

Robert Downey Jr. with the winners!


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