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Sarah Rainmaker is the daughter of Team 7’s Stephen Callahan and Rebecca Rainmaker. Following her introduction to the world, specialists compelled Miles Craven and let Callahan know that his better half and girl had both died during labor. Rebecca got away and took Sarah with her to the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona, where she raised Sarah.

Conceived as a hero of the Apache, Rainmaker can control the powers of Nature, overwhelming everything in the vicinity. Traces of Sarah’s climate-controlling capacities initially showed up while she was experiencing childhood.

1. Sarah Rainmaker Hot Pics

Sarah Rainmaker Hot Pics
Sarah Rainmaker Hot Pics

After arriving at youth, she turned out to be completely Gen-dynamic, carrying her to the consideration of Ivana Baiul and the Keepers of I.O., who needed to bring her to Sci-Tech for testing.

2. Sarah Rainmaker Sexy Pics

Sarah Rainmaker Sexy Pics
Sarah Rainmaker Sexy Pics

When they came to gather Sarah, she escaped into the desert and stowed away for three days before being found by Ripclaw, a companion of Sarah’s family with godlike powers. Ripclaw had been shipped off to guarantee Sarah’s wellbeing, yet sadly he had been trailed by the Keepers.

3. Sarah Rainmaker Hot Pics 2022

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Additionally, Stormwatch advised that a youngster in the desert had shown abilities and sent Battalion and his group to guarantee her protected return. Ripclaw and Stormwatch crushed the Keepers. Their triumph, in any case, was clashing, as the I.O. authorities who looked for Sarah were sitting tight for her at her home.


sarah rainmaker hot pictures

She was taken to Project: Genesis, where she met four other Gen-actives who might turn into her future colleagues: Caitlin Fairchild, Bobby Lane, Eddie Chang, and Roxy Spaulding. With the assistance of then-Director John Lynch, who chose to betray his I.O. supervisors, Rainmaker and the others figured out how to get away.


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Sarah Rainmaker has the psionic capacity to control the climate, calling wind and downpour with her contemplations. She is fit for the trip by riding wind flows and can utilize her elemental powers to control water. She can fire electrical discharges from her hands.


sarah rainmaker charming

Lynch gave Sarah super-advanced powerbands that upgraded the force of her electrical charges creating lightning bolts. Sarah is profoundly athletic and keeps herself in a top state of being. She has gotten proper training in battle, first as a kid and later with John Lynch and Gen 13, and is an imposing hand-to-hand warrior.


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