30 Epic And Crazy Logic Memes For The Superhero Genre That Will Make You Laugh Uncontrollably


Whenever anyone reads a comic book or even watches a superhero movie, they abandon all their logical reasoning, and we cannot really blame them. Most of us never questioned the fact of an orphaned alien child being allergic to an alien rock. We were so amazed by the fact that a man was bitten by a radioactive spider and now he has powers that allow him to have spider-like abilities. Most of the fans just agree to all this logic just because most of us are so keen to see the stories based all these superheroes. If we all start becoming very analytical, we will all be super deprived of the grandeur and joy which can actually be experienced when all of us see a billionaire sport a rodent’s suit and not get reported for his insanity.

Here is exactly where all the great artistic brains over on the internet come into the mix. They are creating comics and memes that highlight all the errors and lack of logic in all our favourite superheroes. Sometimes, these criticisms are about how someone had become a superhero and dons the mantle. At times, it is about their ridiculous powers.

In light of this, here are 30 hilarious and crazy superhero logic memes:

30. Fool Me Once

29. That’s Hair Raising

28. Makeup Companies Hate Her!

27. Clown’s Are Always The Enemy

26. With Great CGI Comes Great Responsibility

25. Blinded By Sarcasm

24. Getting Pumped Up

23. A Happy Family

22. We Have You Now!

21. Classic Teenagers

20. A Sore Spot

19. She-Ra Is Too O.P.

18. How All Movies Should End

17. The [REDACTED] Of The Joke

16. How Do More People Not Figure It Out?

15. The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants

14. Darn Foggy

13. Peter Gets All The Good Stuff

12. Dumber Things Have Happened

11. Doin’ Me A Superpower

10. Sounds About Right

9. A Little Help From My Friends

8. Sweet Justice

7. Anything You Can Do

6. The Long Game

5. Accurate

4. That’s Borderline

3. It All Makes Sense Now

2. Knowledge Is Power

1. Forgetting The Past


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