Tony Stark’s Brother, Arno Comes Back As The Anti-Iron Man


Artists Carlo Pagulayan and Dale Eaglesham and the writer, Kieron Gillen and their run on the Iron Man during the original Marvel Now has revealed that Maria and Howard Stark had adopted Tony Stark and this was a replacement for their son, names Arno Stark. Arno has played a very crucial important role in Tony’s life, and adventure and now, Dan Slott, Gang Hyuk Lim, Max Dunbar, Joe Caramagna and Dono Sánchez-Almara are bringing this character back.

The opening of Tony Stark: Iron Man #5 is seen featuring the narration from Arno, who introduces The Maria Stark Foundation, He then explains that it is independent of Stark Unlimited and Tony Stark.

Arno is seen using cutting-edge science tech for repairing the arm of a violinist, and this releases a bacteria which consumes man-made garbage in the ocean and also growing wheat in places like the desert for feeding the hungry. This preview comes to an end with Arno taking up a mission for helping a rancher for specialising in “meat that’s ethically fine ta eat.”

His actions are in contrast to Tony’s focus on entertainment software and apps. Arno may actually fix a lot of the world’s problems that do not need the use of an armour, and although he has made a lot of effort to better the world, his pursuit of many other goals seem to always come in the way.

The preview pages do not show us Tony or connect to the sabotage attempts at the Stark Unlimited, and they do not have any reference to any of the events taking place in Tony Stark: Iron Man #4. This has seen a relationship being formed between Janet Van Dyne and Tony.

Created by Eaglesham, Pagulayan, and Gillen, Arno had made his debut appearance in Iron Man #12, and he is the biological son of Howard and Maria Stark.

Arno had fallen sick after he was born and, for protecting their son from the alien robot, Rigellian Recorder 451, the Starks had adopted Tony. Arno had worked with Tony for changing the world for the better good, but they had fallen out over Arno’s efforts to use the Extremis virus for curing himself.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #5 goes on sale Oct. 31 from Marvel Comics.


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