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Top 70 Sexiest Anime Girls Of All Time – 2021

Top 70 Sexiest Anime Girls Of All Time – 2021

The anime girls are not just pretty additions to the series and mangas; they are a treasure to the plot and storylines. The portrayal of the women in the series proves that variety is the essence of life. However, these beautiful and sexy ladies are not used as the ornaments of the series but are essential parts of the plot development. They may sometimes overshadow the male leads with their powerful and captive presence. Many anime fans and otaku dream to have them as their waifu, and it is hard to deny their charisma.

Though many of the anime girls can be seen having the similar body type of slim and curvy, with huge breasts, their sensuality lies in their character, nature, strength, actions. Some of them are affectionate to others, while some others are driven by their “obsessive” love. Some of them are extremely girly, while some of these pretty girls look tomboyish.

Irrespective of their trades, most of them are projected as distinct individuals with multi-layered characters. Their emotional expression and development in the series are admirable at times. With their perfections and imperfections, they charm the fans with a snap of the fingers.

The anime and manga world is filled with sexy girls with enigmatic personalities with a powerful aura. The anime also tends to reveal a lot about their nature within its limited but well-knitted plot. Here is a list of the top 70 sexiest anime girls of all time who can flutter your heart with their short and sweet presence –

1. Akeno Himejima

Akeno Himejima

Her elegant mask hides the sadistic self behind it, but still, her powerful presence is worth falling for. The first-year student of Kuoh Academy from anime High School DXD is the topper of the sexy anime girl list. She is a fallen angel, but she often despises her identity while blaming the whole fallen angel race for her mother’s death. Though during battles, you may often catch a glimpse of her sadistic self, relishing the pain of her opponent, she looks charming and gentle for the rest of the time.

Himejima is one of the fiancées of Issei and the best friend of Rias Gremory. Most of the time, the viewers may come across her like a gentle and pretty Japanese woman indulged in self-loathing for being a fallen angel. However, throughout the course of the anime, she was spotted gradually developing as a woman. From a girl unwilling to date a boy, she changes into an emotional young woman ready to fight for her love. Her character development and the cute moments between Himejima, Issai, and Rias are nothing less than treats to the audiences.

Himejima is not only a stunning character with a graceful personality, but she is also appealing in terms of look. Her voluptuous figure and sexy outfit contribute to making her look like eye candy. She has long black hair with a ponytail trailing down on her back. Her purple pupil that holds a lot of emotions in them makes her look hot. She also wears traditional Miko attire as she joins a battle. She possesses fallen angel wings which she shows to Issei.

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2. Rias Gremory

Rias Gremory

The heir of the Gremory clan loves to be herself; though she takes pride in her family, she wants to be recognized as Rias, leaving behind her identity of a pure-blooded devil. In the series, she mainly appears as a kind and affectionate girl with an optimistic nature. But, once in a while, she also reveals her fierce side when she confronts the enemies. Rias Gremory is a female protagonist of the anime series High School DXD. She is the prettiest girl attending Kuoh Academy.

Rias is one of the fiancées of Issei and considers him to be a special person. Though she gets jealous and often tries to seduce the boy, she does not fear to claim him by announcing that Issei belongs to her. However, after she becomes his girlfriend, she shows an incredibly mature aura by trusting Issei’s love for her. Though she wants to depend on Issei sometimes, it is impossible to overlook her fighter spirit. She does not like losing and skillfully uses her unique demonic powers. She has healing power, and she was seen curing Issei, who was fatally injured by a light weapon.

The pretty lady from the anime has a tempting appearance as well. Like Himejima, she is also voluptuous and attractive. Her height is said to be 5 feet 8 inches which makes her the tallest girl of the series. Her pale skin and magnetizing blue eyes add to her beauty. At the same time, her red hair and bangs compliment her pretty face. Though she has been spotted wearing different types of attires, she is mostly dressed in school uniform.

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3. Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia

She has often voiced her love for independence and also leaves her home to walk on her own path. Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail Guild never fails to mesmerize anime lovers. The mage is pretty and hot in look, but she is much beyond that. Her kind, caring nature and passionate attitude heighten her sex appeal. She is a part of the influential conglomerate families of Fiore and still is in search of her own independence.

Lucy has the capability to combat, but her skills are not very overwhelming. But her ‘out of the box’ thinking gives her an upper hand. Though she may be seen as a person who gets afraid quickly, she does not fear to stand against the danger if it is about the spirits or her guild. Though she can take the summoned spirits as shields, she chooses to take them as her friends. Her devotion to her friends and guild makes her admirable. Her stubbornness and willingness to keep her promises also add to her charm.

The mage is confident about her body, and she takes pride in her sex appeal. She has a busty figure and wears different dresses from time to time while flaunting her sexy body. She has blond hair tied in a side and reaches her shoulder. Her pink Fairy Tail stamp appeared on the back of her right hand. The lady keeps her skirts high and shows off her tiny waist while adding a belt on top of her skirt. She is also seen holding celestial spirit keys and a whip.

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4. Irina Shidou

Irina Shidou

She is cheerful and bright like the rays of sunshine, and her upbeat, pleasant nature makes her look energetic. Irina is a beautiful angel from High School DXD. She is a student of Kuoh Academy and one of Issei’s fiancées. She was initially introduced as a very rigid angel and hated people against her religion. However, with the course of time, she grows from her identity of a religious young girl to a lovely woman who treasures her love for Issei. As her family background suggests, she was a part of a religious Christian family who reincarnates with the help of Archangel Michael.

Irina is a devoted Christian who follows God’s teachings even after knowing about his death. She is also very much aware of losing her status as an angel. Hence when she starts seeing white and black flickering light on her wings after having feelings for Issei, she lets go of her desires. However, she becomes bold and confident after kissing him, which leads her to be less worried about giving up her status as an angel for her love.

Irina is mainly seen wearing the Church battle clothes, which are almost the same as that of Xenovia. After moving to Kuoh academy, she was seen donning the school uniform for most of the time. Her petite figure makes her look hot in the attire. She has chestnut hair and, for most of the time, stays tied in pigtails. Her violet eyes also radiate her energetic aura. She is called the “Ace of Spades,” and there is a red A on her right hand, which represents her as the Ace.

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5. Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet

Many viewers will readily accept Lucy’s description of Erza as their first impression of this gorgeous young girl from the Fairy Tail. She mentions Erza as “cool and beautiful, warm and full of passion” in a letter to her mother. She is an S-class Mage from the Guild Fairy Tail and shows an amazing sense of loyalty to her guild members. She grew up as a slave in the Tower of Heaven, which makes her socially awkward but tremendously strict. She is not afraid to point out the mistakes of her fellow Guild members who fear to face her wrath.

Though Erza is often pointed out as a complaining person, she is brave and loyal. She takes pride in her identity as a Mage and her sense of justice. She is absolutely fearless when it comes to her friends and Gray and Lucy, whom she treats like her siblings. She is humble despite achieving the S-class at the age of fifteen. However, she sometimes shows some self-deprecating attitude. Though she may seldom describe herself as a person who has failed to protect her dear ones, her courage makes the viewers fall for her.

Erza looks stern in her appearance, and that contributes to her beauty. She has long scarlet hair and dark brown eyes. She has lost her right eye and has an artificial one. Her slender body, wrapped in the blue skirt, black boots, and heavy armor, looks sexy and also highlights her assets and curves. She has her Fairy Tail stamp on the middle of her left upper arm. Though mostly she seems relaxed and strict, she sometimes lets her girly side surface and shows her liking for cute clothes.

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6. Yūki Asuna

Yūki Asuna

Asuna is one of the Sword Art Online characters who shows an incredible change with time. At the very beginning, she was portrayed as a character who was not afraid to die in the game and also had tremendous courage. She was willing to risk her own life in order to save others. However, the rock-solid, fearless lady starts watching out for herself after she falls for Kirito. Though she shows a cold attitude towards him even after becoming his wife, she chooses him like her lifeline. She was the retired vice-commander of the Knights of Blood Guild.

In the anime, Asuna may act cold towards Kirito, but she never leaves him when he needs her help. At the same time, she is not afraid to get back with an answer when her skills are questioned. She once challenged Kirito after they argued about doing the work of a Floor Boss. However, her love for Kirito is fascinating to many anime fans. She jumps in front to take an attack to save him, even after knowing that she can die. She also does not bother herself while dealing with other girls who have feelings for Kirito.

Asuna was mostly seen wearing stunning red and white attire. She wore a red tunic, hooded cape with light copper breastplates, which highlighted her slim figure. Her long chestnut hair reached her waist, and her brown eyes made her look beautiful. Her avatar from ALfheim wears a long white skirt teamed up with a tube top showing off her waist. She has good dragger skills and also possesses some ability as a healer.

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7. Seraphim


It is very difficult to deny the beauty of this vampire ninja. Though she does not like being in the status of a servant, she lives with Ayumu Aikawa as his servant. She was given the mission to kill Eucliwood, but as the gates of the Underworld were sealed, she continued to serve under him. She is a ninja, and her manners are very chivalric. However, she rudely uses abusive and mean words while addressing Ayumu for him being a zombie.

With time, her cold attitude and frown on her face disappear as she starts considering Ayumu’s house as her own. She also offers Ayumu her support in his fight against Kyoko. She shows her warm smile for the very first time after she returns from her task of searching Eucliwood. Though Seraphim was sent as an assassin, she realizes that she does not want to kill Eucliwood, and as a result, she is hunted down. However, Eucliwood saves her, and she is forgiven. Throughout the course of the anime, Koreha Zombie Desuka, she may appear as a cold and rude person, but she gives glimpses of her true nature once in a while. She reveals her interest in playing violin and developing cooking skills.

The vampire girl is gorgeous. She has black hair tied in a ponytail. Some of her locks dangle either side of her face while making her facial features look more sculpted. She has bright green eyes, which make her magnetizing. She has a good body proportion which makes her look hot. She also wears revealing outfits while flaunting her breasts.

8. Kazuha Migiwa

Kazuha Migiwa

The central female character of Yousuga no Sora is nothing lesser than a modern-day princess. As the daughter of the most influential person, she grows up as a cultured young girl. Her gentle and humble approach flutters the hearts of the fans. Though she was initially seen as a lonely girl without a friend, she soon opened up after meeting Akira Amatsume. They developed a beautiful bond between them until Akira had to part and move to another village after the death of her only parent.

Kazuha has a charismatic personality and a sharp mind. Her intelligent brain allows her to pay attention to small details. Since she grows up alone while her parents travel constantly, she has a self-reliant and independent mindset. She is humble and does not feel bad about working as a subordinate. She also shows her gentle side as she worries about others more than herself. Though she grows up without a friend for being a part of the most influential family of the village, her friendship with Akira makes way for more people to befriend her.

The beautiful young girl is, in a word, charismatic. She has a slender figure, and she is seen wearing multiple attires throughout the anime, and most of them emphasize her assets and tiny waist. Her long black hair reaches almost to her waist while her square bangs fall on her face to make her look lovely. Her dark blue eyes reflect her soft and humble nature.

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9. Moka Akashiya

Moka Akashiya

Her name “Moka” is the pun of the word Mocha which stands for split personality and gives a view of the true nature of this gorgeous vampire girl. She is the female protagonist of the anime series Rosario + Vampire, and she is the most beautiful student of the Yōkai Academy. Her beauty is a topic of discussion both inside and outside the academy. She is the first person Tsukune Aono meets, and Moka does not take much time to develop feelings for him.

Moka Akashiya is a loving, sweet, and polite girl, and her beauty magnetizes almost everyone. She also shows that she can be naïve even though her mature side sometimes surfaces. Though she initially had distrust for humans, her bond with Tsukune mends this. Moka has two personalities; the inner Moka is cold and is closer to the actual nature of Moka. When Moka’s Rosario cross is removed, she shows the inner Moka. Only Tsukune, who has the ability to remove the cross, also gets the reminder from inner Moka to treat other Moka with love and care.

Moka and Tsukuen’s bond reveals a lot about Moka’s nature. The sweet moments between them as she falls in love show her affectionate side. Moka is shown as a tremendously beautiful girl with a magnetic personality. Her bright green eyes are enough to make anyone fall for her. Her long pink hair reaching her knees is another highlight of her beauty. She wears the female uniform with a white shirt and a short green jacket. The black knee socks give a generous view of her slender legs. She sometimes carries a suitcase.

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10. Shinka Nibutani

Shinka Nibutani

She seems to be the sweetest and most gentle girl in the class, but she hides her bitter self from others. Shinka can be seen as one of the prettiest female students of the class, and her charming presence allows her to get the title of class representative. Most of the time, she shows her gentle and lovely self towards others which leads people to like her. However, when she is out of the public eye, she reveals her irritable nature. She is seen as being mean to Dekomori, but at the same time, she also cares for her.

Shinka was initially assumed to have a love interest in Yuuta Togashi, but later it was revealed to be wrong. She liked to imagine herself as a mage and ran a blog named Mabinogion with the name of Mori Summer. However, she also tries to cover up her past, and she does not want the other students of her school to find out about her embarrassing content.

Shinka from Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions is truly the beauty queen of the class; she has brown locks tied in pigtails while her stray hair falls on her face covering her forehead. She looks cute, as her big golden eyes look joyous and expressive. She also adds a tiny pink hair clip to her bangs. She is mainly seen dressed in the school uniform, but as a part of the cheerleading team, she is also seen dressed in a yellow and blue dress. The short skirt highlights the tiny waist and her top also gives a lift to her assets which makes her look sexy.

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11. Ikaros


She recognized only one emotion, and that was the loyalty that tied her to Tomoki. The first Angeloid of Sora no Otoshimono anime is drop-dead gorgeous, and this is the reason she is one of the top hottest anime girls on the list. Though she usually radiates a calm and serene aura, she does not hold back once the blow is on her master. She is very loyal to Tomoki and always does her best to protect him. Though initially, she was considered to be a Pet-class Angeloid, later it was revealed that she was Type-Alpha Angeloid and extremely powerful.

In the beginning, the angeloid had difficulties expressing her emotions. But as time passed, she experienced multiple expressions like anger, love, gloom, etc. She developed a romantic feeling for Tomoki but could not express it. Before reaching her synapse, she confesses her feelings for him with a passionate kiss. However, after she resurrects, her confessions make her feel embarrassed. In the Manga, it was shown that Tomoki and Ikaros managed to settle their relationship and were perhaps together.

Ikaros has a curvy body, and she wears a revealing outfit to give a view of her bosom. Her ample assets, in contrast to her curvy waist, make her look sexy. She has rosy pink long locks styled in pigtails with dark pink ribbons. She has emerald eyes, which turn red when she goes into Uranus mode. During the combat, she has purple eyes. She has angel wings that have synapses all over them. During Uranus mode, she also has a halo around her head.

12. Saeko Busujima

Saeko Busujima

She is more like the elder sister of the group with a disciplined and calm demeanor. Even in combat, she retains her tranquility which can be scary to witness. Saeko Busujima, from the Highschool of the Dead, charms the fans with her collected approach towards all the situations. Her maturity and strong personality can make anyone fall for her. Saeko, the daughter of master Busujima, is a student of Fujima High School and an athletic fighter with high combat skills.

In the series, Saeko’s nature can be defined by the words caring, affectionate, calm, and reliable. Even during combat, her level-headed approach can be seen. She is a part of Takashi Komuro’s survival group, and as one of the eldest members, she takes care of the feelings and wellbeing of others. However, her sadistic side may surface during the battles, and she smiles in contentment while destroying the opponents. To carry forward her lineage, she strictly follows the Bushido code. She also shows her mature side and does not get jealous when Takashi is with other girls.

Saeko’s appearance and sharp glance make a significant contribution to her powerful appearance. She has a tall physique which favors her swings during combat. She has straight purple hair with a triangle fringe almost covering one of her eyes. Saeko mostly wears school uniform in the anime, but she has also worn different attires in the series. She was seen wearing a Kimono at Saya Takagi’s house. She also gave a glimpse of her sexy avatar as she gets dressed in a black thong and apron at Rika Minami’s house.

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13. Mirajane Strauss

Mirajane Strauss

In the series, Mirajane shows an incredible development; in the beginning, “the demon” of the series has a powerful and scary presence, and her punk-gothic look has a fair share of contribution to that. However, over the course of time, her affectionate motherly nature mesmerizes the fans. Mirajane is an S-class Mage from the Fairy Tail Guild. She shows some instances of rivalry with Erza and is infamous among the guild members and criminals for her cold and scary nature.

Mirajane showed a complete transition after the death of her younger sister, Lisanna, and she lost her will to fight. Her scary aura faded, and her affectionate and loving nature surfaced. She was seen getting well with the eccentricities of the fellow guild members and at the same time trying her best to protect them. After the transition, she was not seen in a bad mood, but there were some moments of conflict. She had some disputes with Laxus Dreyar, which resulted in the demolition of the guild building. She has also shown her skills in cooking, singing, etc.

Mirajane has a slender body structure with white hair curling at the end. She has beautiful blue eyes and has pretty facial features. Her voluptuous figure looks prominent in the outfit she wears. Her left thigh has a white fairy tail stamp. Though at first she was seen in punk style clothing, for most of the time, she wore an ankle-length maroon dress. She accessorized her look with high-heeled shoes and a chain necklace having a blue pendant. Her charismatic look leads her to model for Sorcerer Magazine.

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14. Xenovia Quarta

Xenovia Quarta

At the very beginning, Xenovia was spotted as a calm and cold personality. Though the viewers may get a general idea of her being a cold-hearted person, she shows more shades of her character with time. When she met Asia, she ended up calling her a witch, but after being touched by her kindness, she apologized for her behavior. Xenovia, the reincarnated devil from the High School DXD, is subtle in nature, and this is what makes her attractive. The third-year student from the Kuoh Academy has the in-born ability to use the natural sword. She is one of Issei’s fiancées.

On the battlefield, she also looks cold and heartless. She does not much into using skills, but she prefers to strike with all her power. Though Xenovia appeared to be cold with most of the comrades, she developed a romantic interest in Issei. She tries her best to seduce him, and as he reveals more of his caring side, Xenovia becomes more perverted towards him. She also selects Issei as her mate and wants to have strong children. When she was first introduced, she seemed rigid and judgmental. As she gets to know about Asia, she becomes more open-minded.

Xenovia is a pretty woman with a sexy slender physique. She has chin-length blue hair having green fringes at the sides, which makes her face look sculpted. Her brown eyes, heavy assets, and curves add to her beauty. As a student of Kuoh academy, she wears the girl’s uniform without the cape. During battles, she wears a Church battle suit with a skin-tight leotard and thigh-high boots. She used to have a crucifix which was removed after she became a devil.

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15. Tsunade Senju

Tsunade Senju

Tsunade Senju is one of the complex female characters in Naruto. Though she is projected as a noble character, her cynicism and flaws make her character realistic. She developed a negative emotion about the idea of dreaming after the death of Nawaki and Dan. She ended up concluding that Hokage was a “fool’s job.” Her negative feelings start fading after Naruto Uzumaki makes her realize that dreams do not end with the death of the dreamer. After that, affectionate nature leads her to believe in the dreams of Nawaki and Dan as she herself becomes the Hokage to make way for Naruto in the future.

As the student of the third Hokage, Tsunade is a skilled Shinobi, and she also saves the life of the villagers. She has a strong personality and is seen encouraging Nawaki and Dan to achieve their dream. She also supports Naruto and gets angry when others refuse to do so. She shows her incredible power as a Hokage trying to protect Konoha and the villagers. However, her short-tempered nature is her only flaw.

Tsunade is a pretty woman with a sharp glance potent enough to cut the enemies. She has fair skin, which matches well with her brown eyes and blond hair. As a young adult, she was seen tying her hair in a high ponytail, while later, she had her locks tied in two loose ponytails. She has the Strength of a Hundred Seals, which was present as a violet diamond on her forehead. As an adult woman, she was seen with a slender figure, big breasts, and lovely curves. She is seen in multiple attires in the anime. She also wore the Hokage necklace until she passed it onto Naruto.

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16. Meiko Shiraki

Meiko Shiraki

The third-year student from Prison School may define the word hot herself. She is the vice-president of the Prison school and her confidence added to her sensuality. She looked incredibly sexy as she walked around the campus in her revealing outfits while flexing her body. Initially, she was shy and felt insecure about her body as she was bullied by Kate Takenomiya. She gained confidence as Mari Kurihara urged her to stand against the bullies. She has shown a tremendous transformation over the years, and it is hard to decipher that she is the same person who proudly parades around while showing off her sexy physique.

Meiko has shown some glimpses of her sadistic self. She is often spotted with a horsewhip in hand to punish the people who disobey her during the detention. Her combat skills are praise-worthy. She does push-ups and squats during her free time. She can be sympathetic towards the male prisoners, but she can be quite strict at the same time. Meiko has a tremendous affinity towards Mari, which can also be counted as her obsession.

Meiko is definitely the eye candy of the anime series. Her tall figure is sculpted with curves and a slim waist, which make her look hot and sexy. She has big breasts, and her outfit gives a generous view of her assets. She has mid-length straight hair styled in a back hairdo and some of the locks adorning her face. She wears school uniforms which come with a short skirt and knee-length boots. Her open collar highlights her smooth skin and huge assets. Her oval sunglasses match her sharp facial features.

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17. Aya Natsume

Aya Natsume

Her big brown (auburn in anime) eyes seem to have more emotions than she could ever express. The charming lady from the manga and anime series Tenjou Tenge steals the hearts of many fans with her presence. The younger sister of Shin Natsume and Maya Natsume is a freshman at Toudou academy. Her relationship with Souichiro Nagi reveals different layers of her character. She is also a member of the Juken Club.

She shows a connection with Souichiro Nagi and shows her interest in marrying him as soon as she meets him. As Souichiro barges into the shower room and sees Aya unclothed, she asks him to marry her as per the Natsume tradition. Though she requests him several times, he still denies it. This creates trouble for Souichiro as Aya’s older sister Maya Natsume is her love interest. However, Aya decides to polish her skill to support Souichiro. They also form a compatible power duo as his Dragon’s Fist has the ability to collect KI while Aya’s Dragon Eye can consume them. There is a love triangle, and Masataka Takayanagi is shown to love Aya. Though she does not accept his feelings, she regards his strength and talent.

Aya Natsume has a similar build like her sister. She is also busty and has large breasts and curves, which makes her ooze with feminine beauty. She has long brown hair that is shown as auburn in the anime. Her hair falls on her back while some of them rest on her bosom. A middle strand stands on her head, making her look soft. Her big auburn eyes and facial features made her look lovely.

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18. Orihime Inoue

Orihime Inoue

Her sweet cute nature can brighten up any situation, and she is an ideal portrayal of a bubbly teenage girl. The resident of Karakura Town is a former student of Karakura High School. She is shown as a sensitive and affectionate persona with an independent and affable nature. Though she may seem to be naïve in the anime, her grades say otherwise. Since she finds that the funds sent by her relatives decrease if her grades fall, she tries her best to prevent that.

Orihime shows an ability to develop a perception of the mental and emotional condition of someone, and when it comes to her husband, Ichigo, she has a firm mental bond with him. Apart from realizing his emotions, she can also feel hurt if he is injured. Orihime becomes spiritually powerful after Ichigo becomes a Soul Reaper.

She also develops combative powers and learns both defensive and attacking techniques. She also has a goofy side of herself where she is seen jumping in situations without giving much thought to it. Her tendency to rush situations may lead to danger or embarrassment. Though her goofy side is prominent at the beginning of the series, with time, she develops to be more mature.

Orihime was introduced as a teen with a petite figure and slim build. However, her curves and big breasts were noticeable as her dress perfectly highlighted them. She has big brown eyes, which make her look innocent. Her burnt-orange long hair was styled by her side at the beginning, but with time, they were made wavy and fuller.

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19. Rangiku Matsumoto

Rangiku Matsumoto

Her beauty is something that men and women will consider as perfection. Though many may find her to be a carefree persona, they cannot deny her affectionate nature. Rangiku Matsumoto from Bleach is a female Shinigami and, as the former Lieutenant, has served Isshin Shiba and Tōshirō Hitsugaya. Though most people will obviously compliment her beauty first, her unrestrained personality is undoubtedly her most charming feature. She is strong-headed and stubborn; she works persistently to get what she wants, and she does not handle failure in a good way.

She is free-spirited, and that is why she did not feel shy about teasing her former captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya. Though she likes to flaunt her sexy body, she does not enjoy the excessive attention she receives from people attracted to her beauty. Though she may seem self-centered in her endeavors, she has compassion for others. She was seen comforting Orihime Inoue as she got depressed about Ichigo. She is also a skilled fighter with the rank of a Lieutenant. She also possesses incredible spiritual power. Her high endurance level, strength, and durability make her a mighty fighter.

Rangiku is sexy, and her choice of garments gives her ample scope to reveal her sexy physique. She has deep, blue eyes, and her golden locks contribute generously to her beauty. She has a curvy figure and ample breasts. Though she has a gentle look, her sensuality can drive anyone wild. She is mostly seen donning the Shihakusho uniform, which she wears in a provocative way to give a view of her breasts.

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20. Tsukiumi


She is short-tempered, and her cold, tsundere attitude undoubtedly gives reasons to many people to fall for her. Though many people may take her as a jealous young woman, her soft, affectionate side for Sekirei and good combative skills also become a reason for the fans to cherish her. The leading female character of Sekirei is first introduced as she appears in Minato’s dream, saying that she would kill him. But she later claims to be his legal wife and shows possessiveness making other Sekireis jealous.

From the very beginning, Tsukumi had the desire to be the strongest Sekirei, but though her goal remained the same, her reason changed. She wished to stay the strongest in order to stay with Minato.

She also showed her trust and love for Minato with small gestures. She allowed him to touch her while she did not like others touching her body. Her honorable side surfaces as she strictly follows the combative rules. Though for a significant time, her most prominent feature was pride, she gradually got rid of it. Tsukiumi has the power to manipulate water, and she can draw large portions of water from the person or the surrounding air.

She is hot, and her sexy outfit makes her look attractive as she confidently flaunts her ample assets. Tsukiumi has blond locks with curls at the end. She wears a revealing white underdress which lifts her huge breasts. She wore black attire with it, which matches with her white and black choker and thigh-high brown boots. Her toned legs and tall, slender physique gets highlighted by her choice of clothing.

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21. Kashiwazaki Sena

Kashiwazaki Sena

Sena Kashiwazaki from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is called a real-life princess. Her beauty, top academic grades, and athletic skills – all give reasons to her fellow male classmates to get charmed by her. Though she may look like an ordinary student, her arrogance makes her an outcast among her female classmates, and she fails to find a true friend. Before she becomes the first recruited member of the Neighbor’s Club, she shows reluctance to make any friends. Though her magnetic personality made the boys flock around her, she treated them like “doormats.”

Though Sena is prideful, Yozora could easily make her irritated, which also led her to show her immature side. She bursts into tears while insulting her. She also started taking an interest in Kodaka as she found him different from other boys. She fell in love with him as he showed some protective actions. Sena has an affectionate side and likes to take care of people from the club. Though her academic grades and athletic skills make her stay ahead, her terrible domestic abilities also need a mention.

Sena in the anime is projected as a lovely girl with a pretty face. Her mid-length blond locks had bangs that stuck on the right side of her forehead, and at the same time, some of the strands rested on her bosom. She wore a blue butterfly hair clip that matched the blue color of her eyes. She also has a pretty figure nicely sculpted with curves, and she also knows how to flaunt it. Though mostly she is spotted in school uniform, she also wears flashy clothes when she is outside.

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22. Nico Robin

Nico Robin

Though she is called the Devil’s child, her intelligence and serenity are worth falling for. The archeologist from the anime and manga, One Piece, is often seen engrossed in reading and learning about the places they are visiting. She was the acting vice president of Baroque Works, and she joined Straw hats as the seventh member. She possesses the ability of Poneglyphs, which is not only forbidden but also a threat to the World Government. Among the crew members, Nico is composed and level-headed and rarely shows any moment of emotional outbursts.

Nico and Luffy have a great relationship in the series, and their mutual respect towards each other makes the fans wow at them. Luffy regards her for her knowledge and intelligence, while Nico is seen completely accepting and supporting his decisions. She is also seen enjoying the comical acts of Luffy while watching them with a smile on her face.

In the very beginning, she was seen as a reserved personality, but with time, she got along with the crew. As her true nature blossomed with time, she could be seen as a playful person with child-like imagination. She also does not show many instances of getting afraid and continues to radiate a positive aura. It is almost impossible to get mesmerized by her affectionate and caring nature.

Nico in the anime is shown as a beautiful woman blessed with adult charms. She has long black hair and a slightly dark skin tone. Her slender figure has gorgeous curves, which look prominent in the outfits she wears. She is tall, and her long legs give her an upper hand during combat. She did not have any specific style before the time skip, and she was seen dressed as a purple cowgirl.

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23. Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Nelliel’s cuteness is attractive to the fans, especially when she is in her child form. She talks with a lisp, and her bizarre vocabulary is also surprising. She has a fear of Shinigami, considering them to be evil, while in reality, all Hollows are evil. The child-like Arrancar is also called Nel Tu. She is also intelligent and uses her analytical power to read situations. She is also compassionate, caring and also does not hold back her humorous side when she is off-duty. As a grown-up, she possesses the ability of a master swordsman and skills regarding hand-to-hand combat.

Though she is scared of Shinigami, she is attracted to Ichigo. When she gets back to her physical form, she retains her child-like affection and does not hesitate to bear-hug him. Nelliel is more composed and mature and radiates a pacifistic aura. As a full-grown Espada, she shows her standpoint about the battles of vengeance. She refuses to end injured opponents and does not attack until it involves her safety or that of her loved ones. She has polished combative skills, and during the fights, she is calm and level-headed.

The pretty Arrancar has hazel eyes which go bigger and dazzle with innocence when she is in the child form. She has hollow mask makeup and bigger canines on her lower jaw. Her face has a large scar and crimson line under her eyes. For most of the time, she is spotted in a green hooded gown covering all of her body. When she goes to her true form, she has long greenish-blue hair, but her canines are no more prominent. Her facial features also change slightly, making her look adult-like.

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24. Kirika Misono

Kirika Misono

She is extremely good at reading people, and her extroverted nature contributes to it. She is also someone who enjoys teasing Densuke and walks around while flaunting her huge assets. She is easy-going and only seems to be enraged when someone tries to separate her from her friends or disband the club. The leader of the Eiken club is also a student of Zashono Academy. She has romantic feelings for Densuke Mifune and shows affection for Chiharu Shinone.

Kirika has an easy-going nature, and she is the one who drags Densuke to the club. She has almost no inhibitions, and most of the time, she sexually teases Densuke and harasses Chiharu. Her extrovert nature leads her to roam around different places outside the club, and she also ends up getting a lot of invitations. She may feel empathetic towards the stray cats and feed them.

She seems to have a lonely past, and her family background is unknown. However, her protectiveness surfaces when her friends and loved ones are in danger. She completely changes when she gets allergies or ill, and there are instances of her memory lapse. She also confessed her love for Densuke and promised to support him if he wanted to have a romantic relationship with Chiharu.

Kirika has an extremely tall figure, but her big boobs seem to snatch the attention. As she does not wear a bra unless it’s under her bikini, her bosom looks enormous. She has a slim build and wears a school uniform most of the time, which includes a green sweater teamed up with a yellow vest and purple skirt. Her long purple hair is styled in a high ponytail tied with a purple ribbon. She also wears grey or grey-red sneakers.

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25. Kan’u


She is there to protect the weak, and her regard for honor and justice is truly admirable. The bandit fighter Kan’u Unchou aka Aisha is the female protagonist of the Koihime + Musou series. She is also known to be the co-founder of the Hongou Faction. The character shows her affinity towards the welfare of people from the very beginning of the series. She left her house in search of the divine messenger who could remove the unrest by ending the violence.

She met Kazuto, and soon after, she considered him as the mentioned prophet. Though later she realized him to be a normal person, she continued to keep up the act to get support from people and easily gather volunteers. As she supports positivity in anything, her demeanor in the battle is strong and calm. She is a stubborn comrade with powerful combative skills. This makes her reliable and courageous. She is seen to be a workaholic, indulging in government affairs during her free time.

Kan’u has a curvy figure, and her attire flexes her ample breasts. She wears thigh-high boots giving a view of her thick thighs and slender legs. Her long dark hair is tied in an off-center ponytail. Her hazel eyes, with a sharp glance, make her look tremendously hot. The busty beauty is eye-catching in all senses with her sensuality and beauty. She is also seen undergoing an inner conflict about her sexual identity. At the very beginning, she was shown to deny herself as a woman. As time passed and she discovered herself to be in love with Kazuto, she got more conscious about her femininity.

26. Leafa


Suguha Kiriya is one of the prominent female characters from the anime Sword Art Online. She is best known by her player name Leafa. She uses the name in the virtual reality game MMORPG. Suguha was initially not much interested in online reality games, but she was curious to know why Kazuto was deeply involved in them. This led her to join the game and develop the character. Leafa’s character is voiced by Ayana Taketatsu in the Japanese version of the anime.

Leafa, as a sylph character, possesses magic and different skills, which make her a strong fighter. Her stealth magic is absolutely on point. She also knows some healing spells to support her team. She has shield magic and concealment powers. It helps the caster to hide in a membrane. With her vacuum blade magic, she can launch five blades at a time. Her skills also allow her to throw twenty wind needles. She can fly without the use of the controller. She can also use her spell to bluff her allies.

Suguha is a young girl, and in reality, she is cute. She has black hair and grey eyes, which makes her look lovely. However, in the game, the Leafa avatar has a more adult-like look. She wears a white and green costume which she teams up with brown boots. Her green eyes match her dress. She also wears a white and green collar. Her long blond hair reaches her back. She also wears a headband that looks like flower petals. Her golden fringes rest on her forehead. Leafa has pointy ears, which make her look like a sylph.

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27. Erza Knightwalker

Erza Knightwalker

Erza Knightwalker may look like her EarthLand Counterpart Erza Scarlet, but their natures are completely different. Knightwalker from the anime series Fairy Tail belongs to the Edolas Kingdom, and she is also the captain of the Royal Army Magic War Division. She is shown as a sadistic and merciless killer who kills the enemies without any empathy. She takes pride as the captain of the Royal Army, and her arrogance made it difficult for her to accept defeats. She also had a great hatred for Lucy, and she decided to kill her by throwing her from a height.

However, leaving behind her egoistic behavior and cruelty, she becomes gentler after Erza Scarlet could impress her with her words. She also shows a completely different side as she was seen getting shy and subordinate to Mystogan. She was ready to befriend his friends and also accepted his enemy as her own. In case she stepped out of her limit, she also asked Mystogan to punish her.

Erza wears a revealing outfit while flashing her assets, stomach, and tiny waist. Her breastplate and armors highlight her curves, and she also gives a view of her thighs. She wears a bikini bottom teamed up with a garment hiding her thighs. She initially had long wavy hair of scarlet shade. But after Erza Scarlet could deceive the guards for her similar appearance, she cut off her hair. However, later on, she was also seen with long hair. She also changed her battle attire with that of the maid as a sign of submission to Mystogan.

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28. Rushuna


The beauty is an expert gunfighter, and her sensuality oozes wherever she appears on screen or page. She is the protagonist of the Japanese anime and manga series, Grenadier. She is trained in gun fighting and is raised as a body double of Tenshi. The Senshi keeps her faith in positive things and also follows the ideals of Tenshi.

Rushuna was a pre-Juttensen candidate and is skilled in disabling people with her guns rather than killing them. She is highly analytical, which helps her to figure out the skills and tactics of her opponent in the fierce battlegrounds. She hugs the tough opponents to her chest as a way to calm them down.

She also showed affinity towards Yajirou, but she did not pay much attention to it until she finished her task. Though she got jealous to some extent while spotting him with other girls, she did not show any reactions. She accepted it with the trust that he would return to her after everything. Her character differs in manga from anime series. The manga considers her as a foreigner with natural blond locks. It ends with her returning to her motherland and marrying Yajirou.

Rushuna Tendou is a blond girl with long hair. She is in her sweet sixteen, and still, her beauty is incomparable. She has a sexy and curvy body. Her choice of garment reveals her ample breasts and highlights her toned physique. She is an expert gunfighter and carries a revolver. She is also seen wearing a belt with a holster.

29. Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock is introduced in One Piece anime and manga as a legendary beauty, and she is also known to be the protagonist of the Amazon Lily Arc. She was the only female warlord reigning over the Kuja tribe with her sisters, Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold. She fell in love with D. Luffy and turned into his ally. As the ruler of the Kuja tribe, she shows a different standpoint. She protects them from the world Government and at the same time punishes them. However, her Kuja subjects accept all her decisions and admire her. Though she was a warlord of the sea, she took the World Government to be her enemy.

Though Hancock initially had a bitter feeling about Luffy after finding him unaffected by her beauty. He did not react even after seeing her naked, which made her consider him arrogant. But as she found him as brave and selfless, she started developing romantic feelings towards him. She also considers him as one of her true friends. Even though Luffy refused to marry her, she still loved him. Her love sickness showed as she blushed and could not look at the eyes of Luffy due to her feelings for him.

Hancock is a jaw-dropping beauty with a tall height and slender physique. Her dark hair is long enough to pass her waist while making her face look sculpted. Her high forehead is visible, and her dark brown eyes with thick eyelashes make her look stunning. Her curvy body, heavy breasts, and tiny waist get highlighted by the outfit she wears. Though her beauty looks serene, she becomes intimidating when angry.

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30. Mei Terumi

Mei Terumi

The fifth Mizukage from Naruto is much different from other Kages, which makes her attractive and also helps her get her own fandom. She is presented in Naruto Shippuden as the powerful Mizukage who aims to save the Ninja world from Kaguya Otsutsuki. She is also shown as a mediator working hard to establish a good diplomatic relationship with other villages. She shows tremendous sincerity in her role as the village leader. She also regards the history of Kirigakure and does her best to protect it. Though she may seem pessimistic against potent opponents, she is brave and calm in the battleground.

As a child of nine, Terumi underwent Kirigakure’s complicated rituals to graduate from the academy. She is mostly seen as a bright and cheerful person with a tendency to dodge conflict. She is open-minded and also tends to flirt sometimes. She was one of the kages who listened to Gaara and also supported him. Her humble nature adds to her charming personality. She often adds please and honorifics to her sentence while communicating with others. However, she becomes sensitive when her love life becomes the topic of concern. She is also willing to get married.

Terumi is shown as a pretty woman in her thirties who has a tall, slim figure. She has bright green eyes, and her four auburn bangs cover one of them. She has long auburn hair, which is styled in herringbone. She ties her hair in a top-knot bun securing it with a blue ribbon. For most of the time, she is seen dressed in a dark blue outfit that just reaches her knee.

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31. Mei Momozono

Mei Momozono

A woman with a sharp brain is always intriguing, and when it is combined with beauty and sensuality, it makes the most charming package. Mei Momozono from the Mouse series is not only a pretty face but also her intelligence leads her to be one of the sexiest anime girls. She is introduced in the series as a computer genius and intelligent physicist. She teaches Maths in the Physics Department of the college. She is hardworking and loyal, which makes her a lovely lady.

The character development projects her as a stern and strong woman. Though she was brought up to serve Sorata, she was ready to kill herself in case she was compelled to obey a disrespectful man. She denied trusting Mouse without seeing him herself. She decided to follow Sorata after he refused to leave her after she got injured during their first mission. She developed an affection towards Sorata, and her loyalty made her sincere to him. She was straightforward while doing perverted acts with Sorata.

Mei is pale-skinned, and her red outfits highlight her smooth and pretty skin. She is busty, and her curves make her look stunning. She has blond hair styled in a ponytail. Her two locks stay curled by the sides, which caress her face. Her sharp gaze and green eyes carry the hint of her intelligence. She has big assets, and she is often seen in revealing clothes. Her huge breasts, slim waist, and thick thighs make her one of the sexiest anime girls. She wears a red cherry lip color which matches her skin tone and makes her look hot.

32. Ryofu Housen

Ryofu Housen

She is a powerful fighter, but her sensual nature and daring personality have earned her a fandom of her own. Though she has remarkable fighting skills, her perverted nature and promiscuous personality can be prominently seen in the series. She has the ability to do chi-blasts. She also shows her strength while fighting against the deadly illness which was supposed to kill her before reaching adulthood. Though most of the time, she is seen teasing the boys with her sensuality, she also emerges as a caring character.

Ryofu is brave, and also her affectionate nature surfaces as she interacts with her friends. She took advantage of Ryomou, and she also made fun of Saji. But when she died, she asked to take care of Saji. She is also projected as one of the strongest female toushi, and in anime, other toushi like Kan’U could hardly excel her abilities. Ryofu is the incarnation of Lu Bu, one of the greatest warriors, and this explains the secret of her strength and power. She showed her faith in Hakufu as the ruler even without meeting her.

Ryofu has tanned reddish skin, which creates a sharp contrast with her seafoam green hair. Her hair is styled in pigtails. Her messy bangs cover her forehead, and a single strand stands on her head. She is someone who never likes to leave out a chance to flaunt her sexy body. She is usually seen wearing the Ryoku School uniform. Her costume includes a red blazer, and a skirt teamed up with brown shoes. She gives a generous view of her ample assets by not wearing the white undershirt.

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33. Medaka Kurokami

Medaka Kurokami

She has a tremendously intelligent brain, but when it comes to knowledge about simple things, she seems to be ignorant. The female protagonist of the anime series Medaka Box is an interesting character with a sexy body and a powerful brain. She seems to excel in everything, starting from academics to sports. She got the top rank in the national test, but she barely had any idea about the presence of the Baseball clubs. Even Zenkichi claimed that her incredible intelligence led her to be borderline stupid.

Though Medaka is taught to look down upon people, she does not practically use it in her daily life. She acknowledges the good in every person and also believes that bad people have some sort of good in them. Her helping nature leads her to do her best to complete all the tasks placed in the suggestion box. As she buys one vase of flowers for one completed task, she aims to fill the academy with flowers one day. Her personality is magnetic, and she also has the ability to turn anyone into her follower.

Medaka has long purple hair reaching almost to her waist. Her bangs on her forehead barely stayed from covering her red eyes. Her bright red eyes with a sharp gaze reflect her intelligence. Her body proportion makes her look sexy. Her slim figure is sculpted with curves, and she has ample assets. She normally wears the school uniform, which initially had a revealing top to flaunt her cleavage, teamed up with a short skirt. After Hitomi arrived at school, she started wearing a uniform top covering her cleavage, and her skirt length also increased. Medaka is also seen wearing multiple attires, including hip-hop-style baggy clothing.

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34. Kurumu Kurono

Kurumu Kurono

Though she may be seen as a seductress making sexual advances on others, in actuality, she is an innocent girl yearning for the love of her dearest one. Kurumu Kurono from the manga and anime series Rosario+Vampire is a multi-shaded character, and her beauty lies in that. She is a student of Yōkai Academy and initially aimed to separate Tsukune Aono and Moka Akashiya. To fulfill her goal, she initially started as a rival of Moka Akashiya but ended up falling in love with Tsukune.

Though she was seen sexually teasing Tsukune, she had romantic feelings for him. She is a succubus who uses the love of their destined ones as their life source. Considering this fact, it was revealed that without Tsukune’s pledge, she could have died. She started developing romantic feelings for him after she saved her from the inner Moka. She takes pride in her seductive nature and may seem to be arrogant. However, she is still an innocent girl looking forward to getting Tsukune love without using her power of succubus. Among her abilities, her mind entering power is remarkable for which she uses her tail.

Kurumu has ocean blue hair styled with a purple ribbon with a star at one side. Her locks adorning her face made her look pretty. Her purple eyes with thick eyelashes make her look innocent and cute. As she plays the femme fatale role in the anime, her physique oozes sensuality. She has a lean body but has heavy breasts. She is mainly seen wearing a plain white shirt matched with a yellow vest. She is dressed in a brown checkered short skirt and black shoes.

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35. Hakufu


Her fighter spirit and adventurous nature can make anyone admire her. The female protagonist of Ikkitousen is full of life. She may also behave like a typical “beauty without a brain.” Her stubborn nature sometimes leads her to dangers. However, she can be extremely stupid sometimes, but her fighting abilities make up for it. She also seems to care more about fighting and does not fear to stand in front of danger while helping her family and friends. Her fight for the sake of fighting nature makes her fight without thinking about anything in advance. She also has some anger issues; when things do not go her way, she will most probably throw a tantrum.

Though Hakufu trains hard and is very enthusiastic about fighting against powerful opponents, she does not like violence and does not want to spill blood. She is often seen taking up martial arts as a way to fight. She is caring towards others which reveals her warm-hearted nature. However, she can be bratty sometimes, and that only adds to her appeal.

Hakufu is one of the prettiest girls of the said anime and manga. She has long and wavy strawberry blond hair which covers her ears and back. A few of the strands stand on top of her head to make her look cute. She has uneven bangs, which cover most of her forehead. She has pretty green bright eyes. She has a petite body with lovely curves and huge breasts. For most of the time, she wears the Nanyo Academy uniform, which includes a red plaid short skirt revealing her thighs. She matches her white shirt with a yellow vest.

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36. Yoruichi Shihouin

Yoruichi Shihouin

She can transform into a cat anytime she wants, and she enjoys shocking people with her antics. What can be more enjoyable for her than changing into a kitty in front of others? Yoruichi Shihouin is from the Bleach series. The Shinigami is intelligent and shows her playful side once in a while. In the anime, she adds humor with her wit and also overwhelms the fans with her intense actions. She is the second division captain, and for her status as a former Omitsukidō leader, she has ample knowledge about the Soul Society.

In Spite of being noble by birth, her humble nature can be observed during her interactions with others. She asks others to use honorifics, and she also calls herself washi which is mainly used by older adults. She can get transformed into a cat, and this also makes her go naked in the process. However, she does not think much about this, and at one point, she was seen going naked in front of Ichigo while showing him her Shinigami. She loves to stay in her cat form and does not like it when someone tries to harm it. In her true self, she is playful and also takes chances to flirt with younger people.

Yoruichi is shown to have a slim figure with dark skin color. Her hair in the anime series can be seen as purple, but in the manga, it is black. Her waist-long hair is styled in a long ponytail. Her locks falling on her face make her look sculpted. Her sharp glance and golden eyes make her look sexy and strong. She is most frequently spotted in a black undershirt matched with an orange overshirt. Her beige sash on the waist highlights her sexy physique.

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37. Masane Amaha

Masane Amaha

The lead character of the anime Witchblade is undoubtedly an interesting addition to it. She is tender while her motherly affectionate nature surfaces, and at the same time, she is fierce when she receives the power of the Witchblade. Amaha was found near the epicenter of the Great Quake with Witchblade on her wrist in a condition of amnesia.

Masane is a strong-willed person, and she is the affectionate mother of Rihoko. She tries to get something when she sets her mind on it, but she can be laid back once in a while. After Witchblade activation, when she transforms, Masane gets a remarkable fighting ability, and her right arm becomes retractable blades. She also has whip-like extensions which can be thrown at great lengths. The Witchblade transformation makes her a potential killing machine while taking away most of her body control. She is only left with the desire to fight and kill. Later, it was found that Masane was working for the government while destroying Ex-cons and machines from the time of the Great Quake.

Masane is a pretty woman with an average height. She has short brown hair and brown eyes. Her figure is slim, with her tiny waist and curves highlighting it more. She wears a yellow crop top which gives a view of her black bra and big breasts. She teams up her top with blue jeans, emphasizing her derriere and tiny waist. She has the Witchblade on her right wrist. After transformation, she wears black, red armor, and her eyes turn amber. During the final transformation, she has red eyes and white hair.

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38. Garnet Maclaine

Garnet Maclaine

Her sincerity to her duty and her strictness make this anime girl hot and sensual. Her sexy figure is an addition to her beauty. Garnet appears in the anime Dragonaut – The Resonance as a female dragon. She is a Gillard academy major, and her adherence to her duty makes her admirable. She does not let the emotion stop her from fulfilling her responsibilities. In her dragon form, she has a bipedal wyvern-like look. Her big eyes and huge teeth stay hidden.

Maclaine is extremely powerful when she is with her katana. She always carries a katana after her visit to Japan. She is behind the mystery of the Resonance process. In the anime series, it was revealed that she resonated fifteen years ago with Asim. Maclaine was also suspected to be responsible for the death of Asim’s older brother, and probably the younger prince had ordered her. She and Asim were seen getting into the explosion caused by Gio, and it was assumed that they had died. But, later, it was revealed that she was amalgamated with Thanatos.

In the series, she is introduced as a sexy young adult. The dark-skinned beauty has ample assets which barely get covered by the outfit she wears. Her long purple hair falls on her forehead and face while almost covering her eyes. Her eyes are green and red in color, which confirms her identity as a dragon. She is mostly seen in a brown Gillard Academy military uniform which shows off her cleavage and thighs.

39. Seras Victoria

Seras Victoria

If the strong woman in uniform is your ideal type, then you probably belong to the dedicated fandom of Seras Victoria. Her strong-willed mentality and courage make her the favorite of many. She is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series Hellsing. In the series, she is brave and heroic who is not afraid to question the order of her master if that fails to match her ideals. She is also a loyal soldier who has a strong regard for morals. However, she also shows a wild temperament, while her maturity and understanding make the audience admire her personality.

Seras was originally a police officer investigating a priest accused of homicides. After she was shot, Alacad gave her a choice to live or die. She continued to live as a Vampire with some powerful abilities making her a potent fighter. She immediately joined Hellsing. As a trained officer, she was skilled in hand-to-hand combat, which multiplied after her becoming a vampire. She has features like inhuman speed, soul absorption, regeneration, and clairvoyance as a vampire. After she turned into a full-fledged vampire, she also received the ability to fly.

At the beginning of the series, she is introduced as a pretty woman with blue eyes. Her blond hair is styled in a flare cut which matches her tom-boyish attitude. Her frame is shorter than most of her allies, while she has a broad-shoulder, curvy body, and huge boobs. She wears the Hellsing uniform teamed up with a short skirt. As she transformed into a full-fledged vampire, her hair got a platinum hue, and her eyes turned red. After attaining immortality, she is supposed to stay at the age of nineteen forever.

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40. Puma Sisters

Puma Sisters

These two catgirls were created as “love dolls, ” but instead of bringing profit, they joined the gang of criminals. The Puma Sisters first appeared in the Japanese manga Dominion Tank Police set in the fictional city of NewPort. They also had a cameo appearance in another manga, Ghost In The Shell. The duo consists of Anna Puma and Uni Puma, who had some superficial programming. This led them to be criminals and join the team of Buaku. Later they parted ways and started working on their own. They later became part of Tank Police. As android catgirls, they are strong, extremely agile, and have super endurance. Their immunity against the bacterial clouds leads them to go without any gas mask.

In the series, the twin criminals are shown to have good dancing skills as they move in sync. They are also trained in combat and have different combative technologies like targeting systems, dermal plating, etc. Though many audiences may consider them as heartless, their sisterly bond says otherwise. They are seen together, and they also show hatred for Leona, the female protagonist of the series. However, their attitude seemed to change as they gave important tips to Leona so that she could escape misery which was even worse than death.

The sisters are twins, and they have stunning physiques. The tall android catgirls have blonde hair, which makes them look hot. The Puma girls also have cat-like ears standing on top of their blond hair. They use their sensuality while persuading the police force. They are skilled exotic dancers and use their mesmerizing striptease acts to stupefy the police chasing them.

41. Forte Stollen

Forte Stollen

Her husky voice and boyish attitude are loved by many viewers, and at the same time, her curvy body makes her look hot and sexy. She is one of the senior members of Moon Angel Troupe. Her mature and strong-willed mentality is also the reason for many fans to admire her. She is a part of the Galaxy Angel manga, anime, and game, and her charming attitude has also gained her a vast fandom. As the formal leader and senior member of the team, she is experienced, and her intelligence and confidence make her a trustworthy person.

Though not many details about her past are revealed in the anime or manga series, it can be said that she was in the military before joining the Angel Wings. As she had combat skills, she also trained the rest of the members of Angel Wings. Forte decides to pilot Happy Trigger, and she showed an incredibly calm demeanor during the suicide mission. This surprised and impressed Tact. She also revealed that she is willing to do her best to protect the man she loves. She also shows an incredible trust in Tact and also voices it from time to time.

The anime girl looks hot in her purple uniform with modified angel wings. It has a single cape-like jacket reaching almost to her feet. The sleeveless dress with gold and black emblems has a midsection that reveals her chest. The thin straps connecting the neck part to the rest of the dress highlight her ample breasts. She teams up her dress with black high heels. Her red locks are styled to have a longer left side compared to the right side.

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42. Faye Valentine

Faye Valentine

“Instead of feeling alone in a group, it’s better to have real solitude all by yourself.” Faye is one of the people who can confidently say this. Though her carefree egoistic attitude and innocent smile seem to be sharply contrasting, it is still difficult to deny her charm. She appeared in the manga and anime series Cowboy Bebop as a criminal. Though she looks like a 23-year-old, in actuality, she is seventy-seven. She is also arrogant and lazy, who can relax even when handcuffed on the ship. She also gets arrested a few times. Her list of bad habits includes gambling, smoking, and violent behaviors.

Faye is shown as a woman who is very aggressive when it comes to getting what she wants. Her sarcasm always stays at its peak, and she barely lets her weak side surface. Her unpredictability and rude behavior may have made her unpleasant to many at the initial phase of the series. Still, by the end of it, multiple layers in her character were revealed. She started valuing her comrades more than herself, and she also considered her home as a place she belonged.

Faye is more often seen wearing revealing outfits, which can give a view of her ample cleavage. She mostly teams up her yellow hot pants with a matching top or bikini. Her outfit highlights her curvy physique. Her violet hair compliments her sharp facial features. Her green eyes and seductive glance heighten her sensuality. This is the reason most of the males she meets call her beautiful and get attracted to her. She also pays attention to her own appearance and never leaves out a chance to pamper herself. She is also seen holding a cigarette most of the time.

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43. Yuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai

She is synonymous with the word ambiguous; though at the very beginning, she was all set to charm the viewers with her shy, feminine and delicate behavior, she later revealed her cruel side. The female protagonist of the Future Diary series is shown to be the owner of the Yukiteru Diary. Though she appeared to be a sweet young teen at first, her obsessive love for the male protagonist of the series, Yukiteru Amano, made her intimidating.

She mostly hides her cold and ruthless side under the garb of her shyness. However, the Yandere could end anyone for her and Yukiteru’s survival. She is seen taking violent ways to fulfill her goal and finishing them with bloody deaths. The psychopath side of Yuno may be a result of the abuse she received from her mother.

Though she was mostly seen as a cruel person, her loneliness surfaced every time she was seen talking normally about her daily life to her parents’ dead bodies. She was also seen carrying their heads while trapping Yukiteru in the hotel. She reacted when Aru Akise moved their bodies, saying he woke them up. She almost lost the purpose of her life after their death, and her feelings of betrayal by her parents were evident from her actions. She started depending on Yukiteru after he promised to marry her when they grew up. Her obsession with him even led her to kill people brutally.

The young teenager is mainly seen in a blue shirt paired with a blue skirt. Her pink eyes match her long pink hair, which is tied in pigtails. The two frontal pigtails are secured with ribbons which make her face look sculpted, while the pigtails at the back are left bare. She is also seen occasionally changing her outfit.

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44. Android 18

Android 18

Her level-headed and confident attitude makes her a cool character. Her sense of humor adds to it to make her hot. She debuted in the manga “The Androids Awake!” and she also appeared in the anime series “Nightmare Comes True.” As a human being, she was named Lazuli. She was Dr. Gero’s eighteenth android and hence named Android 18 and was the twin sister of Android 17. Though she was created with the aim to fulfill Gero’s vendetta against Goku, she lost her interest in the goal. Her focus on activating Android 16 led her to lose interest in the task. As a result, the task was taken up by Android 17.

Android 18 joined the Z members and married Krillin. She also has a daughter Marron. She is a supportive wife cheering him during his moments of self-doubts. She is mostly seen as a laid-back personality, and she also plays cool in her marital relationship with Krillin. However, she can sometimes be commanding as a wife and sister and is very protective towards her brother, husband, and child. She is also seen losing her guard sometimes during the battle, which gives her enemies an upper hand. She also seems to grow more passionate with every series.

Android 18 is created as an attractive woman with a slim build and above-average height. She is also curvy, which makes her look sexy. She keeps her blond/ silver hair shoulder-length, and it stays tucked behind her ears. When she was activated by Dr. Gero, she wore a blue denim vest and a skirt. However, she was also noticed to wear western-style clothes after her previous outfit was destroyed in the battle. She was also seen donning multiple other outfits throughout the DragonBall series.

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45. Shizuka Marikawa

Shizuka Marikawa

Her affectionate, motherly nature makes her an ideal anime waifu. Shizuka Marikawa, the main protagonist of the Highschool of Dead, is an adult, and her willingness to take the responsibilities as a mature person is remarkable. She is seen taking care of the younger members of the group, including Alice Maresato. In the group, she is also well-known for her medical skills and knowledge. As the eldest in the group, she may panic, but she is very responsible towards the other members of the group. Her sexually-oriented mind when she is drunk sometimes makes her misinterpret words and find sexual innuendos in normal speeches.

Not much of her history is revealed in detail; it is known that she was studying medicine in a college before the Zombie apocalypse. Though she is the school nurse of Fujimi High School, she is somewhat absent-minded in nature. She feels responsible for every team members’ health as the nurse. Despite her mature and accountable side, she is a fragile girl, often worrying about herself after the apocalypse.

Shizuka, in the series, is introduced as a busty woman with tall stature. Her ample assets and curvy physique make her look sexy. She has long blond hair which almost reaches her waist. Her bangs make her face sculpted, while her magnetic hazel eyes make her look beautiful. Though she may look sleepy most of the time, she also has the ability to be serious when required. Her most common outfit includes a white dress shirt teamed up with a brown skirt. She also looked pretty in the blue turtleneck sweater and white capris, which she wore at Saya’s house.

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46. Seishirou Tsugumi

Seishirou Tsugumi

She may be initially shown as a very masculine character; her development as a lady is worth-noticing. She is introduced in the series Nisekoi as a hitman trained by Claude Ringheart of the BeeHive Gang. Her masculinity made Claude mistake her as a boy, and as a result, she also got a male name. Not many people had the knowledge that Seishirou was a girl. Even though she wears a ribbon, Claude still considers her a boy.

In the anime series, she is presented as aggressive and somewhat manly. Her loyalty towards her organization and Chitoge Kirisaki is remarkable. However, she started becoming feminine after meeting Raku Ichijō. Though she is shy as a person, she does not hold herself back from speaking her mind. She may get flustered if requested to wear feminine cloth or is praised for her actions. Her sociable, friendly, and cheerful nature also surfaces from time to time. Seishirou is quite confused about the feeling called love and has no idea about love letters or Valentine’s Day. Her mature way of handling emotions is also noticeable in the series.

Seihshirou is pale-skinned, and she has short navy-blue hair. Her shoulder-length hair has a light blue bow on the left side. Some of her hair strands fell on her face to make it look framed. Her bright red eyes and the mole under her right eye make her look beautiful. However, she seems masculine, and she wears the boy’s uniform. Her outfit includes a white shirt, blue blazer, khaki pants paired with a tie. She has also claimed that she feels embarrassed about wearing feminine clothes like skirts because they work as a hindrance during fights.

47. Alleria Windrunner

Alleria Windrunner

The fighter lady snatched the attention of the fans when the Witchcraft series was published. Alleria Windrunner, the eldest of the Windrunner sisters, was the Ranger captain of Silver Moon and the head scout of the Alliance Expedition to Draenor. She, along with her lover Turalyon disappeared after the planet got torn apart. Though Alleria’s whereabouts and her past are not revealed much in the games, some scattered details about her likes and dislikes are still available. She prefers solitude and does not bother traveling until forced. She does not speak frequently, and most of the sentences she tells are small and precise.

She is introduced as a skilled warrior and a talented forest fighter. She is a passionate fighter, and she can be somewhat ruthless. She mercilessly kills the orcs, but she shows her affectionate side in her relationship with her lover Turalyon. She considers that orcs do not have any honor, and hence she can kill them anyway. The composite bow she uses belonged to her father. Her speed gives her the upper hand in fighting, and she is highly efficient in point-blank shots.

Alleria Winrunner is an elf, and hence she has pointy ears. Her messy blond locks with pigtails at the side make her look pretty. She has attractive facial features, and her bright sky blue eyes make her look powerful. She wears armor with a breastplate and other pieces on her hands and legs. She also has a necklace with emerald, ruby, and sapphire given to her by her parents. Her head stays covered in a green hood, and she has a good build which makes her fit as a warrior.

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48. Nami


She is a beauty with a brain, which makes her one of the most attractive female characters of the manga and anime series, One Piece. She joined the Straw Hat pirates as a navigator and is the second member to join. Like most of the figures, she also has a touching back story which makes her character a layered one. Nami was affected by the death of her adoptive mother, and she had to suffer from torture and tremendous physical and mental pain. This made her distrust people, but she has shown a remarkable trust in Luffy. Though she may be seen as a cowardly woman and ask to hold back if she considers an island as dangerous, in the end, she follows what Luffy orders her.

She is one of the smartest people on board, but she is not the bravest one and lacks physical strength as well. Though she often gets angry at Luffy for her childish mentality, she also respects him as a leader. She also trusted Luffy after realizing that he is not the type of pirate that she hates. Apart from being a skilled cartographer, she is smooth in pickpocketing and stealing. She is also said to have the power of clima-tact or weather manipulation.

Nami is a woman with a slim figure, and many people consider this young woman pretty. She has orange hair, and her brown eyes make her look charismatic. She also has a tattoo on her left shoulder, along with another one that she got for being a part of Arlong’s crew. Throughout the series, her hairstyle and outfits have changed several times. Her physical features also developed before and after the time skip.

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49. Bulma


If you have an affinity towards oxymoronic characters, then perhaps you will find Bulma attractive. This temperamental lady from the Dragon Ball series can be feminine and tomboyish at the same time. She appeared in the series as the second daughter of Dr. Brief, the founder of Capsule Corporation. She later got married to Vegeta and had her family with him, which included her children Trunks and Bulla. She is a talented inventor, and some of her inventions, like Dragon Radar, have incredibly assisted Goku and other Dragon Team members. She also has knowledge about alien technologies. She is one of the longest-running female characters in the Dragon Ball series.

Bulma’s intellect is praised by many, and her wish to be a scientist is revealed in the series. She can be arrogant sometimes while taking pride in her beauty. Though she can be easily irritated and angered when she is under stress, she is also friendly. Due to her logical mindset, she can make the right decisions on her own, and her consistent effort to achieve a goal also makes her worth praising. However, as she attains maturity, she becomes more easy-going. Her witty personality often leads her to tease her friends. She also devotes herself to being a scientist who works on the creations and improvements of inventions to aid the Dragon Team.

Bulma’s character underwent multiple changes in look throughout the series and had almost 18 distinct hairstyles. She had blue, purple, and turquoise hair colors. She was introduced as a teenager with a cute appearance, but her look and style changed to some extent with time and maturity. She is also seen in multiple outfits throughout the series.

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50. Suguha Kirigaya

Suguha Kirigaya

Kirigaya Suguha is the deuteragonist of the Fairy Dance Arc and one of the major supporting characters of the anime series Sword Art Online. She is presented in the series as Kazuto’s cousin, who is adopted after her parents’ death. As she grows up with Kazuto as his siblings, she forms a close bond with him. She is shown as an extrovert and outgoing character which is much different from Kazuto. However, she is still fragile and sensitive regarding Kazuto.

Initially, Suguha showed disregard for online VRMMO games for their ability to veil people’s nature. She started getting into ALO in an effort to understand Kazuto. Her affection towards Kazuto is applauded. When Kazuto discovered that she was not his sibling, he began to push her away, but she still continued to treat him well. She also supported him when he decided to quit Kendo and to save him from their grandfather’s scolding, she herself started getting engaged to it. She bursts out into tears as she finds Kazuto in a comatose state. Though there were certain incidents that made her depressed, she bounced back with zeal in no time.

Suguha, in the real world, has grey eyes and short black hair. Though she retains her childish facial features, her body is developed, and she has ample breasts. As a Kendo-trainee, she has defined muscles and is stronger than she appears to be. In ALfheim Online, she has an adult avatar. She is dressed in green and wears a flower headband. She has pointed sylph-like ears and green eyes that match her clothing.

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51. Chi-Chi


Though she can often be seen as a nagging mother and complaining wife, her fighting skills are no joke. Even if her strength is lesser than many of the Dragon Team members, she can still be counted as one of the strongest women on earth. While fighting, she also shows power and skills which are better than an average human being. She is the princess of Fire Mountain. Though at the very beginning of the series, she was shy, her character developed to be a strong and tomboyish woman. Though she had occasional outbursts, her love for Goku and her children is undeniable.

Though many people considered her to be scary because of her being the daughter of the Ox King, her pure heart gave her the power to ride Flying Nimbus. Initially, she used to cry while defeating her rivals. After she became Goku’s wife and had children with him, her overprotective and controlling side surfaced. She is more proud of Gohan’s academic achievements than his combative skills. Probably because she found Goku being injured so many times, she was unwilling to support Gohan as a fighter. She also developed a good relationship with Bulma after her marriage to Vegeta.

Chi-Chi in the series is presented as a beautiful woman with a slender physique, medium height, and her curves make her look hot. She has long, straight black locks reaching her mid-back. Her square bangs give her face a sculpted look. Though as a young girl, Chi-Chi was seen wearing a blue bikini, green cape, and pink helmet, after reaching adulthood, she is mainly seen in martial art uniforms or Chinese dresses.

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52. Ryoko Narusawa

Ryoko Narusawa

This beautiful teen from Occultic; Nine is like fresh air in the dark-themed series. She is introduced as a young high school student with a lively and bubbly personality. She is one of the main characters of the series, and her sense of humor makes her a strong presence to dilute the darkness and seriousness of the novel. The character is voiced by Ayane Sakura in the Japanese series, and Faye Mata dubbed the character in the English version of the anime.

Ryoko is Yuta’s best friend, and she names herself Ryo-tas. Her relationship with Yuta reveals her personality. Her beauty and charming, witty personality make her a lovely addition to the series. Her easy-going, carefree nature makes her attractive to the fans. However, she is more than just a comic relief to the dense plot of the series. Her strong presence hints that she has a larger contribution to the story. She has a stun gun that looks like old rayguns. This gun is named Poya-gun by Yuta.

The nineteen-year-old has a petite figure and a slim frame. The most noticeable feature of her body is probably her ample assets. Her light brown hair is short and only reaches her shoulders. Her amber eyes and pretty facial features make her look lovely. Her choice of outfit also highlights her wide hips. Her outfit includes a white coat with embroidered blue rose on its collar. She teams it up with white gloves, white thigh-high socks, and white shoes.

53. Yoko Littner

Yoko Littner

Though she can be aggressive sometimes, She is mature, and her knowledge about survival conditions is boundless. As a level-headed and affectionate person, she captivated the hearts of many otakus. Yoko Littner is the female protagonist of the series, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. In the series, she was introduced as a fourteen years old crashing into Jeeha village. She is skilled in using long-range firearms and uses a long-range sniper. As the founder of the group, Dai-Gurren, she works closely with Simon and Kamina.

Yoko is very composed, and she is calm while handling difficult situations. She is also kind and affectionate, but she can be aggressive while dealing with Kamina. Unlike Kamina, Yoko prefers to weigh a situation first before taking any action. She has good combative skills, and she is confident about it. However, she is very protective and affectionate towards her group members. She was affected by Kamina’s death, but she could cope with it with the help of her maturity. Though initially she held a grudge against Nia and showed her competitive side, later they became friends.

During the first season of the series, she looked hot in a red-black flame patterned bikini top and shorts. She also wore half gloves and a skull-shaped hair accessory. The yellow chopsticks she put on her hair double up as melee weapons. Later in the series, she added a dark maroon jacket and thigh-high boots. She has a slender figure with curves decorating her body. Her thigh-length hair was tied in a ponytail while red bangs rested on the right side. Her amber eyes, sharp jawline, and sculpted facial features made her look lovely.

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54. Tsubasa Hanekawa

Tsubasa Hanekawa

She is the ‘perfection’ herself, and nobody can question that. Tsubasa Hanekawa, the main female lead of the Monogatari Series, has earned her own fans for her ‘perfect’ image and humble nature. This pretty young lady is a student of Naoetsu Private Academy. She has a compulsive desire to be perfect, and this leads her to cut off her negative emotions into aberrations Black Hanekawa and Hysteria Tiger. She is introduced in the series as a model student and genius. Though she gets the perfect score every time, she is not ready to show it off. Her agreeable personality and willingness to help others make her a favorite of many viewers.

As Koyomi says, Tsubasa is the perfect class president. She can easily spot the issues others have, and she also helps them to solve them. Her accepting nature also adds up to her first impression. However, her real self is much different than this. After confronting a series of deaths, she stayed with her birth parents, who mostly ignored her. She strived to be perfect in order to get accepted, which led her to hide her true self under the coating of the ideal human. Later in the series, she matures to accept herself with all her imperfections.

Hanekawa is a beautiful young lady with black hair, which she used to style with white cat clips at the beginning. Later she secured them in two pigtails, and after accepting her alter egos, her hair received a few white stripes. She has purple eyes, and she wears glasses. She is seen wearing the Naoetsu Academy uniform other than her baggy clothes. She has a slim figure with big breasts and curves.

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55. Anna Nishikinomiya

Anna Nishikinomiya

Though most often she is seen as a very affectionate and innocent character, when it comes to love, she can be a whole new person. Anna Niskikinoiya, the main antagonist of the series, Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist, is the president of Tokioka Academy’s student council. She is also introduced as the childhood friend of Tanukichi Okuma, the lead character of the series. Though she is a simple girl, her affection for Okuma can make her be a cruel person. Her lust for Okuma makes her seduce him and make him her boyfriend. She fails to distinguish the fine line between love and lust.

Anna is very agile, strong, and has superhuman speed. She uses these abilities while brutalizing her love rivals. She can be cruel to any other girl near Okuma, and her sadistic self surfaces while she tortures them. She is well aware of her obsessiveness about love and justifies all her immoral acts in the name of love. However, she completely takes responsibility as a student council president.

Anna in the series appears as an extremely attractive girl with pale skin and silver hair. Her short hair reaches her shoulder, and her bangs cover her forehead. Her teal blue eyes and pretty face make her look charming. She wears a snow-flake PM around her neck. She has a slender physique with curves. For most of the time, she is seen dressed in the school uniform, which includes a grey and black suit, white shirt, and red tie. However, outside the academy, she is also seen wearing casual clothing.

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56. Hitagi Senjougahara

Hitagi Senjougahara

Initially, she used to be reserved and aggressive while hiding her oddity behind her cold attitude. But, as the series progresses, she learns to be more understanding, and her acceptance also increases. Hitagi Senjougahara, the female protagonist of the Monogatari series, is a student of the Naoetsu Private Academy. As a person under the influence of the Weight Crab, she is cold and hides her true self under her aggressive nature. As Kaiki says, she is more willing to carry her own burden even if it gets painful for her.

However, she is seen expressing her true self and emotions. As she finally solves her past problem with Kaiki, she shows her fantastic development. This led to her being free, and she became more expressive of her true feelings. She has a rational and logical mindset, intelligence which later helped her become a successful entrepreneur. Her relationship with Tsubasa Hanekawa is quite complex as both of them have romantic feelings for the same person. In the beginning, Tsubasa seems to be more controlling towards Hitagi as she calls her “master.”

Hitagi had long purple hair, which she cut into a bob style at the time of her first reunion with Kaiki. She also tried a ponytail hairstyle during Yotsugi Doll. Her sculpted facial features and blue eyes gave her a delicate and beautiful look. She is mostly seen in the Naoetsu Academy uniform, which includes a pink shirt, purple skirt, and a purple tie. She is also seen in multiple casual clothing, such as a white skirt teamed up with a white shirt. She keeps her shirt rolled up to her shoulder.

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57. Alex Benedetto

Alex Benedetto

Apart from being a beauty, this young woman is quiet and caring. Alex Benedetto is a former prostitute who is employed as the secretary for the Benriya with Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown. She also does not let go of the chance of showing off her singing talent. She works as a part-time singer at the club owned by Christiano Family, namely Bastard. Alex has a magnetic personality, and she is individualistic. She does not hold herself back from speaking her mind. However, her affectionate, motherly nature makes her admirable.

Though she is not much trained, she is still courageous. She does not hesitate to put herself in front of danger. She put herself in harm’s way to protect Loretta from Erica. She can be aggressive and hot-blooded sometimes. Though she may have a hard time participating in a proper war, she is still strong enough to knock out someone with a metal pipe. Though not many details about her past were known, it was revealed that she was raped by some unknown person. She once saved a young Twilight girl by hitting the person with a pipe.

Alex is charismatic and beautiful with a pretty face. Her long black locks reach almost to her mid-back. Her brownish skin and blue eyes make her look stunning. Her slender figure with a tall frame makes her tremendously beautiful. The pretty lady chooses to wear outfits that compliment her sexy figure. As a prostitute, she wears mini skirts with white and black dresses. She teams up her getups with black heels, which match well. Sometimes, she also wears casual dresses. She looks lovely in the white dress as she attends parties for the Cristiano Family.

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58. Major Motoko Kusanagi

Major Motoko Kusanagi

Her extreme self-confidence sometimes crosses the barrier to becoming overconfident. Though her courage is admirable, it can be borderline stupid sometimes. Motoko Kusanagi, the main female character of the Ghost in the Shell franchise, is introduced as the head of the assault team belonging to the Japanese Task Force. Though her body is synthetic, the presence of the soul in her body makes her a human. As she is part of the assault team working against cyber-crime, she is a talented hacker and is keen on knowing cyber-brain technology. Her body is modified from the original, and her biological brain makes her hack-proof.

Kusanagi is a dedicated cop, and she can sacrifice anything if she finds it necessary for the safeguarding of other people. For her stupid bravery, Batou often asks her to stop, which she ignores anyway. However, she still has some human qualities. She considers her co-workers as her close friends. As she was fatally wounded as a child, she dislikes people who try to harm the children. She is also seen as authoritative, and she maintains a cool, lone-wolf persona who is willing to work on a mission all by herself. Her leadership qualities also make her a potent cop of the division. Her character is designed and modified several times in anime and manga series.

In the series, she is introduced as a young woman with a slim physique. Her blue-purple (black in the movie) hair and red-violet eyes (blue-grey) in the movie make her look stunning. As a cop, she is mostly seen in two types of outfits, a JGSDF khaki military uniform, and a combat suit.

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59. Rindou Kobayashi

Rindou Kobayashi

Rindou Kobayashi is an inspiration for girls and fantasy for the boys. She is a 90th Generation Tōtsuki Academy alumna, and the former 2nd seat of the Elite Ten Council. From her very introduction the character in Shokugeki no Soma is established as beautiful and sexy.

Amongst the whole Elite Ten Council she is the tallest female. Her most striking feature is definitely her flowing scarlet hair that reaches down to her shoulder blades with her bangs covering her left eye. The beauty’s features are purposely made cat like, with yellow eyes and vertically slitted pupils.

As far as her appearance is concerned she wears a standard Tōtsuki uniform but not the standard tie. Her personality can be described as cheerful who prefers to enjoy things from the background during events and doing things at her own pace, even at the detriment of her former fellow Elite Ten seated members.

60. Albedo


Albedo is not only unique in her looks but also her personality. The beauty is the main heroine of the anime Overlord. In the anime she holds the important position of being the Overseer of the Floor Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Apart from this she also fulfills the duty of heading the general management and supervising the activities of the seven Floor Guardians, meaning that she ranks above all the other NPCs in Nazarick. At the beginning of the series she is shown to be the sister of Nigredo and Spinel.

The character has a very possessive nature which comes to the fore when she becomes completely infatuated with Momonga, often showing obsessive tendencies when it comes to his affairs. Throughout the whole anime she is always trying to have Momonga’s full focus coming at odds with various characters. The beauty is very opinionated and probably expresses her opinion more than anyone in the guardians.

61. Zero Two

Zero Two

Zero Two looks brilliant from head to toe. She is the main heroine and the deuteragonist of DARLING in the FRANXX. In the anime she is described as a human-klaxo sapien hybrid and a member of the APE Special Forces, primarily fighting on the front lines.Prior to the start of the anime she lived a life of solitude because of her horns and Klaxosaur blood.

Even though she did not think or care much about humans she still took interest in Hiro and offered an opportunity to pilot with her, making him her new partner and “darling”. To her and everyone’s surprise Hiro was able to travel with her more than three times and therefore both of them became the 13th Plantation’s newest members, piloting the powerful FRANXX Strelizia.

Hiro’s personality eventually won Zero Two over and she fell for him. But her determination to become fully human, along with Hiro’s apparent fear of her increasing feral characteristics resulted in the couple briefly drifting apart.

62. Kurisu Makis

Kurisu Makis

Kurisu Makis is one heck of an intense character. Her intensity beautifully gets reflected from her looks. She is the main character of Steins Gate. The character is introduced as the daughter of Shouichi Makise, a genius girl who graduated from university at the age of seventeen, and a member of the Brain Science Institute at Viktor Chondria University and the Future Gadget Lab.

In the anime she is described as extremely beautiful with waist-length, reddish hair, and dull violet eyes. Her figure and frame appear to be slender. Mostly she keeps her hair loose. Her hair colour fluctuates from ginger shades all the way from mahogany to auburn. Her hair color differs considerably in the anime (red) from the original VN (chestnut).

Though extremely beautiful her choice of dresses are very uncommon to say the least. Her outfits usually consist of a white long-sleeved blue-rimmed dress shirt with a red necktie.

63. Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami is an out of the world beauty. She is the main protagonist of Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler. At the beginning of the anime, Kakegurui she is shown to be a transfer student at Hyakkaou Private Academy and the classmate of Ryota Suzui and Mary Saotome. Her family also plays an important part in the narrative of Kakegurui as they are aligned with the family of Kirari Momobami that challenges her for Hyakkaou Private Academy.

Most of the characters consider her to be very attractive. The beauty has waist length black hair that has bangs styled in a hime-cut, and Burgundy eyes (her eyes become a bright red whenever she is “excited”). In the anime she is shown to sport the standard female Hyakkaou Private Academy issued uniform; a red blazer with black trim lining the cuffs and collar, a white button-up dress shirt, a dark pleated skirt, a tie and black/grey stockings, as well as the academy’s issued footwear, brown loafers with black soles.

64. Ann Takamaki

Ann Takamaki

Ann Takamaki is one of the most popular female characters of the Anime World. In the mainstream media she is known as a playable character from Persona 5. In the game she is a student at Shujin Academy who lives a double life as a Phantom Thief.

The character is a literal hot blonde bombshell. The beauty has wavy platinum blonde hair that is styled in bushy pigtails with parted side bangs on the right side of her face where she accessorizes with a single yellow hair clip above her left ear as well as small circular earrings on both ears and bright blue eyes.

Her ethnicity is mixed. She is of both Japanese and American descent. The character has considerable height towering over Haru Okumura and Makoto Niijima, who are both a full year older than her. In the school she sports the standard black blazer over a white varsity-like hooded sweatshirt, worn long to cover most of her short plaid skirt.

The anime and manga presents her as the protagonist of three arcs Hitagi Crab, Hitagi End and Hitagi Rendezvous and of six minor arcs: Hitagi Buffet, Hitagi Neck, Hitagi Salamander, Hitagi Coin, Hitagi Figure and Hitagi Throwing.

65. Nemuri Kayama

Nemuri Kayama

Nemuri Kayama’s assets are so juicy that she has become the fantasy of every reader. She is a character from the popular anime titled My Hero Academia. In the anime she was a Pro Hero and faculty member at U.A. High School, who taught Modern Hero Art History.

In the anime she is a sexy siren with curvy features, amazing height and sky blue eyes, which tilted downwards in the center; framed by a set of rather long eyelashes. Her hair is spiky purple which is made up of layers of varying lengths, the longest ones reaching down below her waist. Her beauty gets enhanced because of the small beauty mark below her left eye, as well as red-painted nails.

As far as her hero costume is concerned she wears a breastless, black leather leotard—similar in style to a corset—over a thin, skin-tight white bodysuit (flesh-colored in the manga), which accentuated her voluptuous figure. The center strip of her leotard was embellished with red gemstone-like accessories in a vertical pattern, extending from her collar to her midriff.

66. Tatsumaki


Tatsumaki is literally a beauty to withhold in every way possible. The beauty is a character from the anime titled One-Punch Man. She is the S-Class Rank 2 professional hero of the Hero Association. In the narrative she is known as one of the Hero Association’s most powerful heroes. The anime introduces her as an esper and the older sister and self-declared teacher of Fubuki. Together they make the powerful Psychic Sisters.

In the anime she is presented as a petite woman, commonly mistaken for being much younger than she really is. Many characters in the anime have described her as having an adolescent face with emerald green eyes, and green hair that naturally curls up on the ends.Most of the anime she is seen wearing s a form-fitting black dress with long sleeves, and four high-cut leg slits that show off her legs and low-heeled black shoes.

67. Tae Takemi

Tae Takemi

Tae Takemi is the epitome of beauty in the anime world. The beauty is a character from

Persona 5. In the anime she is introduced as a back alley doctor who owns a clinic in Yongen-Jaya, not far from Café Leblanc. The clinic run by her serves an important purpose as it is used as a medicine booth throughout the game.

The character is extremely beautiful and sports dark blue hair in a messy bob-cut with blunt bangs and brown eyes. She wears nail polish on both her fingers and toes. The illustrator has not been given a ton of height by the illustrator as she is only slightly taller than Futaba Sakura without her heels.

In the anime she usually wears a typical white lab-coat that is worn over a short dark green dress. Her usual accessories are a red grommet belt, a black studded necklace choker which connects to multiple necklaces, and strappy black platform high heels.


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