The Russo Brothers Reveal That They Are Working On ‘A Little Movie Called Avengers —–“


Yes, Marvel Studios did not hold a panel at the Comic-Con this year, but the directors, Joe and Anthony Russo had created a very a smart way to troll all their fans about the title of the upcoming Avengers movie.

In addition to having directed many movies for Marvel Studios, the Russo brothers are now producing Syfy’s Deadly Class TV series, which will be based on the Image Comics show, from Wes Craig and Rick Remender. Since they could not make it in person to the Comic-Con, the brothers had sent a video to all the fans at the Comic-Con.

The Russo brothers had started their video by thanking all the fans and told them how the new series was super exciting and it was very faithful to the comic book sources. They had then apologized as they could not make it and that were working on “a little movie called Avengers —–“

When the second part of this highly-anticipated title had been delivered, a “beep” had rung over these words and had censored what they said. The crowd was seen reacting with laughter and disappointment.

The Russo brothers had then gone on to nag at one another for almost “spoiling” the title and then repeated it and again, and the beep sound had covered what they said.

Unfortunately, all the lip-readers in the audiences could not demystify the title of the next Avengers movie as the directors did not actually say the real thing and were just repeating some nonsensical words.

After this debate, the Russo brothers had then introduced a few footage from the very first episode of Deadly Class and then they signed off. The Avengers films had been brought up again when Deadly Class star, Benedict Wong, who plays the character, Wong in the MCU had taken a few questions from the fans.

Avengers 4 will release on May 3, 2019.


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