This Is Why Captain America Cannot Lift Thor’s Hammer


After the scene in Age of Ultron where all the Avengers had tried to lift Thor’s hammer, most of the fans were left asking one question: why wasn’t Steve Rogers able to lift the Mjolnir?

In the MCU, three people other than Thor has lifted the Mjolnir-Odin, Hela and also Vision. Steve Rogers was the only person who came very close to moving the Mjolnir. Captain America is easily the most righteous hero in the entire MCU, but one can actually argue that the movie, Civil War might have had this character on the wrong end of many of the fans. Cap had been fighting for his friend and also the freedom of the Avengers, but this had soon escalated to a very dangerous level. The movie, Civil War had been proof that even those who are as righteous as Steve Rogers can also make huge mistakes while they try and do the right thing.

When it comes to lifting the Mjolnir, there might be many reasons as to why Steve is not considered ‘worthy’. Well, first, he wants to do the right thing always, and one can argue that he is not worthy because he does not really care for the small and basic things-no helmet while riding a motorcycle.

Back to the main point-a true ruler of Asgard has to fight for what is right, but he also needs to have peace in his heart, and this is how he will eventually strive to preserve this peace. Thor had found this in the very first Thor film, and since, the God of Thunder has fought for the safety of the realms. Steve.. well, he has not yet come out of the war, and we all know that it is a fight that actually motivates him.

Captain America’s biggest sacrifice would actually be getting rid of all his superhuman capabilities. Steve Rogers had thought that he could live in peace, but after having known that there will be someone who will always need him, Steve never stopped fighting and this that is the truth to why Steve Rogers might not be worthy of the Mjolnir.

Avengers 4 releases on May 3, 2019.


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