Top 10 ’80s Toys That Cost A Fortune

6. Teddy Ruxpin – Sold For: $1,400

Teddy Ruxpin was the top rated toy on the planet for a long time right from 1985 to1986. It had a TV series that kept running for 65 episodes. The toy itself was an animatronic talking bear that read out stories. This was made by putting audio tapes into a tape deck in that was incorporated with the bear’s back. Teddy Ruxpin would move its eyes and mouth while reading with a goal to appear more life-like.


5. Mint Condition In-Box NES – Sold For: $2,000

Seemingly one of the best gaming consoles ever, Nintendo’s NES first hit the racks of Japan in 1983. It released in the US two years later and was a guardian angel to the practically dead gaming industry. The console authorized 709 games and gave gamers numerous notable titles, for example, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda and Mega Man among various others. The console itself sold more than 60 million units around the world, just about 20 million of which were sold in Japan where creation of the NES kept going on for a decent 20 years.

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