22 Sexiest Chubby Anime Girls Of All Time

22 Sexiest Chubby Anime Girls Of All Time

We have a lot of prejudices against chubby people. In most cases, we don’t find them attractive and judge them by their physical appearance. But many people consider chubby girls to be sexy ones. In the anime universe, we always come across female anime characters with perfect body proportions, with hourglass figures and other popular model figure types. You will never see much importance is given to a chubbier female character. But we should always acknowledge the fact that a person can be sexy based on their personality and the way they carry themselves and not just by their outer appearance. So, in this rundown, we will talk about the chubby characters who are sexy and can snatch your attention without giving too much effort.

22. Heidi from Ozmafia

Heidi from Ozmafia

Heidi is a chubby character from the anime Ozmafia. She has brown hair that goes down to her shoulders, and she has scarce orange eyes. She can also cook very well (maybe it is one of the reasons why she is so chubby!)

21. Georgiana from Gangsta.

Georgiana from Gangsta.

Georgiana is a huge woman, befitting of her false name, with a huge chest and has a large, lofty air about her. Her silver hair is tied into a bun, she has dark-colored eyes, and she wears red lipstick. She wears a red dress with coordinating red beaded jewelry. She is sincere and systematic. However, she is hard to pursue.

20. Janko from Idol Time PriPara

Janko from Idol Time PriPara

Janko is a teenage girl with invisible eyes, as you can only see her eyelids. She has green hair, which is always tied up. You will find her attire to consist of her school uniform, which makes her look adorable.

19. Puli Angel from Black Clover

Puli Angel from Black Clover

Puli, is a chubby lady with her light hair pulled into tight buns. She wears a light-shaded pullover whose long sleeves are assembled by dim hued bracers. Over the shirt, she wears a dim hued bodice that has another hued segment in the center surrounded by light-hued scallops. She wears a dim shaded belt over light-hued, creased pants which are accumulated by dull hued, thigh-high boots with light-hued toes and bands across it.

18. East Kai from Dragon Ball

East Kai from Dragon Ball

East Kai wears red Jackie Ohh shades. She has red hair however wears a blonde wig, as observed during the Other World Tournament. She seems to have a huge conscience. She is exacting with her understudies and regularly doesn’t acknowledge disappointment. East Kai adores her jet bike and even takes on Goku in a race at a certain point. As per West Kai and South Kai, she wants to go hustling and will scan for any reason to go racing.

17. Tae Yokosugi from Keijo!!

Tae Yokosugi from Keijo!!

Yokosuka is a chubby lady. She has short, mid-length yellow hair that is tied up into spiky ponytails. She needs her youngsters to show regard towards her, as observed when she reproaches Maya Sakashiro, who sets out to stop her since she is the girl of their mentor. In any case, she isn’t tried to impart data to her adversaries, with respect to Maya’s alter ego, Kaya Sakashiro.

16. Kinuyo Kasuga from Stars Align

Kinuyo Kasuga from Stars Align

Kinuyo has a harsh mentality and talks in an authentic way that suits her status as Student Council President. She is never hesitant to express her genuine thoughts on issues appropriately identified with club exercises like proposing a distribution as an approach to streamline the school’s subsidizing. This is with the goal that the school subsidizing is partitioned into a value style to class groups who show extraordinary enthusiasm in their clubs; thus, the financing isn’t squandered on clubs who need it and all-out insignificant outcomes.

15. Chika Marutamachi from Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha

Chika Marutamachi from Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha

She is perhaps the closest companion of Inari and a fujoshi, known as Maru for short. She experiences difficulty opening up to others because of her one of a kind tastes, yet is gotten to know by Inari and becomes companions with Keiko and Akemi as well. She has dark hair and dark eyes. Her hair arrives at the chest level, and she keeps it in two plaits. She protects her hair with four light blue pins, two on either side of her head. She wears a pair of red half confined glasses.

14. Yunbo from Xam’d: Lost Memories

Yunbo from Xam'd Lost Memories

Yunbo is a youthful, plump lady, with a light complexion, greenish-blue eyes, and short light hair that is regularly kept down with a red scarf. She is typically observed wearing a blue dress over a free, white shirt, tan poofy jeans, and short dark-colored boots. Yunbo is first observed with Ahm in the cockpit of the Zanbani. She is requested to scan for a dock they can arrive on by Ishuu Benikawa. It is she who finds and recommends Sentan Island. She is later observed looking out for the docks of Sentan Island, sitting at a place which overlooks Ahm and Akushiba’s card game.

13. Bertha from Darker Than Black

Bertha from Darker Than Black

Bertha is a stout lady with purple hair, purple eye shadow, pink lipstick, and green eyes. She normally wears a dress and scarf, with a couple of plumes dangling from her right hoop. She likewise wears beaded jewelry. Bertha was a previous Viennese drama artist who was once on the phase of the Volksoper. She had a dependence on tobacco. While she was pregnant, she quit smoking and later gave birth to a child baby girl. She cherished her youngster profoundly, alluding to her as a “holy messenger” and depicting her as “unimaginably delightful.” After Bertha had conceived an offspring, in any case, she continued smoking, and one day her little girl took some tobacco from the table and stuffed it in her mouth. The young lady passed on subsequently. Even though Bertha’s regard is to stuff anything in her mouth and hold it back up, she has decided to utilize tobacco.

12. Minori Nakazawa from No-Rin

Minori Nakazawa from No-Rin

Minori has olive hair and green eyes with olive shades. In the anime, the shades of her hair and eyes are somewhat more splendid and vivacious. She has a chubby figure. Apparently, Minori is over-defensive of Kōsaku Hata, and this over-defense shot up with Ringo Kinoshita’s appearance that she even provoked her to a progression of challenges, therefore (Episode 3). Albeit after what is by all accounts their “battle” on the rice fields in a scene, they were by all accounts well disposed of with one another.

11. Yukino Itou from Real Drive

Yukino Itou from Real Drive

Yukino is one of the secondary characters of the anime Real Drive. She is quite a chubby girl who likes to eat a lot. She is a teenager who has black eyes and dark shoulder-length hair, which she wears in a ponytail with bangs adorning her face. She is friends with Minamo and Sayama.

10. Yukino Ito from RD Sennou Chousashitsu

Yukino Ito from RD Sennou Chousashitsu

Yukino Ito is Minamo Aoi’s cohort and dear companion. When Minamo begins as an assistant at the EISF and later on turns into a full-time representative, her fellowship with Yukino and Sayama is the thing that keeps her grounded. All through the arrangement, the trio can be seen taking part in a wide scope of exercises and eating out at huge amounts of cafés. Yukino’s recognizable appearance, in contrast with Minamo and Sayama, doesn’t strain her musings at all. The three companions partake in their quality time together, less worried about keeping appearances.

9. Satomi “Beautiful Person” Ishihara from Plastic Neesan

Satomi Beautiful Person Ishihara from Plastic Neesan

Plastic Neesan follows the narrative of Iron Genma, a third-year secondary school understudy. One of her preferred hobbies is making plastic models, as she is the leader of the Model Club at her school. Despite her short stature, Iron is an incredible troublemaker. Close by her companions Hazuki “Okappa ” Okamoto and Makina “Makimaki” Sakamaki; the trio gets entrapped in a bunch of over-the-top circumstances. Regardless of whether it’s managing the Model Club, or out and out high school show, watch these characters continue their school life right now. Satomi “Excellent Person” Ishihara shouts cheeky and certain. She is totally into herself and isn’t reluctant to tell Iroe, Okappa, and Makimaki her assessment of their looks or whatever else she accepts they’re fouling up. She is a power to be dealt with, featuring each nature of herself as something to desire and be jealous about.

8. Natsumi “L” Asaoka from The Kabocha Wine (The Pumpkin Wine)

Natsumi L Asaoka from The Kabocha Wine (The Pumpkin Wine)

Natsumi is nicknamed “L” due to her cup size. All the more in this way, Natsumi is significantly greater than Shunsuke. As they show up as an improbable couple, Shunsuke and Natsumi are a remarkable pair. Even though Shunsuke has experienced a decent amount of female figures throughout his life, he, despite everything, gets clumsy around ladies, especially with regards to working at the family undergarments store. In the end, Natsumi helps Shunsuke shed such clumsiness. Besides, the charming couple demonstrates to everybody that there is no limit to the words “lovely couple.” As such, while this anime is a more established pick, Natsumi is on this rundown due to how her size and job are significant segments to the general story.

7. Nikuko from Oshiete! Galko-chan (Please tell me! Galko-chan)

Nikuko from Oshiete! Galko-chan (Please tell me! Galko-chan)

Nikuko is one of Galko-chan’s schoolmates and an individual from the young ladies’ futsal group. Many may recommend that being overweight means being flabby; however, Nikuko demonstrates this isn’t the situation. She has picked up the epithet “Sonic Meat ” by the young men since she is shockingly quick. Moreover, Nikuko’s dynamic way of life signifies that being overweight doesn’t mean to be languid and be unfit.

6. Mirei “Yaji” Yajimma from Genshiken Nidaime (Genshiken Second Season)

Mirei Yaji Yajimma from Genshiken Nidaime (Genshiken Second Season)

Mirei “Yaji ” Yajima is one of the newcomers that was attracted by one of Ogiue’s BL banners. Indistinguishable from different individuals from the gathering, she is likewise a fujoshi. Seeming stocky, overweight, and wearing unbiased attire, she has never endeavored to dress progressively female. Be that as it may, after the appearance of Kenjiro Hato, Yaji has developed reluctantly about her appearance. Yaji makes it on the rundown for highlighting instability when confronted with a confident personality more sure than most.

5. Hanako Ohtani from Persona 4 the Animation

Hanako Ohtani from Persona 4 the Animation

As a supporting job, Hanako Ootani is perceived as the lady with a profound love for nourishment. She is additionally one that experiences no difficulty getting a hot person and turning him down instantly. Hanako’s size and character offer the message “on the off chance that you got it, parade it.”

4. Tamako Inada from Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon)

Tamako Inada from Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon)

Tamako Inada is one of Hachiken’s cohorts. Tamako has a business track mind, expressing that she is one day going to assume control over her rich family’s homestead, Giga, and incorporate it with something more noteworthy. Keeping things 100, Tamako can be fiercely genuine, which can here and there be both acceptable and awful. Also, underneath her additional weight, Tamako shows an excellent thin figure, at times, when she buckles down or goes on a regular fashion diet. In any case, she regularly comments that she inclines toward her enormous figure.

3. Shigemi Kubota from Sakamoto desu ga? (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto)

Shigemi Kubota from Sakamoto desu ga (Haven't You Heard I'm Sakamoto)

Sakamoto is an amazing person; he’s overly cool, gorgeous, smooth, and impeccable in each feeling of the word. All the young ladies need to date him, and all the folks are desirous of him. ‘Sakamoto desu ga?’ records his regular occasions, both in the study hall and after school, with all the trickeries that come to his direction. Many have endeavored to topple his easy mystique. However, he neglects to accomplish his standing. As they watch and copy everything he might do or even attempt to wreck him, everybody thinks about how Sakamoto has that swag. Shigemi Kubota is Yoshinobu’s frightening mother, who has a fixation on Sakamoto because he appears as though one of her preferred K-dramatization on-screen characters, Chon Chorizo. Once Sakamoto came around the Kubota living arrangement, Shigemi was cleared away by his appeal and looks, regularly making a special effort to run into Sakamoto. It didn’t help the circumstance when Sakamoto gave her a shell pendant. Notwithstanding the round of finding the stowaway and wearing her child’s uniform to draw nearer to Sakamoto, Shigemi at last recaptures sight of her maternal senses, tending to wipe out Yoshinobu the following day. All things considered, Shigemi makes the rundown for being such an exceptional character.

2. Witch of the Waste from Howl no Ugoku Shiro (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Witch of the Waste from Howl no Ugoku Shiro (Howl's Moving Castle)

Howl’s Moving Castle is an epic story of wizards and witches. We venture through the story with Sophie, who gets trapped in the war of enchantment with a curse that turns her old. As Sophie attempts to break the curse, she faces Howl’s moving castle, which truly doesn’t show up like a castle by any stretch of the imagination, however a major heap of collected parts. On her journey to come back to typical, Sophie encounters a scope of exceptional people who go with her on her undertaking. All in all, they show each other some things about the benefit of living with unconstrained fervor. The Witch of the Waste is a grandiose lady who is presumptuous in her quest for Howl. After Howl found that the Witch was utilizing her enchantment to remain youthful and delightful, he left her, leaving her severe and wrathful. At the point when the gathering with Madame Suliman occurred, the Witch of the Waste was reestablished to her appropriate state, leaving her innocuous and powerless. All in all, the Witch of the Waste shows a definitive message: that magnificence is quite shallow.

1. Charlotte “Big Mom” Linlin from One Piece

Charlotte Big Mom Linlin from One Piece

In a period where pirates make a critical impact ashore and ocean, Gol D. Roger was the most noticeable “Pirate King” to cruise the Grand Line looking for One Piece. Upon his catch and demise by the World Government, his final words summoned a test to the up and coming age of pirates. Among the challengers is Monkey D. Luffy, in contrast to the average pirate persona, he immediately separated himself with the most noteworthy abundance for sure. Luffy and his Straw Hats group, with missions of their own, a fantasy about cruising the Grand Line looking for wealth, notoriety, and greatness. Their bold spirits take them on a mind-blowing journey, with incalculable exciting bends in the road. Charlotte “Big Mom” Linlin is the captain of the Big Mom Pirates. In addition to the fact that she has a threatening group to back her up, she is the sovereign of her nation, Totto Land. Originating from a separated family, Big Mom has made a serious name for herself. In appearance, she is a pudgy, transcending lady with a major character to coordinate. Equipped with wild fierceness when she doesn’t have her preferred nourishments close by, Big Mom isn’t somebody you’d need to cross.


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