9 Superpowers Of Odin Which Prove He Is The Strongest Asgardian Ever


Thor is not only an Avenger but, also an Asgardian. So is he the strongest Asgardian ever? The answer might surprise you, but, NO, he is not. The mightiest Asgardian ever was Odin. Although he might have been shown as a frail old man in the movies, but, don’t think that the old Asgardian wasn’t capable. Here we present to you ten of Odin’s superpowers that will prove that he is the strongest Asgardian ever.

Odin Force

The most prominent of his powers is his ability to command the Odin Force. The Odin Force is a virtually infinite source of quasi-cosmic and mystical energy that gives Odin a range of superpowers and also enhances his physical powers. The Odin Force is mighty enough that the All-Father was able to kill a Celestial using it.


In the Marvel comics, Odin has displayed amazing psychic powers. He is able to use Odin Force and get telepathic powers as well as manipulate minds. He can also perform telekinetic actions. However, for some reason, Odin’s telepathy is limited only to Asgardians.


Odin is among the strongest users of magic, and he is also among the oldest Asgardian warriors. He is able to perform amazing things like stopping time and space. However, his most renowned magic power is his ability to resurrect the dead.


Some might consider it to be a weakness, but, in effect, it is a power. When Borson battles to the last bit of his strength against an enemy, he is compelled to go into a deep sleep to refill the reservoirs of his energy and return fully powered. The Odinsleep is crucial for the All-Father to stay at the top of his strength and health.


He has used this power quite often. His greatest teleportation act was when he teleported the entire city of Asgard over the New York skies. Even in MCU, it is the All-Father whose dark magic was used to send Thor to Earth in The Avengers in 2012, after the destruction of the bi-frost bridge in Thor (2011).

Matter and Energy Manipulation

There is no energy that Odin cannot manipulate. Heat, light, cosmic, mystical and even the Phoenix Force which is essentially a living and breathing psionic energy, has been used by Odin. His matter manipulation powers include transmutation of matter from one form to another and recreating the entire universe on a molecular level.

Barrier generation

It would be an understatement to say that Odin creates strong barriers. Odin can use Odin Force to create banners and then enchant them to make them even stronger. His barriers are so strong that they can protect anyone from a point-blank nuclear blast without suffering as much as a scratch.

Agility that surpasses every known Asgardian

Odin might be aged, but, he is still agile enough to avoid defeat. In fact, Odin is so agile and strong that his battlefield actions are legendary. Even Thor is incapable of matching Odin.

If you want to find out what makes Mjolnir so special, this is it. The famous hammer of Thor is a creation of Odin. He is the one who told the Nidavelir dwarves to create the hammer, and he was the one who put enchantments on it to make it invincible and unstoppable once thrown by Thor.

Mastery in Weaponry

Odin is very powerful in terms of weapons. His prefers using his magical spear called the Gungnir. He also uses his Sceptre quite often. Another, less frequently used Odin weapon is his mythical sword named the Odin Sword. Odin can also use a magical mace named Thrudstok.


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