Will We See Ruby Rose In The Movie, Fast and Furious 9? Here’s What’s Happening


Has the actress, Ruby just joined the team of Fast & Furious 9? The actor, Vin Diesel had revealed in a video that they had been getting ready for the production to start by next month, which would mean that the new instalment is speeding up and a lot of the key pieces are all set in place. However, now, Ludacris might have given away a huge spoiler.

Chris Bridges, aka, Ludacris, has been with this franchise since 2 Fast 2 Furious. He has been set to reteam with Dom and the team in the upcoming movie as well which does not really come as a surprise as he has become a very crucial fixture over the last few instalments. He had taken to his Instagram and also shared an image photo of himself, with Vin Diesel and Ruby Rose, and had also provided this caption:


Before this post, Ludacris had shared an image that reminded all the fans of the release date for the movie, Fast and Furious 9. This asks the very question, if Ruby Rose is not in the film, what is actually doing there? We also have good reason to believe that the actress may be in it. Not only did the actress work with Vin Diesel on xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, but she had also been in talks for Furious 7 and also, The Fate of the Furious.

“My last audition before Orange was for Fast And Furious 7. But they didn’t want me because one of the main guys said I looked like Justin Bieber. It’s so funny because now I’m in talks with that movie and I haven’t mentioned to them that I know [they turned me down because I looked like Justin].”

She has recently made an appearance as the character, Batwoman on the Arrowverse crossover on The CW.

Universal is now moving ahead with a female-led FF spin-off and is also bringing the actress, Ruby Rose into the fold, and this may mean huge things for this project. As for Fast and Furious 9, Justin Lin, who had directed many instalments, is back in the director’s chair and Jordana Brewster will return as her character, Mia.

Fast and Furious 9 will release on April 10, 2020.


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