7 Times That Marvel Superheroes And Villains Easily Defeated The Avengers


The Avengers as we all know are known as Marvel’s most premiere team and consists of superheroes across the world and beyond. This team faces a whole lot of challenges, and from galactic conquerors to reality-warping madmen, they have faced the most powerful villains in the Marvel multiverse. Even with a few of the a powerful heroes on their side, at times they do come up against threats that are way too much for them to handle. Here we are going to look at 7 Marvel characters that have easily defeated the Avengers:


In Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe, the fans see Garth Ennis asking a question: What if Punisher’s family was killed?

Punisher kills Hawkeye, Shadowcat, and Cyclops, and then he goes to the Earth-based heroes. He then kills all the heroes in the Avengers and also kills himself.


Once, we saw him being separated from all human influences and Thor is the King of Asgard and had become very aggressive and less empathetic. He then sought to restore all the Asgardian Gods and overthrow a country in Eastern Europe and the Avengers tried to stop him. He defeated them and conquered the world for 200 years.


We had seen in one issue that Hulk had fallen in love and was married, then a tragedy struck and killed his wife. He then returned to Earth and was enraged. He easily took down all the superheroes like the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, Inhumans and the X-Men.


The void was seen battling the Avengers in one issue and easily defeated most of them, but with a lot of help from Emma Frost, Sentry stole him again. The Void then battled and also beat the Avengers during Siege of Asgard and even though the battle had ended with the death of Sentry, e saw a resurrected Sentry facing face off against the Avengers Unity Squad and defeated Thor and the Avengers.


When Deadpool came up against the Avengers, he had used Pym Particles that were stolen from a murdered Hank Pym for blowing up the Avengers Tower, and this had killed most of the Avengers there. The survivors were Thor, and Luke Cage and Deadpool faced them. Deadpool used Pym Particles for planting miniaturized explosives in Cage’s coffee, and this blew him from the inside, and Thor was killed by the same Pym Particles, and this was by making Mjolnir gigantic as it came to Thor and then crushed him.


Ghost Rider is really powerful, and while the Avengers are pretty small, Ghost Rider had single-handedly defeated Tigra and Cap. He then leaps at Iron Man and blasts a hellfire through his helmet. After he outran the Mjolnir, Ghost Rider grabs it when it is going back to Thor and then uses the momentum to bash Thor.


In Infinity Gauntlet, we saw that Thanos had started his battle with the snap of his fingers and this wiped out half of the universe, and a few of the Avengers. The Avengers then take the fight to him, but they are then defeated by Thanos. Then, Nebula defeats this Gauntlet and Thanos agrees to help the heroes to overcome the power-crazy Nebula and commits suicide.


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