Tobey Maguire, Spider-Man Actor Wants To Play Another Superhero Role


Much before the MCU had existed, Tobey Maguire had stolen the hearts of all the film fans across the world with the role of the character, Peter Parker in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies. He had looked very old for this role, but these movies had been instant hits among all the fans. Over the next 13 years since the actor had played this role in the movie, Spider-Man 3, two more actors have played the role of Spider-Man: Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland.

In spite of having seen this role recast, Maguire has not soured on the prospect of silver screen superheroes. It seems like he would now be willing to take on one more comic book role.

While he had been speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Maguire had asked about the influx of superhero films in theaters, and if there were any roles he wanted to take up. This actor/producer had explained that, while he may not have had anything in mind, he has been keeping all doors open.

“I just don’t really have an ‘I would or wouldn’t do’ mindset,” he had said.

“I’ll just do whatever … whatever it is that comes that I feel called to, that may or may not fit in any kind of box.”

While the actor has yet to take on another superhero role, Spider-Man as a character has been pretty much busy.

The actor, Andrew Garfield has taken on the role for two films, but the franchise has now been rebooted after the critical failure of the movie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Maguire had said that he had not seen all the new Spider-Man movies as of now, but he liked the direction that Garfield and Holland had taken.

“I haven’t seen all of them,” Maguire had said.

“What I’ve seen, I’ve appreciated. I like both of the actors a ton. I think they’re both super talented. I would just say I appreciated them and I like the actors, I like the choices.”


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