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Japanese pop singer Sayumi performed her fourth set of SAYUMINGLANDOLL shows at Cotton Club on November 2, 2019. This will be continued from January 11 to 19 2020 and then concluded in April 2020. Four of the songs were digitally pre-released on iTunes.

Sayumi was born on 13th July 1989 in Ube, Japan. She has two siblings. She took piano lessons in the early days and won an award in aerobics.

Her favourite food is Mother’s homemade spaghetti and chocolate.

Sayumi at the age of 13 was selected as a sixth-generation member of Morning Musume from tens of thousands of contestants. She made her debut concert in 2003. Her beautiful look and stage personality made amends for weak vocal she had. She openly refers to her as the cutest member of the group thus portraying an image as a narcissist. Since 2004, Sayumi and her senior co-artist Ishikawa appear every summer at various environmental and cultural awareness festivals as a part of group Ecomoni.

Sayumi was a co-host of a section of Hello Morning. She hosted many TV shows on behalf of TV Asahi and TV Tokyo. She hosted half an hour radio show on CBC radio from 2006 to 2014 and one show on MBS radio. She is appreciated for use of the sharp tongue in shows by Japanese media and critics.

On 20th Sep 2014 during the tour of Morning Musume, Sayumi announced a temporary break from the entertainment industry to refresh herself. Her last performance in that phase was 26th November 2014. After two years break, she made her presence through various blog posts which revealed her intention to return to the entertainment industry. She started solo concert SAYUMINGLANDOLL from 2017 managed by Up-front Promotion.

Her trademark phrase is Usa-chan-peace with hands above head in V shape.

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