9 Stars Who Hate Themselves For Starring In DC Movies


The hype and all the success of superhero movies for obvious reasons have reached an all-time high where some of the most popular actors and actresses in the film industry do not hesitate to be a part of these superhero movies. The very success that the MCU has earned over the past 10 years is the reason that many stars want to enter the superhero genre. Many actors like Robert Downey Jr. and also Chris Evans have seen their career sky-rocket after they had been cast in their superhero roles. However, a few of the actors wish that they just had not taken up superhero roles:

1. Ryan Reynolds:

Ryan Reynolds had starred in the movie, ‘Green Lantern’, and this was a huge shocker for him and the viewers. The script was simply terrible but, lucky for him, he had started playing Deadpool in the Marvel films, and this changed everything.

2. Josh Brolin:

Josh Brolin had starred in Men in Black 2, Avengers, Deadpool 2 and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. He had played the role of Jonah Hex, but the actor has since expressed his regret on taking up the role.

3. Jared Leto:

In the movie, Suicide Squad, Leto had played the role of Joker, and all the fans hated his version of this character.

4. George Clooney:

George Clooney’s Batman was the worst that the fans have gotten so far. The actor had also gone on to express his anger for doing a DC film.

5. Michael Shannon:

Shannon did not really care about Man of Steel, and when fans had asked him about the role of General Zod, he said, “profoundly unconcerned with the outcome of that fight”.

6. Van Kilmer:

Kilmer had played the role of the Dark Knight and the star had said that with every day that passed by on the sets, he was simply unhappy with the team’s idea of making the movie.

7. Christopher Reeve:

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace was made on a low budget, and the visual effects were terrible. In one of the interviews, the star expressed his regret of starring in this film.

8. Halle Berry:

Halle Berry’s role as the character, Catwoman was just pathetic, and the actress had said that she regrets starring in the movie.

9. Christian Bale:

Although most of the fans loved his version of Batman, the actor regrets it and Bale said that he thought that he would actually accomplish new things with this movie but he could not portray the darkness and loneliness of the character in the movies.


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