61 Vera Miles Sexy Pictures Will Leave You Flabbergasted By Her Hot Magnificence

61 Vera Miles Sexy Pictures Will Leave You Flabbergasted By Her Hot Magnificence

The retired American actress who is widely known for working closely with Alfred Hitchcock and she is best remembered for appearing in his most famous film Psycho and its sequel, Psycho II is none other than Vera Miles.

She was born on 23rd August in 1929 in Boise City, Oklahoma, U.S. She is the daughter of Bernice and Thomas Ralston. But she was raised in Pratt. She used to work as a Western Union operator-typist. In 1948, she won the Miss Kansas beauty contest and became the third runner-up in the Miss America contest.

In 1950, she moved to Los Angeles and landed a small role in the film, Two Tickets to Broadway but her name was remained uncredited in the film. Her first credited film was The Rose Bowl Story that released in 1952. After signing a contract with Warner Bros., she appeared in the film, Tarzan’s Hidden Jungle in 1955 as Tarzan’s love interest. The following year, she appeared in the film, The Searchers. She signed a five-year contract with Alfred Hitchcock appeared in the role of Lila Crane in the film, Psycho in 1960. The film became very successful and she was also praised and became famous widely. She reprised her role in its sequel, Psycho II after 20 years in 1983. Her other films are For Men Only, Wichita, Autumn Leaves, Gentle Giant, Run for the Roses, Separate Lives, and many more. She first appeared on television in 1951 with the series Fireside Theatre. In 1955, she appeared in the series Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Her other television credits are Strange Stories, Riverboat, Wagon Train, The Virginian, Simon & Simon, and many more.

She has gone through four failed marriages and from those marriages, she has four children. She has two daughters with her first husband, Bob Miles, a son with her second husband, Gordon Scott, and another son with her third husband, Keith Larsen.

She has achieved the Bronze Wrangler Award and the Star on the Walk of Fame.

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Vera Miles legs
Vera Miles legs

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