Home Sexy Actress Pictures 61 Stephanie Cayo Sexy Pictures Reveal Her Lofty And Attractive Physique

61 Stephanie Cayo Sexy Pictures Reveal Her Lofty And Attractive Physique

61 Stephanie Cayo Sexy Pictures Reveal Her Lofty And Attractive Physique

The Peruvian actress, songwriter, and singer who is best known for her role as Antonio Toni Fontalvo in the television series, El Secretario and Milena in the series, La Hermandad is none other than Stephanie Cayo.

She was born on 8th April 1988 in Lima, Peru. She is the sister of Fiorella Cayo and Barbara Cayo.

She made her debut on television when she was 9 by appearing in the telenovela, Travesuras in 1998 in the role of Cinthia. After that, she appeared in minor roles in several TV series. She became famous internationally by playing the main role of Paloma Velacochea in the television series, Besos robados in 2004. Then, she moved to New York City to study acting and dancing. She attended several schools like The New York film Academy, The Actors Studio, and The Broadway Dance Center. At the age of 18, she moved to Colombia. She also worked as a dancer and in musicals as well. She became famous for playing the role of Antonio Fontalvo in the series El Secretario from 2011-2012. After finishing the series, she appeared in the musical, Chicago in Colombia in the role of Roxie Hart in 2012. From 2015-2019, she appeared as Mary Luz Solari in the series, Club de Cuervos. She got fame for playing the role of Milena in the television series, La Hermandad in 2016. Her other television series are El Comandante, La Hipocondriaca, Dona Bella, Tiempo Final, Rebelde, and the others. She made her debut in films in 2005 in Pirates in Callao in which she lent her voice for Alberto. Her first feature film was Yucatan that released in Veronica in 2018. She also built a career in singing as well and her debut music album, Llegare was released in 2011. Her first single in English, Let Me Go has released in 2016 and it is available on YouTube as well.

In 2018, she got married to Chad Campbell.

She has won the Colombian Television Award at the Cartagena Film Festival in 2011.

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