7 Extremely Terrible Things Iron Man Has Done


While Captain America has a spotless righteous image, Iron-Man has often fluctuated between the good side that he represents and the evil at times. Tony Stark, is one of the original founders of the greatest superhero team ever: The Avengers. However, he is often arrogant and here are seven most terrible actions of the most loved guy from the Marvel Universe.

Pretended to be dead

Back when Iron-Man was trying to cope with alcoholism, he gave his superhero mantle to his close friend Jim “Rhodey”. Later it was shown that everyone had believed that Tony Stark had died (and Rhodey went on to become the CEO of Stark Enterprises), but, after years Rhodey found out that Tony had fooled the world about his death, and that hurt him because he felt cheated by Tony.

Joining hands with Kang

In the 1995 crossover, “The Crossing” it was revealed that Iron-Man was a conspirator working for Kang. The Avengers had to go back in time to bring the teenage Tony Stark to take on the evil Iron-Man who had murdered Gilgamesh and Yellow Jacket by then. Later the battle sees the older Stark let, the younger Stark take over. However, the story was retconned, and this never happened!

Civil War

During Civil War, Iron-Man was revealed to have a completely evil side when he sided up with the government soldiers to arrest the superheroes who were unwilling to register with the government. Tony also went on to reveal the real identity of Spider-Man in public and created a Thor clone to kill Goliath.

Extremis 3.0

During the occasional evil acts of the Iron-Man, the worst thing was when Scarlet Witch cast a spell that switched the personalities of superheroes and supervillains. Tony somehow escaped the spell reversal and stayed evil. He then created the evil cell phone Extremis 3.0 app which let people to alter their bodies as per their desires.

Killed Criminals

In the comic series Invincible Iron-Man #7, Ho Yinsen’s (the guy who saved Iron-Man in Afghanistan) brother’s killers started going missing, and according to the witness, Iron-Man was behind that. Later it was revealed that Yinsen had got control of Tony Stark’s armour. It was eventually shut down by Avengers, Fantastic Four and Iron-Man himself. However, all the mayhem was caused by Stark’s recklessness, and he confessed to that.

Sent Hulk into exile

The uncontrolled rage and physical strength of Hulk has caused a great deal of destruction alongside the good things done by him. Therefore, Iron-Man manipulated to send him to space. This decision made him upset and then he wanted revenge. This resulted in his killing a lot of innocent people, and all that was due to the Iron-Man.

Abducted Ulysses

Tony Stark abducted Ulysses Cain who was capable of foreseeing future to oppose the desires of Captain America who sought to use Ulysses power to predict crime and that led to the second civil war between Captain America, Iron-Man and their teams. While most of you might side with Tony Stark, but, his actions did cause chaos.


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