‘Marvel’s Spider-Man:’ Presenting Every Single Suit In The Game


There are special edition backpacks full of Easter eggs, Marvel universe specials, and secret characters with secret challenges, in the new game. There is a great deal to find out, and it is every bit worth exploring.

The more you play, the more stuff you will gather, and there are materials that are used to create new suits. Marvel’s Spider-Man has a total of 27 suits for players to unlock, and each one of them is going to delight some fans. There are a few not so impressive pieces scattered around, but, overall, it is great fun swinging around the skyscrapers of New York City in these Spider-Man suits.


Here we present to you the breakdown of all the costumes featured in the game and the powers that each suit provides.


Everyone knows about this suit. The Advanced Suit is the flashy new Spider-Man costume created by his mentor, who will be introduced in the early part of the game. We have already seen it many times in the trailers, but, it has become legendary on its own now. The suit has the power called Battle Focus, which steadily develops your focus meter over a period of time.

Class Suit (Damaged):

This is a suit for all the drama queens out there. The Damaged version of Classic Suit doesn’t have any suit powers, and it would certainly not give you the appearance of an experienced superhero who knows his next step. However, it has a unique ruined charm, and it will be a good choice if you wish to take some innovative photos in the photo mode!


This one is better. If you are a fan who has grown up watching the Spider-Man cartoons and playing the iconic Spider-Man games, then this is the suit you are familiar with and will love. This is a suit that never gets out of fashion. This will create an emotional attachment, and the Web-Blossom power of this suit is helpful in wrapping up all your enemies and putting them temporarily out of action.

Noir Suit:

If you enjoy the stealth mode, then Marvel’s Spider-Man has incorporated some fantastic stealth adventures, and this is a suit that will make the players feel like the Ultimate Spider-Man. This suit has a power called The Sound of Silence that will deny the enemies a chance to call for backup, so even if you end up making some noise and breaking some bones during a stealth mission, there would be no fear of waking up everybody.


The Scarlet Spider Suit wasted no time in becoming our favorite from this game. There is an element of practicality and timelessness about this suit that you won’t be able to ignore. It looks amazing and is neither over-the-top nor campy. This suit also has great suit power. Its Holo Decoy power gives the option of just what the name suggests. It creates numerous holographic Spideys who will appear all around and divert the enemy’s attention while you go and take them out systematically. It will also save you if you are attacked by a mob.

Spider-Armor MK II Suit

This is another suit that the stealth fans would love. This is among the sleekest and the darkest suits featured in the whole game, and we must say that it gave the feel of an anti-hero while prowling around at night time in this costume. This suit has another well named power called Bullet Proof. Once you activate this power, for a while, you won’t have to bother about any incoming bullets.


Secret War suit has a hidden suit power that we would advise you to keep activated for most of the time. The Arms Race power launches a shock wave in all the directions, and it disables enemy movement and weapons for a few seconds. This is the ultimate power which gives you an opportunity if you get surrounded by enemies, and it saved us many times.

Stark Suit:

This is the suit for all the fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. This is going to be the suit that the Marvel movie fans would love, and it is a hi-tech suit that doesn’t incorporate a lot of metal or armor plating. It has the Spider-Bro power which will bring in a highly helpful tiny attack droid that will hover around and kill or distract your enemies. This is a suit that Tony Stark must be really proud of.


This is another of our favorite suits, and most likely the suit that the in-game character Martin Li aka Mister Negative also loves. This is a stylish black-and-white suit that freakishly glows in the dark, and it would be fantastic to put on while you go swinging around during the night time, and its soft glow that makes one spot it on walls and objects. It has a power called Negative Shockwave which unleashes a mighty energy blast, hurling enemies away and hurting them.

Electrically Insulated Suit:

You can take a guess about what this suit’s power can do for the Spider-Man, but, we don’t think you will be able to figure it out. This Electrically Insulated suit does not keep you safe from electric attacks. On the contrary, this suit charges up your fists and adds an electric element to all the attacks briefly. Those enemies who stand next to each other would be impacted by it, and it can quickly take out a whole team of enemies while you go on swinging.


This is an additional suit that has been introduced by the Insomniac Games, and it has become popular among the fans. The Spider-Punk suit is a reference to one of the most unusual Spider-Man comic book stories, and we are glad to see a superhero beat the enemies wearing this costume. The suit has the power called Rock Out that will make Spider-Man create some twisted power chords that create shockwaves, and result in enemies going out flying.

Wrestler Suit:

This is yet another offering for the fans who love to follow the clumsy side of the Spider-Man mythos, and the wrestler suit is not exactly a great looking costume, but, it has a very useful suit power. Once you activate King of the Ring, you can hold a triangle to web attack enemies, and that can be done only after wrapping them up in the webbing courtesy of the web shooters. This is a fantastic way of throwing your foes off the roofs.


Here is a suit that can make the friendly Spider-Man turn into a complete evil being after he gets into a fistfight. Upon activating the Quad Damage suit power, Spider-Man is going to temporarily cause four times the damage that he normally does, and that means a basic combo would be adequate to destroy even the larger and deadlier enemies.

Stealth Big Time Suit:

Here is another suit that we loved. The Stealth “Big Time” Suit lets out a soft green glow that gets reflected off various surfaces during the night time. It is great looking even during the day because it is an underplayed, and detailed suit with a fabulous texture. It shines in the cut-scenes. The suit’s Blur Projector power will make it difficult for the enemies to spot you during covert operations and make sure you keep it activated while moving through close vicinity of the enemies that you wish to sneak up to.


Did we just see the Red Hood? The Spider-Armor MK III suit is undoubtedly among the coolest Spider-Man suits in the game, and although it looks a bit crazy swinging through the air in New York City, but, it is amazing to wear this suit late into the game battles with heavily armored rivals. The Titanium Alloy Plates of the suit will temporarily deflect all the enemy gunfire back at them.

Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit:

Frankly, this suit is a bit too over the top for us, but, it is obvious that some of the fans would love it for exactly that reason. The Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit seems to be from some futuristic world, and it has a great suit power that would delight those who prefer keeping their feet off the ground. Activate the low gravity power, and it will reduce your fall speed and let you jump much higher. This will no doubt help you clear some missions which need a lot of aerial action.


Here is another offering for the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans! The Iron-Spider suit is a legend all the way, but, this one is the suit that the fans will identify with the Avengers: Infinity War. We are not too bothered about all the fancy attachments, but, what makes this suit awesome is the Iron Arms power, which instantly springs out terrifying mechanical arms from Spider-Man’s back for a few seconds, letting him launch some insane attacks.

Velocity Suit:

Insomniac Games had proudly revealed the Velocity Suit during the San Diego Comic-Con, earlier this year, and it is among the cooler and more futuristic suits featured in this game. It doesn’t have any big, insane spikes, hooks or angles, but, absolute aerodynamic magic. The Blitz power of the suit will let you move really fast, in fact so fast that your speed might send the enemies flying as you collide with them.


This one is cool and absolutely simple. It is basically a sparkly metal Spider-Man, and its Defense Shield power will make you invincible briefly, giving you a window to catch your breath, recover from the damage and return to battle when you start feeling the pressure. It also makes you look great when you go swinging around the city and is actually like a suit that the Spider-Man might wear.

Spirit Spider

The Spirit Spider suit is the first suit we unlocked in the game, and it made us stop in our tracks and wonder whether they are actually going no holds barred with these suits? The Spirit Spider Suit summons a Spider-Man story where we had seen Spider-Man perform actions that were not at all heroic, by luring Spider-Men from various dimensions into his world and capturing their powers to become stronger. The Spirit Fire suit power will create an evil fire ring around you that will burn and hurt all enemies that you attack.


This is a much brighter variant of the Spider-Man 2099 suit that has already been seen above, and this, in fact, looks a bit better as one goes hurtling through the NYC. The white and red colors suit the New York trees changing and fall colors, and the suit has the Concussion Strike power that knocks the enemies off their feet when you hit them. This is really handy in quickly finishing the rooftop fights.

Vintage Comic Book Suit

This might just be the suit that we loved the most in the game. They have done the shading perfectly, and it creates the nostalgia about the iconic, comic-book exclusive era of Spider-Man. There is no way that you can avoid seeing this one in action and then only you will realize what we mean. This is such a surreal experience, and it is quite funny to enter a battle wearing this suit against realistic enemies. The suit’s Quips power does nothing but abuses your enemies with a smart one-liner, and you won’t believe how amazing it is.


It is difficult to explain why, but, this suit reminds us of Brad-Pitt in a Fight-Club setting. This makes the Spider-Man look like a bouncer from some fancy restaurant or a nightclub that you won’t want to fight with, and his suit is apt for it. The Unrelenting Fury power of this suit makes each of your attacks unstoppable, even against the shield wielding enemies. Talk about empowerment!

Undies Suit:

While the last suit gave an empowered feel, this is the opposite of that. However, you might be someone who finds this to be the best Spider-Man suit in the game. We don’t have much to describe about this suit because there is not much of a suit here anyway. All we have is Peter Parker in an underwear and a mask. However, you need to complete every single mission on the New York City map before you access this costume. Therefore, we would advise you start doing away with all these missions and crimes as quickly as you can. The suit’s power title Equalizer will make everyone including you susceptible to just one hit knock out.


It is hilarious, and a bit anti-climactic, butt, the fact is that some of the suits that you get to unlock late in the game are among the least likable suits visually. These are nothing more than Easter eggs for the real Spider-Man lovers, and this Homemade suit is fascinating, at best. As can be imagined, this suit was created at home by a teenaged Peter Parker before he became a master inventor, and it doesn’t have any suit powers. Have fun with that!

Dark Suit:

This is the ultimate Dark Suit! This is something which costs you. You will need to hunt down the Black Cat and all the call-signs that she has left for you all around New York City before you can unlock this suit, and the relationship between them will result in the first DLC bit, “The Heist” that we expected to come out next month. Take our word, this is a side-mission that nobody would be able to ignore. This suit also doesn’t have any suit powers, but, by the time you get to unlock it, you will have several stealth-based powers anyway.


The last suit that we are going to talk about is one that you will have to discover for yourself. At the ending of the game, you will find a suit that is exclusively used for a very special purpose, and you will need it to fight a remarkable boss. We are not going to tell you who that boss is, but, there are countless spoilers around if you wish to find it out.

Our suggestion is that you should wait. This is a mind-blowing game with a lot of surprises that are totally worth it. Sony, Marvel and above all, Insomniac Games deserve to be praised for creating their own peculiar Spider-Man saga, and we are sure you all will love you just the way we did.