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10 Crazy Superpowers That Prove Venom Is More Powerful Than Spider-Man

10 Crazy Superpowers That Prove Venom Is More Powerful Than Spider-Man

It is apt to say that Venom is a darker Spider-Man. They are two legendary characters with a decades-long history of being at opposite ends. One of them is committed to protecting his neighborhood and humanity from the villains, the other is the embodiment of evil. He was seen in the Sam Raimi trilogy of Spider-Man films, but, back then it was a hurried and patchy job. Later on, the moviemaker admitted that he was never interested in featuring Venom in the last movie, but, it was the studio that compelled him to do that, and that is why the outcome was disastrous.

However, Sony is now aiming to resurrect the character outside the shared MCU The film has a great trailer, and Tom Hardy looks amazing as Venom. But, are you familiar with the symbiote? If not, here is a brief introduction of the character’s powers that prove he is stronger than Spider-Man.

Copying superpowers

The thing is, the Symbiote doesn’t originally get the powers of a Spider-like Peter Parker. When the Symbiote merged with Peter initially, it became completely fascinated by his powers and decided to reproduce the same powers in its next host, Eddie Brock. Over the years, The Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Ghost Rider, Groot, and various other superheroes have been taken over by the alien Symbiote in the comic books. We wonder if it has got the powers of all of them as well?

Can create weapons from his body

After becoming the Agent Venom, Flash Thompson had a highly successful stint as an American super-powered solider that used the alien Symbiote to protect his nation. He not only replaced Flash Thompson’s legs (he lost his legs during his mission abroad), the Symbiote suit has practically been bulletproof. It is capable of expanding itself to create shields, axes, swords, and various other melee weapons.

It can pierce others with parts of his body and choke them to death

This one sounds quite ghastly, but, it is true. Back in the 1990s, Venom used to be the most powerful anti-hero in the Marvel Universe. He was revamped and shown to be a vigilante who believed in brutal justice. There was a time when Venom saw someone getting mugged in broad daylight. It caught the thief by his throat and slammed a portion of his own suit into the thief’s neck. The only thing heard was “GGGAAAGH” and it was all over.

It has the power to hear the voice of the universe

Don’t start thinking about The Force from Star Wars. We must assure you that this is a different thing. After the Venom Symbiote got cured of its insane traits by his race, the Klyntar, it chose to operate individually, separate from any host. In the comic book, Venom: Space Knights, it was disclosed that the Venom Symbiote now had the ability to hear the voice of the universe, which told it where it had to go to salvage things.


We won’t say that cannibalism is much of a power, and it is not only gross but, terrifying. After Venom got stuck to the Scorpion, and an American Senator tortured him, the alien Symbiote lost its mind. The fact that it had killed so many people over the years, also made an impact on its mental health. Eventually, Mac Gargan aka The Scorpion lost all control over the Symbiote who had taken over him. The Symbiote gladly unleashed a massive rampage all over Asgard, indulging in cannibalism and eating up any Asgardian it could find.

Venom Symbiote can adapt

Venom has the power to grow and modify itself to any kind of environment, and that is the reason why there are so many variants of Venom. However, the Superman has been constant, and he finds it difficult to adjust to different environmental conditions.

He has endless web supply

According to his origin story, Spider-Man can shoot web-slingers because he was bitten by a radioactive spider, or according to Amazing Spider-Man, he had engineered web-shooters personally, and they are custom-made. Back in the Spider-Man trilogy by Sam Raimi, there was an instance where he had no webs to shoot after he became doubtful of his powers. Whereas, he has the power of shooting unlimited webs as his suit is capable of naturally generating the webbing.


He is capable of shape-shifting

Not a lot of people know about the fact that Venom Symbiote has the power to shape-shift and turn into anyone that he wishes to copy, and this gives him the power to merge into any background and surprise his opponents by launching an unexpected attack. Spider-Man doesn’t enjoy any such power.

He can become invisible

Venom is a rare being who is not tracked by the Spider-Sense, and he has the power of stealth which makes him almost invisible.

Venom can go online

The comic book series “Carnage Unleashed,” showed Venom get uploaded on the internet to battle another Symbiote. Spider-Man had to be supported by his friend Ned Leeds to deal with any tech issue.


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