7 Villainous Versions Of Superheroes More Powerful Than The Original


Generally, the most powerful and famous villains turn out to be in some ways an “evil twin” version of the heroes. This idea is of a villain who looks like the hero, and often has similar powers, but, with different ideals. A superhero saga is an ideal opportunity to depict an “evil twin” villain. Throughout the years, there have been numerous versions of this concept. The character often happens to be the same person, but, from another timeline or an alternate world. Another option is to depict someone else clone the powers of a hero or put on a suit identical to the hero. In this list, we present seven such evil versions of the superheroes that are stronger than the actual heroes.


The thought of a black Spider-Man suit was first explored in 1982 by a 22-year-old fan, Randy Schueller, who presented the idea in a contest organized by Marvel to create new ideas. He sold the concept for @220, and it is now the biggest Spider-Man enemy.

The Symbiote costume was originally worn by the Spider-Man himself, and it gives the wearer enhanced powers and emotions. The suit is basically a symbiotic life-form that merges with its host and manifesting the dark fantasies of the host. Spider-Man is powerful, but, highly destructive in this garb.


Over the years, numerous villains have troubled the Flash, and many of them have been called Reverse-Flash. Here we are going to mention Eobard Thawne, the main enemy of Barry Allen. Thawne has come from the 25th Century, where he used to worship Barry Allen and wanted to meet him. After he recreated the events through which Barry got his powers, and used the cosmic treadmill to go back in time, Thawne found that he had to be barry’s enemy. The unpredictable and destructive Thawne became more interested in the hero. He has the power of manipulating time, wiping out people from existence and altering history. He is so fast that even Superman can’t catch him.


He is another member of the Dark Avengers, established by Norman Osborn. Bullseye put on the Hawkeye costume. He was not a good guy. After he saved a lady from three male attackers by killing them, he then killed the woman when she referred to Osborn as his boss. A helicopter camera team shot the instance, and he destroyed the helicopter to cover his tracks.

Bullseye is quite similar to the main Hawkeye in physical prowess. However, his special power is to hurl any object with immaculate accuracy. While Hawkeye has proficiency with only certain weapons, Bullseye is capable of using any object as a deadly weapon.


A Crime Syndicate member, Superwoman, functions as a Wonder Woman counterpart. She is called Lois Lane, but, in fact, she is an Amazonian lady with the same powers as the Wonder Woman. They are identical in strength, but, certain things give Superwoman an advantage.

She doesn’t have a Lasso of Truth, but, a Lasso of Submission which forces its victim to follow the orders of its wielder. This has been a highly powerful weapon for the Crime Syndicate member. Superwoman also has the power of heat vision, just like her team leader Ultraman.


In the DC comic crossover, Dark Nights: Metal, we see how Batman discovered a dark multiverse comprising of seven evil versions of his own who had been planning to wreak havoc on various Earths. One of them was The Devastator, and in the comic book Batman: The Devastator #1, his origin is revealed.

The Devastator belongs to a universe which has an evil Superman. Consequently, the only way for the Batman to stop him was to become infected with the Doomsday virus. He did that and turned into The Devastator. He instantly defeated the evil Superman. However, if the main Batman comes across The Devastator, his only chance of survival would be to run.


Black Adam is the legendary enemy of DC hero Shazam. Just like Shazam, he has the power to say “Shazam” and get the power of the gods. There are various Black Adam versions out there, but, we will focus on the pre-Flashpoint character.

It is not easy to draw comparisons between Black Adam and Shazam as they are almost identical, but, their power sources are not the same. Black Adam gets the powers of the Egyptian Gods, while Shazam gets his powers from the Greek Gods. Black Adam is the stronger of the two because his powers come from full-fledged gods.


The Phoenix Force is an eternal embodiment of the life force. It is among the mightiest forces in the universe, and it can create as well as destroy life. The Phoenix Force, at times, picks up a host to enhance its power. It often prefers to be hosted by Jean Grey.

Jean Grey is a mighty  Omega level psionic mutant. Her display of power attracted the Phoenix Force to her. After becoming possessed by the Force, Jean managed to control all the matter at the molecular level by controlling it telekinetically. She can alter the atomic structure of all matter to create the universe according to the Force’s will. Phoenix Force-wielding Jean Grey is among the most powerful beings in the whole universe.


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