Heroes Distressed: 5 Times Superheroes Became A Danger For Themselves And Had To Be Stopped


The reason why superheroes exist is to protect the innocent and keep our world safe from evil forces. However, there are occasions when the superheroes go overboard and need to be brought to a halt. As far as iconic heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man or Captain America are concerned, it is their dear ones or the colleagues who rescue these heroes from themselves and the world from their insanity. It has happened more often in the Marvel and DC Comics than you might imagine.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how it is done, but, what is needed is to have someone who would bring the heroes back to the light and here are five instances when a superhero returned from the edge.


After The Beyonder got hold of nearly all the Marvel heroes and villains, compelling them to fight, a few returned changed. The Thing nearly never returned, after getting temporarily replaced in the Fantastic Four by She-Hulk. Spider-Man returned, sporting a very unusual costume. Later it was revealed that the costume was an alien trying to take control of Peter Parker.

After Spider-Man found out that the symbiote costume was manipulating him into going on night-time adventures while he slept, he figured out he needed help, since he was getting the hang of it. That’s when he contacted Reed Richards, who is one of the most genius brains in the world, and he managed to save Spider-Man from the costume.


Comic book fans revolted when Marvel Comics came up with a story depicting Captain America as a long-term secret agent working for HYDRA. Fans didn’t even bother to wait for the justification given in the story or to find out who the real culprit was at the end of the issue. Rather, a lot of them protested, and some stopped reading Marvel as a protest.

Eventually, it was shown that Kobik had controlled Steve Rogers, and his friends had to come together to save Captain America from himself. Ultimately, the original Steve Rogers came back and defeated his evil version, ending a story which caused shockwaves among the fans.


The whole story of World War Hulk was amazing. It was easy to figure out the reason for Hulk’s madness. The people whom he trusted, including Iron-Man, Reed Richards, and other Illuminati wrongly banished him from Earth without giving him a trial. Not only that, they had caused the death of his wife and family, and his vengeance was justified.

However, the truth was that Hulk was manipulated by one of his newly made friends and his attack on the Avengers was all based on lies. He had nearly beaten all the heroes when he realized that he was being manipulated and Tony Stark managed to launch a weaponized attack while Hulk turned into Bruce Banner and admitted his defeat.


Among the most iconic DC, Comics stories is one that had Doomsday killing Superman. Over the years, Doomsday was never much important in Superman’s stories, but, when the DCEU planned to reintroduce him for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, DC Comics gave him a big role in the comics. The series titled Superman: Doomed made Superman, a villain.

It was a New 52 revamp of Doomsday, and Superman defeated him. However, during the fight, Doomsday’s blood infected Superman and turned him into a Doomsday-style monster. During his struggle to stay sane, Wonder woman and Lois Lane came to his rescue, assisted him in finding a cure and stopped Brainiac – the real villain of the story.


There are times when a superhero in need of saving is not battling any villain, but, affected by other demons. During the much acclaimed Marvel Comics series Demon in a Bottle, Tony Stark had become a victim to addiction and had to fight someone worse than The Mandarin.

Stark started drinking a lot more and started using his armor in a drunken stupor. He was removed from his position as The Avengers leader, and he started self-medication, becoming a threat to himself and those in his vicinity. Things turned for better when his girlfriend of that time, Bethany Cable helped him and saved his life.


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