15 Men Who Have Dated The MCU Actress, Scarlett Johansson


So, who is the MCU star, Scarlett Johansson dating?

Many famous Hollywood women have gotten the chance to date the Black Widow actress, and we have a long list which will give all of you many details about the lucky men who have dated Scarlett Johansson. This article has a list of Scarlett Johansson’s current boyfriend, Scarlett Johansson’s past relationships, the couples’ pictures together, and some Scarlett Johansson dating and relationship rumours. This is a list of Scarlett Johansson’s ‘s comprehensive dating history, and it will tell the readers everything they need to know about Scarlett Johansson’s love life and relationships

This list will also have Scarlett Johansson’s ex-boyfriends and also some information about the men who have dated Scarlett Johansson like when the women were born and their jobs as well.:

15. Romain Dauriac

The actress had been married to RomainDauriac and even has one daughter with him. The couple had separated by 2016.

14. Natt Naylor

The Black Widow star dated Natt Naylor after the actress’ separation from Ryan Reynolds and they had dated from the year, 2011 till the year, 2012.

13. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The actress and Levitt’s relationship did not really last very long, and this had not even been acknowledged by the actress.

12. Sean Penn

Scarlett had been in a 5-month relationship with Penn, but then he had broken up with the actress.

11. Chris Evans

The couple had given a whole lot of fuel for the rumour mill, but as of now, no one is really sure what their status had been.

10. Ryan Reynolds

After having dated the Deadpool actor for a year, Scarlett had married Ryan by 2007, but this marriage had lasted for just three years.

9. Bradley Cooper

While the Black Widow star had not acknowledged this relationship, the couple was spotted being too close to be called, ‘just friends.’

8. Justin Timberlake

Johansson had never confirmed this rumour but, she had always been all eyes for Timberlake.

7. Josh Harnett

The actress had spoken to Allure magazine regarding this and had this to say:

“Josh is very sweet. He’s a good boy. A great person. I’m very lucky, and I’m very happy.“

6. Derek Jeter

The Black Widow star wanted a fling because she was only a 20-year-old newbie back then and this is what happened between her and Derek Jeter.

5. Patrick Stewart

When Scarlett Johansson had been 19, the actress had an affair with Patrick Stewart and had dated him without any commitment whatsoever.

4. Benicio Del Toro

The Black Widow star had an elevator scandal with Benicio Del Toro in 2004, and this had not been acknowledged or denied by them.

3. Jack Antonoff

Johansson dated Antonoff when she had been in High School, and this was the actress’ very first date.

2. Jared Leto

They were seen romancing in 2004, but, the actor had been interested in other things than the actress.

1. Jude Law

The Black Widow star had surely sizzled with the actor during the Oscars in the year, 2011. One of the witnesses had said, “Scarlett batted her incredibly long lashes in Jude’s direction as soon as she clocked him at the bash. They kept shooting glances at each other across the room, and Jude really grabbed her attention when she saw him surrounded by Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow.”