Top 10 Most Powerful Sith Lord of All Time.

6. Darth Plagueis

He was responsible for the fall and ensuing purge of the Jedi Order. Through years of background work, he and his apprentice could establish the framework for an Empire. They moved and balanced the Force in a way which practically made the Jedi extinct. This was done while both were leading greatly open lives and twofold personas.
He had inconceivable skills of observation. In any case, rather than turning them outwards towards farsightedness like many Force users had over history, he veered them inside. It was this ability that allowed him to find the way to controlling life and the Force itself. Since he took a scientific point of view of the Force, rather than a secretive one, he could advance the data of the Force on a characteristic level that was never seen before.
Nevertheless, plotting of Plagueis and Sidious’ masterwork happened coincidentally. Ten years prior to the Blockade of Naboo and with their plans well under way, Master and apprentice together went into deep meditation. For some time they associated their wills towards moving the balance in the Force back to the Dark Side. They succeeded in doing this.
Nonetheless, Plagueis took it a little further. He associated with Sidious to pour all their will and harmful desire into making their own kind of a being and fulfill the forecast of the Chosen One. Be that as it may, the Force itself fought back against this attempted encroachment and made its own particular Chosen One to fight the encroachment by the Sith.
Plagueis has been extensively neglected in the accounts of Sith. Actually, his own apprentice proudly believed he could get comparable outcomes with the Force like his Master. He in this manner slaughtered him before the consummation of their plans. Besides, had it not been for the impact of Plagueis, the SW Universe would not be existent.


5. Darth Andeddu

An old Sith of legend, and without a doubt the predecessor of the “Darth” title, he was one of the first and most able Sith to develop after the Hundred Year Darkness. He was worshiped as a God-King while being one of the first to discover and ace the power of Essence Transfer to achieve everlasting life.
Like the tale of various Sith, his privileged insights and strengths were sought for by enemies who anticipated enhancing their own specific powers by taking his. After his supporters compelled him to escape Korriban, he settled and ruled on the planet Prakith for quite a while.
His name and reputation made the Jedi Council endeavor to eradicate all data of his presence from chronicled records. Be that as it may, his Holocron, containing his knowledge and especially persisting substance remained. This was gotten by another shameful Sith Lord named Darth Bane.

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