All-New Rumor For Star Wars 9 Suggests That Palpatine Will Return


An all-new Star Wars: Episode IX rumour has now claimed that Matt Smith will be playing a young version of Palpatine in the film. The plot details for this movie has been kept very close to the chest, and this would mean that not a lot is known about the new faces that will make appearances in the film.


Palpatine had been an overarching villain of the first six movies of the epic Skywalker saga. He had taken control of the Galactic Republic and also made it the Empire, and although he had been dead by the time The Force Awakens had rolled in, his influence had been felt across the universe.

It had been said that Smith might play a young version of Palpatine in Episode IX. All the fans should take this information with a pinch of salt. So the question is how will Palpatine return?


It is possible that Episode IX will be incorporating a few flashback scenes or J.J. Abrams may even pull out a page from Legends and Palpatine clones canon. As having been illustrated by Solo’s Maul cameo, Lucasfilm is not scared to connect the TV shows and the films, and this will be a fascinating method to link many corners of canon.

Bringing back Palpatine may actually undermine a few developments in the first two sequel trilogy movies especially, The Last Jedi. It looks like Kylo Ren has been poised to be Episode IX’s primary villain, as he has reached a point of no return and he is also the galaxy’s biggest baddie. It is one thing to have Kylo bicker with General Hux, but throwing a whole new Palpatine into this mix may threaten to take all the attention away from Kylo’s arc.