20 Hottest Sriya Lenka Pictures That Will Hypnotize You


Sriya Lenka has attractive eyes that look nice with her black hair and skin tone. Sriya has her own charm to attract people to her. In 2020, Sriya was under argument for supposedly cheating a friend out of 50 million KRW. The next day, DR music declared the departure of Sriya due to the controversy and because of her end of the contract with the agency.

Sriya was born on 15th September 2003 in Rourkela, Odisha. Her mother is Priyathama, and her father is Abinash Lenka. Sriya gained an interest in music since childhood. Sriya began to take training in dance in 2016. Sriya began by learning Odissi for a year and a half but unrestricted it as it was luxurious.

1. Sriya Lenka Hot Pics

Sriya Lenka Hot Pics
Sriya Lenka Hot Pics

Sriya was skilled first by Madan Mohan Purty, who won the Boogie Woogie Hip Hop in 2009. When her father was moved to Jharsuguda, Sriya registered in the dance studio of Mendo Barla, a well-known choreographer, fitness coach, and possessor of the dance studio. She has been training in hip-hop, freestyle, contemporary dances, etc.

2. Sriya Lenka Sexy Bikini Pics

Sriya Lenka Sexy Pics
Sriya Lenka Sexy Pics

Sriya had to drop a year for the lockdown in India in 2021 after clearing her class 10. In 2020, she joined the Kpop girl group Rania. That year, in a series of Instagram posts by Rania associates, it was declared that Rania would be reformed as Black Swan. In 2020, the group debuted with their full-length album Goodbye Rania with their single lead Tonight.

3. Sriya Lenka Hot Pics 2022

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