15 Times When Robert Downey Jr Totally Ruled


All that you need to do is to utter the name of Robert Downey Jr and chances are, you would let loose a barrage of emotions. If you are one of those fans who have been keeping up with his journey for a long time, then you might be reminded of the numerous screaming news headlines of the late 1990s and early 2000s when he was associated with various things that you don’t want to see your favorite star do or maybe you would recall movies like Weird Science and Chaplin.

However, if we pay attention to the more recent Robert Downey Jr, then we will recall the mind-blowing social media following that he commands and how he has been among the top Hollywood stars for the last ten years or so. Despite having played numerous fantastic roles such as Sherlock Holmes, the role that defines Robert Downey Jr nowadays is the Iron Man. Right from the time he debuted as Tony Stark aka Iron Man in 2008, he has been successfully portraying the role of an irritating yet irresistibly charming man. No matter what he does, he makes fanas fall in love with him. Frankly, he is quite similar to his character Tony Stark in real life too. Don’t believe us? Here we present the proof!

1. Here he is, the man himself, Robert Downey Jr.

2. In real life he’s not Iron Man or even Tony Stark, which has led to some… awkward run-ins with big Marvel fans

3. In general though, RDJ is pretty great with kids

4. This is a guy who recognizes fine art when he sees it

5. Robert Downey Jr. is so committed to the Avengers franchise that he even got a matching tattoo, shared by other core cast members

6. When he was asked to draw Iron Man on Jimmy Kimmel, the results were… surprising, to say the least

7. Let it be known that Robert Downey Jr. has given all shippers his blessing

8. Here he is with a young T’Challa. They grow up so fast!

9. Over the years he’s had a pretty good sense of humor about his troubled past

10. RDJ always makes time to help out the kids


11. It’s tough not to be starstruck when you see him

12. He was maybe even more dashing when he was young

13. Not what you’d call an expert in Family Feud, however

14. I don’t get it — is he talking about Mark Ruffalo?

15. We know that Robert Downey Jr. isn’t LITERALLY Tony Stark, but recent news has us wondering…


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