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Thunder is a fictitious person showing up in American comic books distributed by DC Comics. The person was made by author Judd Winick and craftsman Tom Raney in the Modern Age of Comic Books. She is first referenced in Green Arrow (vol. 2) #26 (July 2003) and first seems a month after the fact in Quite a while (vol. 3) #1.

Conceived Anissa Pierce the oldest girl of hero Black Lightning, she is a metahuman in the DC Universe. She is equipped for expanding her actual thickness, delivering herself indestructible, and making gigantic shockwaves while stepping upon the ground.

1. Thunder Hot Pics

Thunder Hot Pics
Thunder Hot Pics

Penetrate is likewise the more seasoned sister of Jennifer, herself a superhuman working under the pseudonym Lightning. Against her folks’ desires, Anissa decides to use her capacities to battle wrongdoing. She is welcomed and acknowledges a situation with the superhuman group the Outsiders.

2. Thunder Sexy Pics

Thunder Sexy Pics
Thunder Sexy Pics

Puncture is associated with a relationship with her colleague Grace Choi. Alongside her presence in different comic books Thunder has shown up on various TV programs and showed up in the true to life Arrowverse series Black Lightning where she was depicted by Nafessa Williams.

3. Thunder Hot Pics 2022

thunder good looking

Although it isn’t clear however one expects she got her powers hereditarily from her dad who is additionally a metahuman. Her dad Jefferson Pierce (Black Lightning) and her mom Lynn Stewart didn’t need her emulating his example, and he made a deal with her: she would move on from school prior to considering a vocation in crimefighting.


thunder cleavage

She did, and that very evening of her graduation she wore an outfit and became Thunder. She is likewise the more seasoned sister of Lightning. Thunder can expand her weight’s while saving volume, which builds her thickness. In this state she is close enduring, totally insusceptible.


thunder beautiful

A horde master once experienced a compound break subsequent to attempting to smack Thunder right upside the head. Prominently, she can make her skin sufficiently able to endure slugs. Just by stepping the ground she can make gigantic shockwaves.


thunder awesome

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