61 Virginia Mayo Sexy Pictures That Will Make You Begin To Look All Starry Eyed At Her

61 Virginia Mayo Sexy Pictures That Will Make You Begin To Look All Starry Eyed At Her

American actress and dancer Virginia Clara Jones was born on 30th November 1920, in St. Louis, Missouri. The family had a prosperous heritage in the St. Louis region: her great-great-great-grandfather fulfilled in the American Revolution and then created the city of East Saint Louis, Illinois, located right across the Mississippi River from its namesake. Mayo was enthusiastic to show business from an early age. Her aunt regulated a dance studio and she started taking lessons at the age of six. After succeeding from high school in 1937, she evolved a member of the St. Louis Municipal Opera before she was ratified to a contract by Samuel Goldwyn after being caught by an MGM talent scout during a Broadway revue. Goldwyn, however, thought that her talent as an actress was there and chosen her in a minor character in 1943’s film Jack London. After that, she had a walk-on part in Follies Girl in that exact year. Understanding there was more to her than her obvious ravishing glamour, producers thought it was time to give her larger and decent characters. In the year 1944 Mayo was cast as Princess Margaret in The Princess and the Pirate. After one year she appeared as Ellen Shavley in Wonder Man. Her rage boosting with every arrival, Mayo was cast in two more films in 1946, The Best Year’s of Our Lives, The Kid from Brooklyn and accepted good notices as Andrews’ avaricious, unfaithful wife. Her characters may have been coming in slow, but with each one her vogue with audiences rose. She ultimately struck paydirt in 1947 with a plum assignment in the well-received The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as Rosalind van Hoorn. That same year she wedded Michael O’Shea and would stay with him until his death in 1973.

Mayo proceeded to act on stage for the rest of her career, mainly in dinner theatre and touring shows. Productions included No, No Nanette, 40 Carats, Move Over Mrs. Markham and Butterflies Are Free. She also continued to periodically occur on television in shows such as Police Story, The Love Boat, Murder, Night Gallery. Her last character was as Lucia in 1997’s The Man Next Door. On 17th January 2005, aged 84, at a nursing home in Thousand Oaks she died.

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