This Russian Artist Has Shown How The Iconic Characters Would Look In Their Old Age, And Thor Is Simply Adorable


Superheroes are supposed to be timeless beings. At least, that is the kind of impression fans have about them. Most of the superheroes that we love have been around for longer than most people on the planet, yet, they seem to be no older than in their 20s or 30s. The essence of being a superhero is to be someone fast, agile, expert in combat and wielding numerous extraordinary physical and mental powers which are unimaginable for those impacted by Father Time. Just think of it! How would Superman be so god-like or how would The Flash be so fast if they were to be as old as the characters actually are. The thing is, they don’t age, and nobody even talks about it.

While the years speed past for all of us, it is not usual to see the aging of characters in cartoons or comics. At times, we wonder how would it be if the superheroes aged and retired like the normal people?

Lesya Guseva is a Russian artist living in Perm, and she has given us an easy option to think about this scenario. She has created a series of artworks titled “Pensioners” where she has picked up some of the most popular Marvel, DC and even Disney characters and given them their much-deserved rest and living their rest of days as older people. Just imagine Thor building a birdhouse with his tiny grandson or Spider-Man helping his wife in knitting or Minnie and Mickey Mouse enjoying their 90th birthday celebrations at Disneyland? Go ahead and check them out below!

1. Supergirl And Wonder Woman

2. Catwoman

3. Thor

4. Harley Quinn

5. The Flash

6. Batman

7. Ariel

8. Joker

9. Spider-Man

10. Deadpool


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