27 Incredibly Funny Robert Downey Jr. Memes That Will Make Fans Laugh Out Loud


Robert Downey Jr. is such an acclaimed and popular actor that he doesn’t need any introduction at all. Yet, there are things about him that you might not know such as the fact that he is also a good singer. The April 4, 1965, born, Robert Downey Jr. is at present regarded among the Hollywood A-listers and in the recent years, he has been among the highest paid film star. However, did you know that he had done his first movie acting stint at a tender age of five in a film called Pound that his father had made. He played roles in various movies such as Weird Science (1985) and Less Than Zero (1987) before he acted in Chaplin (1992). This performance gave him an Academy Award nomination and also landed him the Best Actor in a Leading Role BAFTA.

There was a dark time in his life when he was involved in substance abuse and drug-related incidents which hurt his reputation. In fact, he even spent time at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison due to those charges. After his release, he played the role of Callista Flockheart’s lover on Ally McBeal, and this performance won him Golden Globe. Soon he was hired by Marvel to play Iron-Man and the rest as we know, is history. Just like everything else that is good and related to Marvel Cinematic Universe, even Robert Downey Jr. attracted the attention of the meme makers. Here is a compilation of 27 fantastic Rober Downey Jr. memes which will prove why this stylish, smart, unpredictable movie star is so popular among fans. Take a look below!

1. Ridiculously Adorable!

2. Oh Ho!

3. Lol!

4. Eye Rolling Harder!

5. That’s True!

6. Nooooo!

7. Just Smell It On!

8. Like A Good Wine!

9. Have The Address!

10. Haha!

11. Full Retard!

12. Freaky!

13. LOL!

14. LMAO!

15. That’s Rytt!

16. Studying For Finals!

17. Hahaha!

18. Shamelessly!

19. Pretty Good Impressionist!

20. Inspiration For Inception!

21. Crazy!

22. Not In A Mood!

23. Super Funny!

24. Accidentally!

25. Eyebrow Game Strong!

26. Oooh!

27. Don’t Talk!


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