Top 10 Baywatch Angels

3. Erika Eleniak – Shauni McClain (1989–1992)

Who can overlook the hot bomb Shauni McLain? Erika Eleniak’s character on Baywatch encapsulates each and every quality of the “California Girl” generalization. Later in her profession, she joined a reality television show for overweight celebs, yet, hello, in any event, she figured out how to shed the kilos and wound up looking as hot as ever. In 2004, Eleniak featured in Dracula 3000, a film that sees the acclaimed Count sucking blood in space. Great job Eleniak!


4. Traci Bingham – Jordan Tate (1996–1998)

The wonderful Traci Bingham belongs to Cambridge (the town in Massachusetts, not the college in the UK). Her character on Baywatch, Traci Bingham, saw her turn into an object of desire for many TV fans who devotedly put up her posters in their bedrooms. Bingham is an active individual from PETA and has showed up in their “I’d Rather Be Naked Than Wear Fur” crusade. For the record, we thoroughly concur with that!

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