The Flash Or Superman? Comics Writer Has Confirmed That [Spoiler] Is The Fastest


There are so many debates that are going around right now regarding the comic books world, and most readers do not agree with them. One of these topics includes- who is faster, Superman or The Flash. Comics have depicted this event, although the results always end in stalemate. Last year, we saw how the Justice League movie had included a post-credits scene that depicted this as well. Now, a very recent issue of The Flash has featured a rematch where the Man of Steel loses and this series is written by Josh Williamson:

“I feel like it’s always been that way. I mean, that’s kind of The Flash’s thing, right? He’s the fastest man alive… it’s right there,” Williamson shared (via ScreenRant). “I feel like we’ve all been saying it this whole time. I’m sure there are Superman fans that are disappointed, but I mean… Superman can do everything else. He’s Superman.”

These comments may actually seem pretty definitive, but it is surely worth noting that The Flash may surely be the fastest man alive right now, but Supes is not a human and is an alien. The Flash may not be the fastest being.

This race takes place between Wally West, Barry Allen, and Superman.

In spite of the loss, Williamson has pointed out that a whole lot more does go into what actually makes Allen and The Flash more special than his speed alone.

“One of the things I like to play around with is what makes The Flash? Is it just that he’s the fastest man alive? Is it just about speed?” Williamson detailed. “Now in Issue, #50 Wally is the fastest man alive, he wins the race. You saw him win the race [against Barry Allen and Superman] in #49. In #50 Barry tells him, ‘You’re the fastest man alive, I’m not the fastest man alive anymore.’ But one of the things Barry does in #50 is he motivates and inspires Wally to run faster. Which is very much their relationship, and very much who Barry is. Barry is the character who inspires people to be heroes. He inspires people to do better, and that allows Wally to do better.”

The Flash #50 is now on sale.


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