30 Side-Splitting Tom Hiddleston/Loki Memes That Would Make Fans LOL


Among the biggest breakthroughs of modern Hollywood is the concept of the shared superhero universe. While there were plenty of movies and TV shows being made by studios that were inspired by comic book superheroes, but, it was only in 2008 when Marvel Studios came up with Iron-Man and established a cinematic universe where various Marvel Comics characters existed and interacted with each other. One such iconic Marvel IP is Thor, the Norse God of Thunder.

The inhabitants of the realm of Asgard included Thor and his adopted brother Loki, the God of Mischief. Unlike characters that can be categorized as heroes or villains, Loki has remained in the gray area. Sometimes, he comes out as a pure evil and then there are times when Loki proves to be the guy who helps Thor save the day. Some people call Loki an anti-hero, and for others, he is a part-time villain. His mischief can often be devastating as seen during the alien invasion of Earth facilitated by him, but, deep down, he is not a bad guy. He is just someone who is constantly torn between good and bad. He wishes to fulfill his dream of ruling Asgard, but, not someone who truly supports destruction.

Loki is not someone like Captain America, who has a golden heart, but, he has shown his heroic side in Thor: Ragnarok. The character of Loki is brought to life by the handsome and talented British actor Tom Hiddleston. While Tom has been working in the films and TV arena for a long time, it is the portrayal of Loki that has made him a fan favorite all over the world. With great popularity come great memes, and Tom Hiddleston/Loki is no exception. There are countless hilarious memes of Tom/Loki online, and here we present to you the funniest set of memes which will make you forget that Loki was originally a villain.

Sassy Personality!

Oh Yeah!


Yeah, It Is!



Stages of Grief!

That Expression!



Cinematic Parallels!


Too Funny To Stop!

Let Me Love You!


So Difficult!



Tell us!

Lies, All Lies!

Disney Prince!

Oh No!

He Did It!

He can be a beautiful woman!



Evil Plan!


That Look!

Back Off Greasy!


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