Twilight Star, Robert Pattinson Is Our New Batman


After a long wait, we finally have news about who will play the role of Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ upcoming movie called, The Batman. This actor will play one of his biggest roles since the Twilight franchise. An all-new report from Variety has revealed that Robert Pattinson has now signed on to play the role of DC’s Batman in the new film.

The actor will succeed Ben Affleck, who was going to write and direct the movie after his many personal issues and BTS debacles had side-lined all plans for the DCEU. The director, Matt Reeves, had written the script that focuses on the crime fighter during his early days, right before he was known as the World’s Greatest Detective.

There is no information as of now regarding the shooting and when it will start, but with the main role being cast, the fans can expect to see a whole lot of announcements about the rest of the actors. Filming is now being rumoured to start sometime by this year.

Matt Reeves had spoken a lot about the upcoming movie and had also revealed that it will be a dark-themed story which will force the Dark Knight to solve a huge mystery.

“It’s very much a point of view-driven, noir Batman tale,” Reeves had said.

“It’s told very squarely on his shoulders, and I hope it’s going to be a story that will be thrilling but also emotional. It’s more Batman in his detective mode than we’ve seen in the films. The comics have a history of that. He’s supposed to be the world’s greatest detective, and that’s not necessarily been a part of what the movies have been. I’d love this to be one where when we go on that journey of tracking down the criminals and trying to solve a crime, it’s going to allow his character to have an arc so that he can go through a transformation.”

While the actor, Ben Affleck had helped kick start a shared universe as Batman, it seems the all-new film will forgo connections to other movies:

“Right now, I’m involved in The Batman,” Reeves had said.

“What it will be called ultimately, I don’t know. Aquaman is going to be very different from the Todd Phillips Joker movie, and that’s going to be different from Shazam! and [Birds of Prey]. Warners believe they don’t have to try to develop a giant slate that has to have all the plans for how it’s going to connect. What they need to try and do is make good movies with these characters.”

The Batman has been scheduled to release by June 25, 2021.


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