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The Yugoslavian actress Sylva Koscina was born on 22nd August 1933 in Split, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia to a Greek father, and a Polish mother. During World War Il as a teenager, she shifted to Italy to live with her sister, who had wedded an Italian citizen.

Eduardo De Filippo saw her and decided to cast her in a small role for the film Questi Fantasmi that was about to be filmed. This did not ultimately happen, but it did oversee to a small part, of an aspiring actress, alongside Toto in Are We Men or Corporals? leading to her breakout character, characterizing Giulia, daughter of the train engineer Andrea, in Pietro Germi’s The Railroad Man. Sylva backed in Guendalina in 1957, playing the part of a young mother. She was probably best remembered for her role as Iole, the bride of Hercules in Hercules and Hercules Unchained. She also portrayed Paul Newman’s romantic interest in The Secret War of Harry Frigg in 1968.

She also featured in 1967 comedy caper Three Bites of the Apple and Deadlier Than the Male. She also played Danica in the Yugoslavian film The Battle of Neretva in 1969.

Sylva Koscina died in Rome in the year 1994, aged 61, from breast cancer.

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