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Top 15 Sexiest Muscular Anime Girls Will Rob Your Hots

Top 15 Sexiest Muscular Anime Girls Will Rob Your Hots

Whenever it comes to anime women, we have a very stereotypical opinion. We always picture them in our heads as someone small, dainty, and cute. But there are female characters who are just the opposite and seem like a good change from a very monotonous look and idea. Though men prefer small, fragile women, they cannot quite ignore the appeal and the raw attractiveness that these buffed up girls in anime have. It doesn’t matter who you are or how many times you go to the gym, but these women can bench press anyone. For the most part, these women have something or someone they want to take revenge for or upon, or maybe they do something that requires huge strength and muscle power, and that is the main reason why they built their bodies like that. You will hardly find anyone who wants to build up a body just to flaunt it in front of everyone. The below-mentioned list is made up of the names of such anime female characters, who are extremely muscular but still can carry their body better than a number of people. They are sexy, they are hot, and they look exactly how your late-night wet dreams would look like if they were real.

15. Sandra Guts (Dirty Pair)

We can all understand when we harbor a little crush over these muscular ladies. But imagine the level of beauty a character can produce visually if she is a muscular woman who is also from the 80s. You will find several otakus who are in love with her because of her unique charm, even after being such a huge woman. Though she is tall and muscular, yet she is pretty and beautiful, which is a tough thing to be.

14. Aisha Clan-Clan (Outlaw Star) 

Aisha Clan-Clan (1)

If you have noticed this, but the majority of the characters on this list have the job where they hunt for the bad guys and then take them down so that everyone else can live a happy life. Aisha happens to be a former officer of the Ctari-Ctari clan, and she had the task of hunting down Galactic Leyline. Even more attractive is a woman who knows her qualities and takes pride in those qualities. Aisha’s family is very proud of themselves, and Aisha has a similar attitude where she knows her physical prowess and is very much proud of it. Though she has an authoritative attitude, she is also very clumsy and boisterous and gets angry very fast, which makes her make such terrible decisions in her life. She is so proud of her background that it fuels her to make mean comments regarding species that are inferior to her. Her low control over her anger and her hot-headedness is the reason behind the widespread damage of property caused by her.

13. Jun Fudo/ Hunter J (Devilman)

Jun Fudo Hunter J (1)

The main protagonist of the series is seen to be working hard to hunt down Devil Beasts and then either kill them or try to rehabilitate them. Due to her being one half of Satan, which will be revealed in the end, she was very competitive when she was a kid and is very sophisticated as a lady showing her Devilman status. One of the cool abilities that she acquired during her stay in hell was that she could grow into a massive size and a huge height comparable to the Demon Lord Dante.

12. Rikki (Violence Jack)

Violence Jack (1)

Well, it is quite natural to have a buffed up physique for a female bodybuilder and pro wrestler. Her physique is very noticeable because of her choice of clothing, which is either too tight clothes or too few clothes. A very rough and tough kind of a girl who sports blue hair in a ponytail. Her big and buff physique makes her very strong and eligible to take on an equally buff and strong man from Section B. You will see her capability of breaking down a big solid stone with the help of a pickaxe. Her superior fighting skills come to the forefront when she is seen to be fighting men from section B as they were trying to pick on some of the fewer buff women in the series. She seemed to have a very kind heart, as she is seen to be there to comfort Aila Mu just a short time before she gets ambushed and killed.

11. Jun Asuka (Iron Virgin Jun)

Jun Asuka (1)

Jun is the main protagonist of the series and is not the daughter of Lan Asuka and Jun Fudo, even though her name suggests otherwise. She is quite an attractive young girl who is considered to be very cute and beautiful. Her fair skin and black hair give her a simple but gorgeous look. Though she possesses a very slender figure, her body proportions are truly marvelous with a slim waist, flared hips, and quite big bosoms. The feature that will keep your eyes glued to her figure is her very well defined and muscular physique that she has managed to build with intense workout sessions, and continuous martial arts practice, and bodybuilding. Though very noticeable and attractive while she wears either a bikini or spandex, her body is otherwise unnoticeable while covered up by something thicker. Her muscles were designed in a low key manner so that it wouldn’t overwhelm her feminine side.

10. Genie (Rune Soldier)

Genie (Rune Soldier) (1)

Louie, another character of the series with his stupidity, makes her lose her cool and resort to violence. However, she is known to be a very calm, collected, and level headed person. Genie is an adventurer and a former soldier of Ohfun. Being a good fighter, she is seen to carry her favorite weapon, a broadsword, which is as big as Genie herself (which is quite big). You will find out that she is quite a strong woman because she carries such a huge sword, which has to be quite heavy according to the normal calculations, and wields it without any struggle. As the plot progresses, you will find out how Genie starts to respect Louie as he does not look down upon her just because she is a girl, and they become good friends as she teaches him the basic tactics of fighting with a sword.

9. Reiko Ando (Outlaw Star)

Reiko Ando (Outlaw Star)

With nicknames such as ‘The Ultimate’ and ‘The Strongest Woman in the Universe,’ Reiko can be nothing but very strong, and she also sports a very muscular physique which would look impressive even in front of other men. She has been the champion of the Universal Strongman Tournament women’s championship for quite some time already. She calls herself Fred’s bride, as you will see how in love she is with Fred Luo. Though she has a very toned body with flexing muscles and towers over people because of her height, she surprisingly has a very feminine face, which is very much contradictory to her physique and the way her body is built. After winning the championship four times, she is ready to take the trophy hers for the fifth time but gets irritated with a disguised Gene’s unprofessionalism and her arrogant behavior even though she is not superior to Reiko in her skills.

8. Tania (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)

Tania (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)

The third Shadow Rider has a very muscular physique that catches your attention as soon as you lay your eyes on her. Due to the reason for her being an Amazonian, she has great strength, which you will notice from the very beginning. To give her physique some extra attention even more than what she already gets, which is a lot (because to be very frank she is one of the most attractive women you will ever come across), her costume is very meticulously designed. It is typically based on Amazon because of the fact of her being an Amazon warrior. You will find her wearing tank tops, buckled belts, combat pants, ankle bracelets, and finally gloves in both hands with studded knuckles for obvious reasons. The most prominent feature is her very muscular body, and she has her own exclusively designed Shadow Rider Duel Disc.

7. Nikuma (The Qwaser of Stigmata)

Nikuma (The Qwaser of Stigmata)

You will find her to be a very burly woman, who is considered to be the best strategist of Athos. The contrast between the build of her body and the way she dresses takes everyone by surprise. She is a muscular woman who wears nun clothes. She has the best intentions for everyone. Still, you will not like the way she treats others because it is too harsh, which comes because of her aggressive attitude and personality. She is nicknamed ‘Hell’s dairy cow’ by Teresa, but she is the best tactician and trainer for the Qwasers that was ever produced.

6. Yukina (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)

Yukina (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress) (1)

She works as a crew member of Koutetsujou, whose work is to transport items across Hinomoto. Though only 16 years old, she possesses the body of a well defined young man who goes to the gym regularly. Yukina has a very light skin color, which is complemented with her strawberry red hair and her engineer uniform. Though she has quite a muscular physique, she also is very agile and thus, attractive. She is quite reserved and always carries a rather indifferent and neutral expression. Like it was mentioned earlier, she seems indifferent and aloof, but she is very compassionate towards others. She tends to be very strict and serious when it comes to her job and tries to protect others with the help of her knowledge of koutetsujou. Throughout the series, she does not have a lot of interactions with the other casts and even talked to the other crews whenever necessary and seemed to be only focused on her duties and didn’t care about much of anything.

5. Yuko Oshima (Keijo!!!!!)

Yuko Oshima (Keijo!!!!!)

You need to be strong and have muscles to be a good Keijo player. Especially if you are Yuko Oshina, who is a C-rank Keijo player. She sports cute side ponytails in spite of being a huge, tall, and muscular woman. Unlike what you expect from the characters having a good body shape, as we have seen for quite a number of names, she is not the tsundere type but is a very outgoing and charming person who gets along well with whoever she meets within a short period of time. She was not a Keijo player from the beginning. No, she tried her luck as a volleyball player before she came for the present game, and she used to be an outstanding player and the ace of her team from Hyogo Prefecture.

4. Sofia Velmer (Jormungand)

Sofia Velmer (Jormungand) (1)

Being a former member of the Finnish Rapid Deployment Force, Valmet has made her name very famous in the anime world. As is expected from her, especially because of her previous post, she is very skilled at hand-to-hand combat and also at fighting with knives. These skills make her eligible and strong enough to be able to fight and defeat anyone. Beside her superior skill set, she has a sick body that is very shapely built and looks hot and sexy. She has a well-endowed body with large buttocks and big breasts. The main reason behind her strong muscular body is the training that she went through to take revenge for the hardships that she faced in her life. She is a very calm and composed person who only highlights his intimidating figure and structure.

3. Matrona (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Matrona (The Seven Deadly Sins) (1)

If you are the warrior chief of a Clan, you would also like to maintain buffed up and strong physic to portray your strength and dominance over your subordinates. Matrona of this series is a former warrior chief who was a part of the Giant Clan. Just like the name of the clan suggests, she is a giant herself. But it does not end there because she is more than just a giant with a super ripped body which she has acquired with regular hard training and endless fighting. So you can already tell that she is no regular girl, but someone who can rip your head off if she wants to and if you deserve it. Despite her huge body and big physique, she is a skilled dancer who remained the same in terms of her talent even after she lost her leg. She has a belief that the members who belong to her Clan have to be strong, and this is one of the reasons behind her tough fitness schedule. Even though she is merciless towards her enemies, she is still considered to be a very caring individual who is not good at showing her feelings and emotions.

2. Michelle K. Davis (Terra Formars)

Michelle K. Davis (Terra Formars) (1)

She is a normal young girl who comes from America and has the prevalent beautiful features that the majority of the Americans have, i.e., blue eyes and blonde hair. Being the squad 2 captain of the Annex I, she needs to maintain her body. She makes sure to attract any kind of attention towards herself because of her beautiful lean but muscular body. She has a very well able body with a bust size of E, which is quite a big size. The frameless glasses look even more sexy with her style. Michelle likes to have a good food habit and hence, likes food that can be filling. Though she is considered to have a rude and withdrawn personality, she is secretly a soft teddy bear-like human who likes small, cute animals. You will get to know that her life mission was to kill a terra formar, and that is the main reason behind her training and her acquiring all the skills and those sets of muscle, which are drool-worthy. But that mindset changed after she started working, as she started to grow more and more attached to the people that she worked with.

1. Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan) (1)

She is one of the two main deuteragonists of the series. Fighting Titans is not a matter of joke. Mikasa Ackerman does a tough job. It is her daily duty to kill man-eating monsters that are these Titans. To have a body build like that, she has to go through a rigorous training routine, which she maintains regularly. She works hard to keep herself in fighting shape. This type of workout routine helped her to gain a set of seriously attractive abs. In the beginning, she was a very cheerful little girl, but as she grew up, she became more emotionally withdrawn and very much dangerous. Her stoic personality goes well with the body that she has built. Though having abs for a woman is not a very common thing, but no one can disagree with the fact that a set of abs can be beautiful if the girl can carry it well.


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