WB Studios Is Planning To Make A Doctor Fate Movie. Here’s What’s Happening


The future of the Justice League on the silver screen does not really seem too bright as of now after the failure of the 2017 film which features this DC super team. It now looks like Warner Bros. is hoping to fill this huge void by switching their focus to the Justice Society of America, and they want to give the Golden Age heroes their very own vehicles.

One source has said that the studio is planning a movie which is based on the character Doctor Fate. A story is reportedly in place, and from what we can understand, the film’s first half is set to be a period piece, and the next half will be in the modern day. WB is now on the lookout for an actor in the age group, 30-40 to play this mystical superhero.

For all those who are unfamiliar with Doctor Fate, it is a mantle that has been passed down through many and the most famous one is Kent Nelson.

He derives his powers from the Helmet of Nabu, and when this is worn, it causes the host to be possessed by the spirit of the ancient sorcerer.

WB may be using the Khalid Nassour version of Fate, who is an Egyptian/American medical student who first had donned the helmet in the year, 2015.

What if the film will star Nelson and Nassour?

Maybe the very first half of this movie could take the form of an Indiana Jones-ish adventure, and in the 21st century, which is the second half of the film, Nassour would be the one to wear it.


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