61 Skye Stracke Sexy Pictures Are Paradise On Earth

61 Skye Stracke Sexy Pictures Are Paradise On Earth

Australian model and actress Skye Stracke was born on 4th December 1990, in Perth, Western Australia. She is the daughter of Jocelyn Clark and Lance Stracke. She’s a second-generation Australian. Her background is American, Finnish and Norwegian on her father’s side, and English Australian on her mother’s side.
Stracke was scouted to model at age just 14. She arrived at the Viviens model search and came in the first place. At the age of 17, she shifted to NYC after being given a modeling contract at one of the most prestigious agencies in the world, DNA. Her career took off the time she entered in January 2008 and she soon reached the Super Model status landing major campaigns, Vogue lids and walking for the coveted lines such as Armani, Oscar De La Renta, Chanel, Versace, Hermes, Lacoste, Moschino, Diane Von Furstenberg, Michael Kors in Paris, Milan, London, and NYC. She has strengthened a career in NYC to date.

In the year 2015 Stracke has changed her emphasis from modeling to acting and has occurred and featured in numerous short films, gaining the best actress award for little faces from the Dark Fest film festival. Similarly, she has featured in 3 award-winning short films and is starring in an independent film The Expediter. Her subsequent independent film, starring a Hollywood actor Robert Davi, Mott Haven is due to come out in January 2019. This character authorized Stracke to be found out by a writer/producer Robert Gillings, which led to her current projects. At this moment she is working on two series that are due to air in 2019.

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Skye Stracke bikini
Skye Stracke bikini

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Skye Stracke lingerie
Skye Stracke lingerie

Skye Stracke dress Skye Stracke feet (2) Skye Stracke hairs Skye Stracke feet Skye Stracke eyes

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